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I sign up with with you many cordially in rejoicing at the return that peace. I hope it will certainly be lasting, and that mankind will at length, together they speak to themselves reasonable creatures, have actually reason and also sense enough to settle their differences without cutting throats: for in my opinion there never ever was a an excellent war, or a negative peace. What vast additions to the conveniences and comforts that living can mankind have actually acquired, if the money invested in wars had been employed in works of publicly utility. What an expansion of agriculture even to the top of our mountains; what rivers rendered navigable, or join by canals; what bridges, aqueducts, brand-new roads and other publicly works, edifices and also improvements, rendering England a finish paradise, might not have been obtained by safety those millions in doing good which in the last war have been invested in act mischief! In bringing misery into thousands of families, and destroying the lives of so numerous thousands of working people who can have carry out the valuable labor.

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This line was written by Benjamin Franklin in a letter to teacher Joseph financial institutions (July 27, 1983).

War—what is it good for? absolutely nothing! Or at least that"s what Ben Franklin thought once he was composing this letter to sir Joseph banks in July the 1783. The British and also Americans had lastly agreed on a cease-fire in the Revolutionary War and peace had come in ~ last. Was the fight precious it to get "Murica up and running? Mr. Franklin"s no 100% sure.

Yes, the nation has winner independence, but they"ve also squandered a entirety lot the time and money and also resources and also lives in getting it. And also who"s provided up the most? England. Lock haven"t also come the end of the fight through a win. Well, probably it would have been far better to leave the stars and also stripes alone, right, King George?

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This is a pretty significant quote, so you"ll more than likely hear it gift said periodically in one antiwar context. Of course, no everyone agrees that peace can"t it is in bad and also war can"t be good, however those are disagreements for one more day.

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We think you"re it s okay to bring this one up at your next gathering of friends. Though you know what castle say about discussing national politics in blended company, and war is certainly political.