Make it Rain

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Song Overview

Travis Porter - make It Rain developed by Fki. For an ext info drop us a blog post via the Feedback System. Enjoy!

DJ Feedback

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Nate Lavar, Illinois


Willy The Kid, Houston, TX USA

HOT twerk joint

DJ problem Child, Germany

The track is dope, Mos definitely a society banger

St Arthur, Johannesburg

This tune twockin forreal

bmg, glenside

This shit jammin!! I had actually it for about 2 weeks indigenous webrip, happy I obtained the in reality HQ version!

DJ Hollygrove, Houston,Tx, USA

Need booking info. For VA display Oct 1, 2010 - Emporia, VA - guys & Girls club DJ Skratch - 804-389-9741

Morris, Richmond, VA, USA

Great .. However if you require & Want real Commercial Radio/Press/Connections at the highest possible Levels,.. Calll now! tjis is the best Selling Season EVER!.. Joseph N. 949-715-7036

Joseph N. Consulting/Promotion, Laguna beach California, USA & World-wide

I LoVe DiSXX song sooooo much and im indigenous the city where we carry out make the rain ns LOVE TO make IT RAIN

Skittles, Atlanta,Ga, America

Gutta music.

DJALEE, Indianapolis, U.S the .A

dis tune go 2 tough bra TRAVIS PORTER is hip hop

James McCall, mobile/Alabama, united state

Song is hot and also I will play it on the radio if ns can acquire these drops in return. Send mp3 come djhurrikane
gmail.comYO, THIS _________ and IM CHILLIN WIT DA PRINCE that G.A. DJ KANE.HEY, THIS__________ and YOU IN THE MIX WIT MR. 229 DJ KANE.HEY DIS YA young OR DIS YA GIRL__________ and YOU IN THE conference WIT DJ KANE.HEY THIS_________ and also THIS MY new SINGLE________HEY KANE DROP the SHIT.OH YEAH and TELL TO gain GRIMEY WIT IT

djkane, lawton, ok, united state

the music is great. I provide ia a 10 the end of 10

Brandyn Stcyr, philadelphia/PA, united proclaimed

booking info. Price - obtainable dates Nov. - Dec804-389-9741

Morris Stith, Lawrenceville, USA

I love this song I well make it rain

shae, athens, georgia

- we be goinn hardd (:

anjelica, dallas, texas, u.s.a

club banger already.the tourism was crazy in germany.DB PRODUCTION

DJ Roach, Graf, Germany

finally discovered da instrumental!!hot ass trak in ~ clubs n parties!!can i gain a drop??

dj infant buddha, Dallas,Tx, United says

i thank ths track is a 10 itsss hot

lavante riley, chicago IL, chef

...and thats gone makke mehh dancee!!

asiacashe, Cleveland, OH, USA

This shyt slap bruh.

Byron Garcia, san Francisco, C.A.



need it because that the club

djslab1, new Orleans la, usa

I love thiss song!!

His Girl 4life, gilfport ms, usa


Dexter miller, Ludwigsburg, Germany

I love this song. I listen to this track every day.....