We've checked out all the god cards and also their terrible power, but these recent cards spewed out three an excellent cards that could rival them. Yet who's better? read on...Obelisk the Tormentor vs. Hamon, lord of striking ThunderBoth cards re-publishing the exact same 4000-point ATK and also DEF stats. Obelisk have the right to be tribute summoned with any kind of three monsters; Hamon can only be summoned by obtaining rid of three face-up continuous Spell Cards. Additionally, Obelisk can be Special-Summoned (at the very least for a turn) vice versa, Hamon can't it is in brought earlier at all. Bein immune come targeting effects is likewise a huge plus because that Obelisk. The rest of Obelisk's result is practically useless, as it would certainly be incredibly difficult to have two added monsters to Tribute because that his effect where it currently takes three to summon him. Hamon has more of a chance of utilizing his effects, together he's really likely to ruin a monster in battle and also do the 1000 bonus damage. I don't see too many human being putting him in face-up defense place to stop strikes when they might just assault with him otherwise. Overall, ns say obelisk as an ext playable offered his targeting immunity, in addition to being maybe to in reality Tribute 3 monsters rather of make the efforts to save three consistent Spells ~ above the field.Edge: tower Winged Dragon that Ra vs. Raviel, lord of PhantasmsRa is fairly the unwieldly card. He needs three Tributes, and also gains the an unified ATK and DEF of the three tributed monsters. Except for his targeting immunity, he has actually no other effect in Nightmare Troubadour unless he's distinct Summoned. Raviel likewise requires 3 Tributes, yet it's feasible to Tribute 3 weak Fiend-type cards to acquire a 4000 ATK power-house (and additionally have food in the Graveyard because that Dark Necrofear later!) Ra's second effects only apply upon distinct Summon, and also even then he'd just be about for one turn. Payment 1000 Life point out to remove a monster native the video game seems pointless through so many better removal cards available; payment all but one Life allude to feeding Ra's ATK and also DEF for the revolve is not only a waste yet leaves the player dangerously near to losing the duel. Raviel has a way to tribute monsters to feed his ATK score because that a turn, however he likewise has a method of generating those those monsters (by generating Phantasm Tokens once the enemy Special Summons.) Raviel is just infintely much easier to play 보다 the Nightmare Troubadour Winged DragonEdge: RavielSlifer the skies Dragon vs. Uria, mr of Searing FlamesSlifer needs three monster to Tribute Summon, conversely, Uria requires three constant Trap Cards. Their ATK and also DEF raising work-related similarly, however. Slifer has 1000 ATK and DEF for each card in her hand, offering a bonus to football player who have the right to keep your hand full. Uria profit 1000 ATK (but no DEF) for each constant Trap in the Graveyard; this can help as Traps deserve to be offered to protect him the would later feed his ATK score. Slifer's secondary effect can force an adversary to pat even much more defensively, preventing them from summoning many of their monsters. Uria's effect is likewise rather useful, being able to gain rid of set Spells or catch that might prevent him from attacking later and also stopping the foe from chaining castle in response. However, looking at the attack raising effects, it's much simpler to acquire extra cards in the hand than constant Traps in the Graveyard.Edge: SliferSo, over there you have actually it; also with the slightly weakened results than the anime provides, the Egyptian God cards would most most likely defeat the more recent Sacred Beasts, mainly offered their defense from most effects and being easier to summon. However, don't let this discourage girlfriend from making a deck v the Beasts, i m sorry is something girlfriend can't do with the Egyptian gods at all. So, enjoy all 6 of castle while friend can.

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any deck that revolves roughly only one specific card isn't made to compete. Having actually them in is an Option, yet even so, over there isn't a dual (And definitely isn't a triple) sac monster in the game right currently that many would think about playable. It's not an excellent card benefit wasting many cards on the feild or in her hand to carry out a monster that deserve to be brought down by a solitary Fissure or Sakaretsy Armor I run a couple single sac monsters in my decks and I run 2 Necrofear (graveyard summons) in mine Fiend deck.Also, it's obvious that the Gods are infinitely far better than the ripoffs native GX.

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Agreed. The sacred Beasts are an ext of the modern-day duelist's God Cards, despite they room no match for the genuine article. Also if you had all three spiritual Beasts top top the field, if the various other guy had all 3 Egyptian god out, he'd it is in dead; Obelisk's special ability (sacrifice 2 monsters) would wipe the end the monsters, and then a direct assault would finish the duel in a snap. I'd prefer the God end the Beasts.I wouldn't do a deck the revolves approximately the god OR Beasts, though. If anything, I quite make mine deck to wipe out the Gods and also Beasts. You understand what lock say; power corrupts and blinds.




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Ok. The gods pwn. And also i happen to prefer ra far better because his life point capability could conserve you if you had actually like sacaritsu armor or magic cylinder increase or somthing. However gods arent allowed in tourny. And sacred beasts are. So ns tie them