You have the right to only go later on on this game, so i m really sorry if you to be excited to go earlier and visit your first generations.

On the glowing side, this chapter will aid you...

•Earn Cash using Time Travel and the trick in Chapter One

•Skip Time

•Kill off your present generation family

•Skip the nursing

•Get more stuff on sale

•Get up to several generations (I got from 9 to 17 in an hour)

•Get several events along the way

Does this it seems to be ~ cool? well let's number out how to perform that!

1. First, you have to go to thing One and also do the Praising trick on both adults.

2. Put four bags of grains grocery bags top top the kitchen counter.

3. Make sure your civilization are healthy.

4. Get in your device settings, and go to wherein you'd set your time manually. (It might say 'Date & Time' or 'Clock Settings')

5. Collection your year to 2020. That is 2015 right now, therefore just set it to 5 years after whatever year it is when your analysis this. If that renders sense. To do this, you may need to revolve off The automatically Date and Time that is network noted if that is on.

6. Re open up your Virtual households 2 app.

7. Enjoy. Repeat this and also instead set it to 2025, then 2030 and also so on. As soon as you're done, set it ago to the correct date.

*****Side Effects******

You're families will be sick or dead

Your house and yard will be filled v weeds and wrappers (I reccomend buying the maid/gardener in special Upgrades)

You will have to buy a most medicines

You'r family could be lost, so you could have to take on someone new.

You're an equipment might freeze for a few seconds

The game can glitch a little, killing off your parents and also letting your three year old live alone and marry a twenty ripe year old.

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In this case, take on a many of human being in the unique Upgrades department.