My lips swell increase sometimes. Generally it’s due to an allergy reaction (they’re a perfect canary in the moldy food coalmine — my lips swollen even before there’s clearly shows mold! That’s lots of fun).

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It’s no an attractive swelling. It’s a lumpy, red, “I tried the Kylie zener lip challenge and it went terribly wrong” duck-lipped inflammation. Even the most shameless actual Housewife would be choose “oh honey, friend overdid it.”

SO that delightful personal history — merged with the truth that most lip plumpers work by precise irritating your lips come the allude that they swell up, i beg your pardon ironically loss fullness in time — provides me wary of lip commodities that claim to ‘plump’ your lips.


Still, I obtained a deluxe sample the the newish Too faced Lip Injection Glossy ($22/0.14oz) in a Sephora pat box, and I have actually a pathological i can not qualify to discover from my mistakes.

I do the efforts it!

It comes in a traditional lip gloss tube v standard doe foot application. It’s a bit thick, a tad sticky, and smells sweet. Fruity sweet? Vanilla sweet? Don’t know! Don’t care! Can’t focus through the pain.


Oh — this stuff is painful. It’s no your traditional minor tingle; it’s a full-on burn. A painful burn, no a gentle warming sensation. If my challenge felt choose this after applying a product, I’d instantly wash off whatever the hell was causing the reaction.

But, y’know, this is what’s supposed to be happening, so ns endure. Beauty, beauty is pain, right?

Except it’s no beautiful.

Yes, ns look choose a chaos today and my skin is pockmarked (what rather is new) and also I didn’t execute my brows and my lips room dry and my hair has some WHOA static going on. That is what that is. These room my regular lips, though. Because that the record.

When I check my reflection in the mirror, mine lips aren’t pretty. Pouty, correctly — yet not pretty. The edges room a swollen red pink. The corners are an especially inflamed, throwing turn off the basic proportions of mine lips. The shade (“Milkshake,” a milky beige through fine gold shimmer) sit evenly however not-quite-opaquely on my angry lips.

Not sexy.

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It’s not a good look, to say the least, and also the only method to rescue it would certainly be come wipe it off and also overdraw my lips with something more opaque. (Or wipe that off, wait an hour, and also move on. All the pain outcomes in around forty-five minutes’ worth of plumping. Yay!)

Owwwwwww that’s what I get for putting capsaicin on mine lips even WHEN I know BETTER. (Capsaicin is the problem in hot chili peppers, by the way. You’re putting warm chili pepper oil on your lips.


Is the good? Nah. Would I introduce this together a lip plumper? Nope!

Have girlfriend tried this or miscellaneous similar? Success or Disaster? good OR NAH? Share!