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Updated on December 2ninth, 2019

There are several factors why you might desire to relocation your entire tail light assembly (not simply the bulb). Maybe you obtained right into a fender bender and also the lens is damaged. Or probably your tail lights are dingy-looking after years of organization and you’re looking to bring out some maintenance occupational to increase your car’s resale value.

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Regardmuch less of why you desire to relocation your tail light assembly, mainly, the procedure is pretty straightforward. On some vehicles, but, the rear bumper cover or internal trim panel should be rerelocated to access the tail light fasteners—and also that have the right to make the task more complicated.

Tail Light Replacement Cost

How a lot does it price to replace a tail light? If you decide to have a skilled rearea your tail light assembly, expect to pay almost everywhere from $200 to upwards of $500. The task have the right to be even even more costly if you have actually a high-finish luxury or performance car.

If crucial, remove the rear bumper cover or internal trim panel per the manufacturing facility repair indevelopment. On some vehicles, this need to be done to access the tail light assembly retaining fasteners.

Now we acquire to the fun part: tail light assembly replacement. Are you prepared to grab some tools and acquire dirty? Good.

We’re going to discuss replacing a standard tail light assembly that supplies mini bulbs.

Before we begin, but, save in mind that all vehicles are various. Be sure to follow the repair indevelopment for your specific application. Repair manuals, such as those from Chilton, are helpful, however an ALLDATA subscription is even better. ALLDATA has actually single-auto subscriptions for DIYers that provide comprehensive factory repair information.

Note: The complying with are general guidelines for educational and entertainment functions only. Consult your vehicle’s factory information for specific repair instructions and also recommended safety steps.

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How to Rerelocate Tail Light Assembly

Put on your safety and security glasses.Disattach the negative battery cable.If necessary, remove the rear bumper cover or inner trim panel per the factory repair information. On some vehicles, this have to be done to access the tail light assembly retaining fasteners. The procedure mainly entails removing a collection of screws and/or clips to free the bumper or trim panel.Once you have direct accessibility to the tail light assembly, rerelocate the bolts or screws holding it in place.Pull the tail light assembly out and ameans from the car. Keep in mind: tright here may still be retainer clips holding the assembly in place. You’ll must very closely dislodge the assembly from the clips as you pull it towards you.Disaffix the electric connectors from the earlier of the assembly.Some replacement tail light assemblies will come via new bulbs. If yours does not, you will certainly should remove the old bulbs and sockets so they can be resupplied. Normally, this entails turning the bulb socket counterclockwise to rerelocate it from the tail light assembly.