Through our members, volunteers, and also donations we room able to honor the legacy of our crewmembers and invest in the life of our Fighting Lady.

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Why wouldn’t I desire to come to be a Member? only positive things have the right to come native it. I would certainly have access to the FB page that can provide me for this reason much info to help me discover more, totally free access to the ship the next time us visit, invitations to the reunions, making new friends & connections, and also much, much more. I have to do this! then I assumed that due to the fact that my brothers are simply as interested in this, I might surprise them through their memberships! I acquired the sphere rolling, and also now right here we are, alongside our Dad, proud members that the Association.

-Dawn Henderson

The USS Yorktown CV-10 combination is consisted of of end 3,000 crew members that offered aboard during The Vietnam and Korean War. What’s amazing, is the hundreds of household members of these veterans that are now a huge part of the association in your honor.

This lineage and also legacy of service and continued education is what we space all about. Through reunions, on-board meet-ups, events, our facebook Group, and even a straightforward phone call, we room a family of crewmembers and patriots the are linked through the lives and service of our veterans.

The delivery is much more than a monument or tourist attraction, it is whereby young men were able to find purpose amongst the harsh and terrifying realities the war. It is where they developed character that would lug them v the remainder of their lives. Some of the most challenging, and most memorable moments of their stays took place on the USS Yorktown. V these American heroes, we watch a glimpse the what our nation is made of. That is with their stories and legacy living on that we space able to develop a better future.

RememberThe Association to be forged during the very first Yorktown Reunion, organized on April 15, 1948. Just five years after ~ the ship’s commissioning, this team of veterans arranged a faithful crew when more. Because then, the combination has continued to offer the USS Yorktown, serving together a crucial link between her heralded past and bright future.
InspireBoys were taught to it is in men and also men transformed into Heroes aboard the Yorktown. Amidst the harsh realities that war, over there are also many humble story of young sailors finding purpose and also developing character throughout their service. We’re passionate about engaging younger generations with these stories of courage, leadership and also strength.
ConnectYorktown sailors can step top top the carrier of your youth and walk the same paths they as soon as frequented. Memories that have fallen out of reach come to be vivid. Our annual reunion is an chance for crew to pass along to friends and family the affluent oral history that so often goes unspoken. We also encourage crew to reach the end to old mates and also re-establish relationships. We desire to obtain to know you better, too!

The Yorktown is currently the attribute of a fleet that National historic Landmark ships at Patriots allude Naval & maritime Museum, a country renowned historic attraction and education facility located in the Charleston harbor. Numerous thousands visit annually, immerse themselves in the life that a sailor and walk away v a an ext tangible understanding of her history.

For an ext information ~ above our history please visit our

USS Yorktown Timeline.

USS Yorktown Timeline
The TeamMeet our impressive staff.

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Welcome to every members of the USS Yorktown Association! This an exclude, online neighborhood that has been developed just for you together a an are for combination Members to develop relationships and also receive to exclude, information/perks. We have actually events listed on this page and any Live facebook Streams the are reserved along the way.If you know of anyone that is a member, please spread the word and also we will have the ability to grow ours family.Thank you because that being a component of this community and carrying on the heritage of our USS Yorktown Crewmembers.