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As rookie minicamps get underway and we get the opportunity to see newly drafted players in one NFL uniform for the an initial time, a many the organization media seems to it is in preoccupied with a 33-year-old fringe roster player.

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Certainly, the Jacksonville Jaguars knew that signing Tim Tebow in any kind of context would be controversial, to say the least. To lug him on as a tight end, a position Tebow hasn’t played since his freshman year that high school, never provided the male a chance.

But it’s not just folks in the media questioning the decision to authorize Tebow. Follow to sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer in his recent “Monday Morning Quarterback” column, several of Tebow’s former coaches the he has spoken to aren’t an especially optimistic around his chances.

“I can’t uncover anyone that thinks it’ll work,” Breer wrote. “He ran a 4.71 40-yard dash at the integrate 11 years ago, i beg your pardon is a middling number because that a chop end, and also really lacks the height and also length that you’d want at the position (Tebow’s 6-foot-2, whereas 16 the 20 tight end at the 2020 integrate were 6-foot-3 or taller). And also that’s without acquiring to the fact that critical week was the an initial time he’d to be so much as in a football practice in virtually six years, or that tight finish is one of the most physically and also mentally difficult position to learn on one NFL field.”

There are absolutely many reasons to be skeptical around Tebow’s chances of prospering at chop end. But a usual refrain from those who assistance him has been part variation of, “What’s the downside?” after all, if Tebow isn’t great enough to play chop end, he simply won’t make the team. Right?

Well, Breer thinks there is a potential fence — namely, in a instance where it’s apparent early on the Tebow isn’t going to cut it at tight end. That thinks that to reduced Tebow early would be an awkward mea culpa for metropolitan Meyer, a first-time NFL head coach. In ~ the very same time, if they store Tebow ~ above the roster past the point where it’s clean he’s not great enough to do the team, it will make other players in the locker room begin to question Meyer.

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Tebow could always prove the bulk wrong and carry out the Jaguars v the aid at tight end that they’re spring for. However that’s more than likely unlikely, and Breer thinks Jacksonville could be setting itself up because that a challenging situation if the experiment doesn’t occupational out.