The United claims Congress, which is made up of two houses, is a
bicameral legislature.

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This group specializes in a subcategory the its was standing committee's responsibility.subcommittee
This human being administers the presidential oath that office.chief justice
Following the angry president, the following in sequence for the presidency is theSpeaker the the House.
The procedure of setup up brand-new congressional districts after ~ reapportionment is calledredistricting.
Rules that have actually the pressure of regulation are calledexecutive orders.
A filibuster have the right to be stopped once three-fifths the the Senate votes forcloture.
These courts derive their strength from the Constitution and federal laws.federal courts
A officially agreement between the governments of 2 or much more countries is calleda treaty.
The head the state in the United states is thepresident.
A president can not exceed this number of years in office.10 years
This team is liked by the president because that their suffer in selected areas.cabinet
This human presides end the Senate.vice president
These bills address general matters and apply to the whole nation.public bills
This section of the Constitution says why it to be written.Preamble
This modification protects the freedom of speech.First Amendment
This department was once dubbed the department of War.Department the Defense
The number of Supreme Court justices is established byCongress.
These bills deal with individual human being or places.private bills
Offices the ambassadors in foreign nations are calledembassies.
This mechanism is often dubbed a winner-take-all system.the Electoral College
This action is compelled to override a presidential veto.a two-thirds poll of every house
This situation overturned separate yet equalBrown v. Plank of education and learning of Topeka
False decided intended come hurt another isslander.
The president's value is calledcompensation.
The structure is based upon the ide ofpopular sovereignty.
A formal accusation handed down by the cool jury isan indictment.
This room is responsible for the in its entirety foreign plan of the united States.Department of State
A swing poll is adeciding vote.
The first 10 amendments are referred to as theBill the Rights.
A team pardon for an offense versus the federal government is known asamnesty.

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This president was well-known as the good Communicator.Ronald Reagan