This extra lengthy arm TV mountain with full motion capability extends approximately 40", enabling you to position your TV perfect in any setup. Through its sturdy long reaching double arms, it deserve to be an installed conveniently in a corner, enabling you come maximize space. Get the most out of your TV's high meaning quality through this versatile television mount.

Overall: 36'' H x 12'' WMount Type: wall surface mountAdjustability: Tilt; Swivel; Articulating/Extending armCompatible screen Size: 41" - 46"; 47" - 50"; better than 50Compatible TV Type: LCD; Plasma; LED

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This full-motion TV wall surface mount allows you to maximize an are by mounting your TV in a edge by adjusting the mount™s articulating arms. The is perfect for edge mounting but can be placed to any kind of flat wall surface as well. The stole arms ensure her TV will certainly be safely mounted and features a 66lb weight capacity. Its full-motion architecture features both tilt and swivel functions and can extend and retract because that a far better view from anywhere in the room.

Overall: 3'' H x 10'' WMount Type: wall mountAdjustability: Tilt; Swivel; Articulating/Extending armCompatible screen Size: 26" - 55Compatible TV Type: LCD; Plasma; CRT/Tube; LED

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Built with high quality in mind, this is a level TV wall surface mount the supports most 50”-90” TVs weighing approximately 165lbs. The unique architecture of this global mounting brackets means that screen compatibility is almost guaranteed. For specific compatibility, simply check your display’s VESA hole pattern against the VESA range noted here. If her TV’s VESA pattern matches or drops within the variety shown, then your TV is compatible. It’s that easy.Made for a modern-day lifestyle, this has integrated features that assist you acquire the most out of your display. A completely assembled, open-back wall-plate allows for straightforward cable threading and management, keeping cords out of the method and the end of view. This duty also ensures that your cables will remain in pristine condition, which will certainly keep photo quality sharp and will carry out a pleasurable city hall experience. An audible locking system and quick-release pull-tabs market a method to quickly install, adjust, or remove your display screen from the wall surface plate there is no hassle. Relying on your wall type, the FF84 likewise gives girlfriend the alternative to change your TV because that perfect placement, also with off-center studs (consult your installation/user manual for much more information.) The FF84 is sleek, stylish, and slim in design. A high-quality black color matte complete gives a modern look and also its slim depth places your display screen just 1.4” indigenous the wall, making your TV the focal suggest of the room if hiding the hardware. The FF84 flat-mount is best utilized in areas with a collection viewing angle whereby the display screen is to remain fixed in place and screen glare is not an issue. If your an are has greater or multiple viewing angles, we recommend a tilt or articulating mountain instead.

Overall: 6'' H x 34'' WMount Type: wall surface mountAdjustability: FixedCompatible display screen Size: better than 50Compatible TV Type: LCD; Plasma; LED