Wagon Train: The Kitty Pryer Story is a really inexplicable story for this specific western It’s the story of a man, Victor Harp, who has actually committed bigotry. That confides the truth to the brand-new wife, Kitty Pryer, and convinces her to travel west v him, declare his wife, Martha, will provide him a divorceonce they acquire there. He rental an old friend, mile Brisbane, to pretend to be the brand-new wife’s husband, and also off they go on the wagon train.

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Eventually, the bigamist is murdered, and also everyone go after the suspected murderer — Kitty. Here’s the interesting component — transforms out she’s pregnant. It’s one interesting and ...
unexpected twist for a story in this era.

It’s additionally a weird episode since so much of the focus is ~ above the relationship of Miles and Kitty as it evolves. While there room scenes v the regulars, it seemed prefer a higher amount of attention was offered to the guest stars this time around. John McIntire as kris Hale had an ext screen time 보다 the various other regulars, and also my favorite, Robert Fuller, wasn’t in this one at all.

Bradford Dillman was amazing as Miles, and Diana Hyland turned in a fine performance as Kitty. Don Durant and also Jeanne Cooper played the Harps.

This episode might be my favorite of every one of the non-Fuller episodes.

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Wagon Train: The Kitty angel Story
indigenous the second season that Wagon Train come The Kitty angel Story, and also it"s a an excellent one. It"s actually the fourteenth episode and also it stars anne Baxter as Kitty Angel. She"s awesome. She just lured me right into this story choose mad. You can tell quality ...

Wagon Train: tiny Girl Lost
Wagon Train: small Girl lost is a story from the final season that Wagon Train. It"s a small unusual for a west to have actually this type of story. Ns think the was possibly their strange attempt at a Christmas tale because the story aired in Mid-December the ...
Wagon Train: The Bleeker Story
This is a non-Robert Fuller episode of Wagon Train, except for a piece of stock footage inserted at the tail end of the present for comedic effect. The man had actually a great contract, that"s for sure. The Bleeker Story is the story that a household that duke ...

Wagon Train: Clyde
Wagon Train: Clyde is indigenous the 5th season that this west TV series. It"s a sort of comedy focused on the Charlie Wooster character. Wooster is the chef for the wagon train. He"s a vivid personality and just a an excellent guy. He was played through ...

Wagon Train: The Zeke thomas Story
Wagon Train: The Zeke cutting board Story is just a small too soap opera because that me, considering this is a western. Basically, a man and also his wife space traveling ~ above the wagon train as soon as they bump into a woman who turns out to it is in the man"s first wife, assumed ...
Wagon Train: The Jed Whitmore Story
Wagon Train: The Jed Whitmore Story is an intriguing illustration of this series. The really unique Neville Brand stars as Jed Whitmore, a one time train robber who is now a sheriff that Stringtown. The goes by the surname of open minded Lewis and also has a wife and ...

Wagon Train: The Pearlie Garnet Story
Sharon Farrell is the huge guest star in Wagon Train: The Pearlie Garnet Story, a ninety-minute, saturday season episode of the series. There"s small to love around Pearlie. She"s a pathetic and also sad character, and also this is she story, lot of i m sorry is called in flashback.The story expose ...
Wagon Train: The Larry Hanify Story
native season three, Wagon Train: The Larry Hanify Story guest starred Tommy Sands. Sands to be a famous singer and also actor at this point. Unfortunately, he ended up being an outcast and it expense his career for numerous years. He just got involved with the dorn person. ...

Wagon Train: The Cliff Grundy Story
Wagon Train: The Cliff Grundy Story was written by Aaron Spelling and also involves the wagon train scout, Flint McCullough (Robert Horton) gift stranded in the desert v a pair of the travelers. Survive is an extremely tough. Prior to that, though, Flint and also one the the travelers called Craig, ...

Wagon Train: The Sandra Cummings Story
once I think about Wagon Train: The Sandra Cummings Story, my mind goes come the beautiful Rhonda Fleming and also how lot I understand Robert Fuller, that plays Cooper Smith, simply loved working through her. She definitely had him smiling for years after this present was filmed.Fleming dram the ...
Wagon Train: The Sam Darland Story
ns was a little surprised through Wagon Train: The Sam Darland Story since I took pleasure in it much more than I believed I would. This season six episode reminds me a the majority of Boys Town and also Father Flanigan, though over there isn"t any kind of connection. It"s just the idea that provides ...

Wagon Train: The Sam Spicer Story
an additional Wagon Train episode from season 7 was The Sam Spicer Story, i beg your pardon guest starred Ed Begley and also Clu Gulager. The story focuses on teenager, barnaby West, as played by Michael Burns. He"s a recurring personality on the show, appearing in plenty of of the episodes practically like a ...

Wagon Train: The Widow O’Rourke Story
Wagon Train: The Widow O"Rourke Story is among my favorites. It"s really rather different and interesting, and also Robert Fuller gets to play two parts. In addition to his regular duty as Cooper Smith, the scout because that the wagon train, in flashbacks the plays the irish husband that ...

Wagon Train: chuck Wooster, Wagonmaster
Wagon Train: chuck Wooster, Wagonmaster was a little bit of a secret show, and it was rather intriguing. One through one, people started to disappear from the wagon train, including the scout, Flint McCullough, and also the wagonmaster, Seth Adams. Eventually, that was up to the cook, Charlie Wooster, ...

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Wagon Train: The Old male Charvanaugh Story
Escorting a household to a settlement, Flint is joined by a concertina playing wanderer that is really a awful bandit. McCullough and also the family members are left to wander without appropriate clothing or supplies.Wagon Train was among the longest running and most effective television westerns. Originally, it concentrated ...
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