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ArtistToby Keith
2 November 1999
2.98 / 5.00.5 from 78 ratings

DreamWorks records / 0044-50209-2 /



TheHagMan might 15 2017 ▼ 3.50 stars
The actual Toby Keith come - the brash, in her face, take it or leaving it Toby - the one who annoyed everyone. Exactly how do you favor me now? fine judging by most of the feedback top top the web - most world despise him. Having actually said all the I like him, I price him as a songwriter and also singer, and also I prefer his music, and attitude, but do i agree with his view... That's a various matter. He is a musician no a politician.What ns think is interesting is the way the free youth and also the media, despised and hated Merle Haggard, in the 60's/70's, only to adore the in his so late years, as the last actual bastion of classic country music. Haggard didn't change, just the media's and society's check out of him. The album this time build on the very same rock music structure that James Stroud laid under on Dream Walkin'. I would certainly say this is an ext the radio sound that human being are acquainted with. The problem this time is the songs are not as strong as the set of songs on his critical album.The song "Heart to heart", "Hold You, Kiss You, Love You" and "She only Gets That method With Me" are all a little to syrupy because that me. The track "Do I recognize You (Bottom of my Heart)" is the most enjoyable ballad top top the album, about a male meeting his ex-, reminds me of john Conlee's "I Don't Remember love You".

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The singles indigenous the album go well, yet again, because that TK - "How do You choose Me Now?", about a male who to be turned under by a girl, who wants a big house organization man husband not a musician, hit #1, as did the song "You Shouldn't Kiss Me prefer This" around a guy being led on by a girl who is supposedly just a friend. The various other song that hit the top 10 was "Country pertains to Town" about contemporary day farm kids partying, i wonder if this is the track that began that whole genre off? anyway it's the type of song country radio laps up - ns guess aimed squarely at their target market. I have actually probably to be brainwashed, by hear these song so many times, but I think they room all quite good. The surprising point is they determined to release "When Love Fades" together the very first single, it didn't perform well, and given its pretty bland chicago-rock-ballad-style track - it's understandable.He access time some type with "Die with Your Boots On" one outlaw mindset - life advice track "we are all just killing time until the mr calls us home, and also the ideal you deserve to hope for is to die through your boots on". The other song I prefer is "I understand a wall surface When I watch One" about a male seeing his eg in a bar, and also just wanting to obtain away. The story ballad "New Orleans" is also a an excellent song, through the factors for a woman leaving she husband gift alluded to yet not explained, indigenous the well known nashville songwriters Bob DiPiero and Mark D. Sanders, one of the few covers top top the album.

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I think overall the trouble is the the ideal songs here, are pretty good without being great. Ns think if her a pan of the hits or simply Toby Keith, the album is recommended, I certainly rate it an ext than any of his first 3 albums, its not as an excellent as the previously album Dream Walkin'. Any type of newcomer come Toby Keith begin with a hits package or Honkytonk University, his ideal album. Recommended with some reservations.