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Born October 9, 1992 inWestchester County, new York, USA
Height 5"8½"(1.74m)
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Tyler James Williams is one American actor, most recognizable for having played the location character of the kris Rock-inspired sitcom everyone Hates chris (2005) and also songwriter Cyrus DeBarge in the Disney Channel movie Let that Shine (2012). He became known for play the lead duty in the display Everybody no Chris and also at the age of simply 14 came to be the youngest person to win an NAACP photo Award. He likewise had a supporting duty as noah on AMC"s The walking Dead. The is likewise a rapper, martial artist and also musician.Williams to be born ~ above October 9, 1992 in Westchester County, brand-new York, and was increased in Yonkers, through his father, police sergeant Le"Roy Williams, and also his mother, singer and songwriter Angela Williams. He has two younger brothers, gibbs Tyrel Jackson Williams (born on in march 16, 1997) and Tylen Jacob Williams (born in December 8, 2001) through Tyrel starring on the Disney XD series, laboratory Rats and Tylen certification on prompt Mom as James. Williams had additionally appeared on laboratory Rats, portraying his brother"s character"s future self.Before fame and also beginning his exhilaration career, that was elevated in Yonkers, new York, and also began acting at the period of just four when he voiced Bobby ~ above the children"s show small Bill instead of Devon Malik Beckford in 2000, and played himself (or one eponymous character, "Tyler") on the children"s present Sesame Street indigenous 2000 to 2005. He increased to reputation in 2005 by play the location character in the hit collection Everybody hates Chris, which perfect in 2009. He won a Young Artist award in 2007 for his job-related on the show. The has likewise been a guest star in two for the Money, law & Order: unique Victims Unit, and also the show Hi-Jinks. In late 2009, Williams appeared in the 2nd season of True Jackson, VP together True"s love attention Justin "Lil" Shakespeare" Weber in the two-part episode "Flirting through Fame". In 2012, Williams gained the duty of Owen in the collection Go On. He likewise played the lead role of Cyrus DeBarge in the Disney Channel initial Movie Let it Shine alongside cacao Jones, Trevor Jackson, and Brandon Mychal Smith. Williams was additionally featured on ripe songs ~ above the film"s soundtrack, reflecting off his rapping skills. The movie premiered top top June 15, 2012, and his songs "Don"t operation Away", "Me and You", "Guardian Angel", "Let that Shine", and also "Moment the Truth" all got airplay on Radio Disney. The videos were additionally played frequently on the Disney Channel. Williams also stars in the Disney XD series, laboratory Rats as a future version of the character his tiny brother Tyrel Jackson Williams played. In 2014 Williams starred in Justin Simien"s 2014 independent movie Dear White People. In 2014, Williams was actors as the recurring personality Noah ~ above the television collection The wade DeadIn an remarkable trivia, He won a Young Artist Award for his job-related on everyone Hates kris in 2007 and also played the role of Simon in 2013"s Tyler Perry presents Peeples. He showed up in the 2012 Disney Channel movie, Let that Shine, alongside chocolate Jones. Tyler also associated himself through his two younger brothers Tyrel and Tylen on Everybody no Chris, where Tyrel and also Tylen played a younger version of Chris. Tyler stays in Los Angeles, California with his 2 younger brothers and also when he"s no busy acting, he answers interviews, and also hangs out v his brothers and also friends playing sports and also other games. His dad is a sergeant in the NYPD v nearly 20 years on the force.

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family members (2)
parental Williams, Le"Roy Williams, Angela
relatives Tyrel Jackson Williams (sibling) Tylen Jacob Williams (sibling)
Trivia (5)
chris Rock originally did not want Tyler to portray him in everybody Hates kris (2005) since he believed Tyler was as well good-looking. However, the network insisted it was either Tyler or the display would no be produced.
What ns remember most about working top top "Sesame Street" is having actually fun in the environment-friendly room v the other children while wait for my time to walk on camera to occupational with the puppets.
i think few of the best songs room written in love and then the end of love. That"s the finest time to placed something together.
What ns love most about acting is being able come play different species of personalities without being considered crazy.
I gained started acting by going to auditions that my mom discovered in the entertainment ar of our local news paper. Then, I got a manager and also started going out on an ext auditions.
I have actually a saying: "I"m good for three things: do fried bologna sandwiches, make money and also picking out an excellent movies."
ns am one actor, and although i love music, and also at times can"t live there is no it, i eat, sleep, breath, sweat, and also bleed acting.

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When youngsters tried to choose on me, I constantly had one heat to shoot them under with: "I make an ext money in a week than you"ll make in your whole life." Which more than likely wasn"t true, however they believed it was.