I am mounting a Samsung TV come the wall. I purchased the best selling TV wall mount kit. I have every little thing setup to mountain the TV. I have the tools and all the hardware needed. The problem I am having actually is the screws the came v the TV mounting kit do not seem come fit right into the back of the TV. The screws that came v the TV mount kit are too wide.

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I am not able come secure the TV to the mounting bracket. To be I absent something? How deserve to I uncover out which kind of screws fit into my TV to organize the bracket?

What size Screws execute I require From wall Bracket to TV?Find out which screw size and length will affix TV to wall surface Bracket

Screws because that Mounting TV to wall Bracket:The most usual screw because that securing the TV come the wall surface bracket is one M8 screw.The various other screw sizes for part TVs space M4, M5, and M6.The size will be determined by the kind of TV you have.


Here room 4 screw kit for mounting her TV to the wall surface mount bracket…

Universal TV to mount Screw Kit

Samsung TV to mount Screw Kit

LG TV to mount Screw Kit

VIZIO TV to mountain Screw Kit

TV Mount v Rubber Spacers used To ScrewsSpacers are supplied on TV mountain screws because that airflow and also length issues


Wall Bracket come TV Screws graph – VESAM4 – M6 – M8 – B0lt Screw size – screen Size – VESA

To discover the depth or length of the screw girlfriend need:Put a pencil or toothpick down into the screw feet to find a rough estimate of the depth or size of screw needed.You can also purchase a Universal TV to wall Bracket Screw Kit and also have every the screws needed including spacers and also washers.The screw that holds the mounting bracket come the TV should have actually at the very least 5mm of threads into the TV to organize it secure.Be certain you add the depth or thickness the the TV mounting bracket when finding the exactly screw length.

HOW to HANG your TV top top A wall surface MOUNT – step BY STEPUniversal mount Kit – uncover Stud – 24″ – mountain On Stud – Drywall

Take the guesswork the end of recognize the correct size and length screws for her TV to wall surface Bracket…Here room TV to wall surface Bracket Screw kits for Samsung TVs, LG TVs, Vizio TVs, and also Universal TV Mounting Screws and also Washer Kits.

Samsung TV Mounting Bolts Screws WashersThis screw kit will fit all Samsung TVs when mounting the TV to the wall surface Bracket


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Need aid finding the exactly length and diameter screws for your TV mount? Please leaving your inquiry below and also we will be happy come assist!