Was TWISTED SISTER's 'We're no Gonna take It' based on Christmas Carol 'O Come, all Ye Faithful'? JAY JAY FRENCH Responds

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In a brand-new interview v Grand Haven, Michigan"s WMPA radio station, TWISTED SISTER guitarist Jay Jay French was asked if it"s true the the band"s standard song "We"re not Gonna take It" was based upon the Christmas carol "O Come, all Ye Faithful". He responded (as transcribed by yellowcomic.com): "When we started doing the Christmas record" — introduce to "A Twisted Christmas", which contained TWISTED SISTER"s variation of "O Come, all Ye Faithful" — "the hook of the — once we obtained over the idea the doing the — Dee <Snider, TWISTED SISTER singer> said among these various other guitar players in one of his solo jobs said come , "You do understand that "O Come, all Ye Faithful" is the melody line for "We"re not Gonna take It"?" and Dee goes, "Really?" He had actually no idea. Therefore we had actually transposed it, and it worked. It"s not exact, but close. However it was never consciously done, and we didn"t know this, and also it wasn"t stated, till years later.

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"The Christmas album come out — think this or no — 14 year ago, and, of course, that tune was a huge hit and also got united state on the Jay Leno show and Craig Ferguson show and also " Regis and Kelly", and it gained a many media coverage, as soon as we to be told that we were gonna suck and the album to be gonna bomb," French continued. "The album turned the end to be the biggest-selling heavy metal Christmas album in history. And also then word got out the the tune was reminiscent of this. Yet we didn"t know around it, and also Dee didn"t think around it, until he was told that by that man while us were recording the album."

The opening 5 words in the text of "O Come, all Ye Faithful" have actually the very same melody together the chorus the "We"re not Gonna take It", yet the Christmas carol complies with a different chord progression and also is traditionally play in a different musical layout to the TWISTED SISTER classic.

A mashup the "O Come, all Ye Faithful" and "We"re no Gonna take it It" to be performed throughout a live Christmas concert in Chicago and also was featured in the 2014 phase musical "Dee Snider"s rock & role Christmas Tale".

Snider had actually previously admitted that glam rock tape SLADE and "O Come, every Ye Faithful" were influences while that was writing "We"re no Gonna take it It".

"A Twisted Christmas" featured metal versions the Christmas songs, consisting of "Oh Come all Ye Faithful". Additionally appearing ~ above the LP were such vacation chestnuts as "Silver Bells" and "Let that Snow", propelling the album"s sales to much more than 150,000 copies and also spawning a live Christmas present the band performed each year for numerous years.

In 2016, TWISTED SISTER carried out one final trek, title "Forty and also Fuck It", in solemn event of the 40th anniversary. These shows featured the band"s "core lineup" the French, Snider, guitarist Eddie Ojeda and bassist Mark Mendoza, together with drummer Mike Portnoy. The band"s last-ever concert took location in November of the year — 20 month after the passing of Pero.

TWISTED SISTER"s initial run finished in the late "80s. After much more than a decade, the tape publicly reunited in November 2001 to height the invoice of New York Steel, a hard-rock advantage concert come raise money because that the New York Police and also Fire Widows" and Children"s advantage Fund.

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