There are countless things we see in everyday life that space 1 foot tall. It deserve to be very helpful to recognize the dimension of something that is 1 foot high if you room referencing various other items. Not only is it useful to know the dimension of these items, the is fun and educational together well.

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The term 1 foot high is frequently referred to together the dimension of a person foot, back we recognize that human feet are various sizes.

1 foot is equal to 12 customs or 30.48 centimeters.

Here room 11 points that space 1 foot tall.

2L Soda bottleSubway sandwich12 Hockey pucksStandard ruler12 Paperclips2 dissension bills2 Bic pens175 Quarters12 Thumbs6 Golf tees5 Zippo lighters

A 2L soda bottle is one of the most common items the most human being have in their fridge at home. These bottles are frequently used for soft drinks and also alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine.

The 2L party is 1 foot or 12 customs tall.

These bottles are made the end of pets plastic using blow molding systems. The 2L party usually has a plastic tight installation sleeve and plastic screw cap which helps with carbonation.

PepsiCo was the very first company to present the 2L party for soft drinks in 1970.

#2. Subway sandwich

Who doesn’t love a Subway footlong sub? probably the most renowned sandwich in the world, the Subway footlong sub is 12 customs or a foot long. Girlfriend can also purchase a 6 inch or half of a foot-long sub. To buy 2 that them and it would equal the exact same size together 1 foot-long sub.

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#3. 12 Hockey pucks

If you are a hockey fan, climate you are acquainted with hockey pucks. The height of a regulation NHL hockey puck is 1 inch. If you were to stack 12 hockey pucks on peak of each other, it would equal 12 inch or 1 foot tall.

Who knew the 12 hockey pucks is the same elevation as a 2L soda bottle? now you know!

#4. Standard ruler

If you space looking to measure up something, opportunities are you will use a ruler. The leader is the most common used device for measure up the size of items. The standard ruler is 12 inches or 30 centimeters long which is same to 1 foot.

Most rulers will have imperial dimensions along one side and also metric on the other.

#5. 12 Paperclips

Paperclips are supplied to organize several notes or pieces of paper together. There are various sizes the paperclips but the standard size is around 1 inch long or contempt longer. For this reason if you were to attach 12 paperclips together, they would equal roughly 12 inches high or 1 foot in length.

#6. 2 dissension bills

The united state one-dollar bill measures 6.14 inch in length. If you location 2 of these bills together lengthwise, they would certainly measure about 1 foot tall. There space 7 invoice denominations in the USA including the $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100. These are all the very same size and also have to be the same since 1929.

#7. 2 Bic pens

The Bic pens have been offered by many human being for years and it certainly is popular. In fact, the Bic pen is the ideal selling pen in the world. The was introduced in 1950 and also has been mass produced and also sold in ~ affordable prices. The Bic pen reached over 100 billion sales in 2006.

The common Bic pen is around 6 inch in length. If you can photo 2 that them inserted on peak of every other, it would measure 12 inch or 1 foot tall.

The USA quarter dollar coin has actually a thickness the 1.75 mm. If you had 175 of this quarters and placed castle one on height of each other, it would certainly equal 306.25 millimeters tall which is equal to 30.625 centimeters.

Knowing that a standard leader is 30 centimeters or 12 inches long, a ridge of 175 quarters would certainly equal the exact same which is 1 foot tall.

Also if you had 175 quarters, girlfriend would have $43.75.

#9. 12 Thumbs

The mean size of one adult ignorance is approximately 1 customs measured come the knuckle. Of course, this deserve to vary in between people yet to obtain an idea the 1 foot tall, photo 12 thumbs inserted on optimal of every other.

#10. 3 Golf tees

If you are an energetic golfer, climate you recognize that over there are different tee sizes. Relying on the society being used and also the sphere placement ~ above the ground, girlfriend can pick different tee lengths. However the typical tee size that is offered most often when teeing off with a large driver is 4 customs in length.

If you are using a smaller driver or iron, climate a smaller sized tee need to be used. For this reason if you deserve to place 3 of the 4″ tees together on peak of each other, they would certainly equal 1 foot tall.

#11. 5 Zippo lighters

The name ZIppo is known approximately the world for being the peak brand of lighter. The an initial Zippo lighter was offered in 1933 and also manufactured it’s 500,000,000th lighter in 2012. Over there are many different styles, designs, and sizes of these lighters.

The elevation of a vintage Zippo lighter is 2.38 inches. If you were to ar 5 of these lighters was standing on peak of every other, they would certainly measure approximately 12 customs or 1 foot tall.