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Maycomb"s greatest busybody, miss out on Stephanie Crawford provides it she mission to garner gossip and harmful details around people. If over there is a "dirty little secret" top top someone, miss out on Stephanie is the an initial to know; if over there is a shortage of this secrets, miss Crawford merely employs her an imaginative powers.

When ...

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Maycomb"s best busybody, miss Stephanie Crawford provides it she mission come garner gossip and also harmful details around people. If there is a "dirty tiny secret" ~ above someone, miss Stephanie is the very first to know; if over there is a shortage of this secrets, miss out on Crawford simply employs her creative powers.

When reconnaissance discusses miss out on Maudie, who is busy with actual occupations, the becomes noticeable that miss out on Stephanie is a foil to miss out on Maudie:

...she did not go about the community doing good, together did miss out on Stephanie Crawford. But while no one with a grain of feeling trusted miss Stephanie, Jem and I had considerable faith in miss Maudie.

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The children additionally learn that miss out on Stephanie is no really a quite person. ~ all, miss out on Stephanie is eager to spread the story that Bob Ewell"s having actually spit in Atticus"s face. Quickly after this incident, as soon as a nervous Scout put on a pretty dress for Aunt Alexandra"s missionary tea, instead of complimenting her, miss out on Stephanie calls throughout the room come her, asking if she wants to end up being a lawyer. Reasoning that miss Stephanie "was kind sufficient to change the subject," scout is humiliated when miss Crawford remarks, 

"Why, shoot, I believed you want to be a lawyer, you"ve already commenced going to court." (Ch.24)

This comment is met through laughter. Once asked again if she does not want to come to be a lawyer, scout replies that she simply wants to be a lady. Miss Crawford disparages her,

"Well, girlfriend won"t get an extremely far until you start wearing dresses more often." (Ch. 24)

Scout is made come feel really uncomfortable, yet Miss Maudie takes her hand and "its warmth to be enough" because that Scout.

Further, Jem and Scout discover that the noticeable disparity in between things that miss out on Stephanie does and what she claims points to the reality that the appearance of things have the right to be deceiving.