Fireheart to walk quietly v the forest, pricking his ear incase the heard a scuffle or squeak from food hiding in the undergrowth. His ear indeed recorded a scuffle, yet not from prey, it was too huge to it is in a mouse or vole, the sounded an ext like.... A cat. That pricked his ears again and sure sufficient he heard the scuffle again adhered to by a grunt, he turned his head in the direction of a pair of bushes. That sounds like its comes from the cultivate hollow, the thought, the turned and also walked previous a pair of bushes and trees together he headed towards the training hollow. ~ a pair of heartbeats a sandy clearing came into view, he climate noticed two figures running and also tumbling around the clearing. Together he happen a large tree he pertained to a stop close to the sandy clearing, his eyes recorded the familar brown tabby pelt that Dustpaw and also the pale firey ginger fur of Sandpaw. He then turned his head to watch the pure white hair of Whitestorm, "Hello Whitestorm," he mewed walking over to the senior warrior. "Hello young Fireheart," mewed the white tom, "What"s going on here?" inquiry Fireheart. "A training conference if you don"t remember, kittypet!" the firey ginger tom turned his head to watch Dustpaw glaring in ~ him with hatred glow in his amber eyes. "I understand it"s a training conference Dustpaw!" growled Fireheart, "I intended is what sort of approaches are you learning?" the said. "As if I"d call you!" snarled Dustpaw his hair bristling, "We"re learing just how to hit a Riverclan cat," chirped a new voice. Fireheart turned his head to see Sandpaw walking up to them, "You weren"t supposed to tell the that!" snarled Dustpaw together he turned in the direction of the pale ginger she-cat, who flinched under his gaze. "Why bother telling him if the doesn"t know?!" that growled. Fireheart feeling anger bubble up within of him, "Of course ns know just how to hit a Riverclan cat!" the spat, jolting Dustpaw"s gaze native Sandpaw, Whitestorm and also Sandpaw looked surprised. Fireheart ignored thier looks and also walked back the means he came, his hair bristling slightly, "See ya later on kittypet!" called Dustpaw. Fireheart ignored him and also continued to walk away, Stupid Dustpaw, that thought, think he knows everything, he believed growling.Sandpaw watched as Fireheart turned and stalked out of the clearing, his fur bristling. She eyes never ever left his firey ginger pelt as he vanished amongst the trees and also bushes, she all of sudden grunted as she felt a weight ram into her side. "Oof!" she grunted as she felt a paw cuff she over the ear, "Earth come Sandpaw. Wake up up!" the young pale ginger she-cat looked as much as see Dustpaw glaring in ~ her. "What?" she asked, "Why to be you staring ~ him?" the asked, "Who?" inquiry Sandpaw together she rolled end onto she stomach. "Fireheart!" snarled Dustpaw, "What! I-I was not!" she said, blushing slightly. "Yea girlfriend were!" exclaimed Dustpaw, rage in his amber eyes. "I to be not!" stated Sandpaw, "You to be too! friend looked in ~ him prefer Graystripe looks at fresh-kill!" stated Dustpaw. "I-I-I was not!" she exclaimed was standing up, "Then why space you stuttering?" inquiry Dustpaw, "I-I"m no stuttering!" said Sandpaw, "Yeah you are! You"re act it appropriate now!" exclaimed Dustpaw his hair bristling. "I am not!" she growled together she walked up to him and also thrust her muzzle into his. "Enough!" both apprentices looked up as Whitestorm aproached them, "Listen!" he said. "It doesn"t matter who or what Sandpaw was staring at," he claimed as Sandpaw nervously shuffled she paws . The big white tom then looked at Dustpaw, "And you much better start behaving better towards her clanmates or else you"ll never acquire your warrior name!" the said transforming to Dustpaw. Sandpaw i found it Dustpaw flinch in ~ the an elderly warrior"s words, "Now come on," that mewed an ext softly, "Let"s get back to camp and also see if any cat needs us for a searching or border patrol," claimed the big white tom together he turned away. Sandpaw and Dustpaw followed Whitestrorm ago to camp, together she walked, Sandpaw felt herself thinking around Fireheart. The method his glowing ginger hair glowed and gleamed in the sunlight, the means his emerald eco-friendly eyes lit up once he laughed, the way his muscle flexed once he ran, and the means his voice softened when he talked to young kits and apprentices. Sandpaw easily shook her head in fustration, Why ns am i thinking around him choose that? she wondered, confused. Shortly they reached the fern tunnel, lock walked with to see many cats talking around hunting or border patrols. A bright speed of ginger fur caught her eye, she slightly turned she head to check out Fireheart external the warrior"s den to organize his shining orange hair next come Graystripe. She climate noticed the Fireheart had his earlier to Graystripe, Why aren"t they talking to each other like they normally do? she wondered feeling confused. She then watched as Fireheart stood up, skip Graystripe as he tried come ask him something, she felt she heart beating quicker as the walked in the direction of her, Dustpaw, and Whitestorm. Avoid it! she ordered it s her harshly, prevent acting every weird! She watched relieved as he walked past her to the fern tunnel, she serene her it is too dirty muscles. Yet she serene to soon, "Fireheart!" called Whitestorm, Sandpaw watched as the young ginger tom turned and walked end to her and Whitestrom. "Yes Whitestrom?" that asked, Sandpaw felt it s her freeze in ~ the sight of Fireheart"s ginger pelt which glowed brightly in the sun, she felt she eyes cloud v affection. "Can you take it Sandpaw ~ above a searching patrol when me and Dustpaw go and talk come Tigerclaw?" inquiry Whitestorm. "Sure, why not?" reply Fireheart, "Come top top Sandpaw," the said turning around and also walking away. Sandpaw quickly snapped out of her daze and ran ~ him together he disappered v the fern tunnel.---------------------------------- Sandpaw ran after Fireheart together they gone into the forest, Wow, she thought, the walks quite fast! She slowed down and stood there because that a minute panting, I never realized how quick Fireheart is, she lowered she head quiet panting, He always seemed so sluggish before. She then glanced as much as see Fireheart sniffing for prey scent, she watched as the sunlight shone down and made his pelt glow favor fire. When again Sandpaw felt her eyes cloud v emotion, climate shaking her head she turned and also began come sniff because that a food scent but all she might smell was Fireheart"s sweet scent wreathing approximately her. Her heart then started to beat quicker as she neared him, she lowered she head and sniffed at the grassy floor looking for a scent various other then Fireheart"s. She climate let out a grunt together she bumped into the young ginger tom"s side, "S-sorry," she said backing away, "It"s okay, no worries," he replied. Sandpaw felt her heart beating much faster again, Fireheart had never speak to her prefer that without putting any sarcasam in his voice. "Y-you, um... Emotion okay?" she asked, "Yeah. Why wouldn"t ns be?" responded the ginger tom, "N-nothing," she said, stuttering slightly. "You emotion okay?" that asked transforming his gaze in the direction of her, Sandpaw felt herself frozen for a moment, "N-no! I-I typical yes! I-I"m fine," she stated quickly. She climate stiffened as she felt hair brush against her head, "You sure?" asked Fireheart, Sandpaw glanced approximately see his tail sitting gently on she forehead. "You feel kind of warm," continued the ginger tom, "Ye-yeah. I"m fine," muttered Sandpaw, she then felt herself stiffen again as Fireheart leaned in in the direction of her. "You sure?" the asked, Sandpaw looked approximately see question glittering in his green gaze, prior to she could reply, she caught a speed of something else in his gaze. Worry? Is that what that was? walk this.... Kittypet feel worried for her? Ridiculous!, believed Sandpaw. "Yeah, I"m fine don"t worry," she claimed shuffling she paws nervously, Fireheart looked at her a moment longer before sitting up, "Alright, if you to speak so," he said not sounding an extremely convinced. He take it his tail off her together he was standing up, Sandpaw felt slightly disapointed together she feeling his soft tail on slide off her head. Why am I emotion this way? she assumed feeling nervous and also confused, "Come on, let"s get earlier to hunting," Sandpaw to be jolted the end of she thoughts together she felt something brush against the next of she head. She looked up together Fireheart touched his muzzle to her ear, "Right," she said. She watched as the young ginger tom turned and began to sniff for a prey scent, Sandpaw climate turned and also began to search for a prey scent also. ---------------------------------- Sandpaw walked ago into camp carrying two squirrels, a shrew, and also a computer mouse while Fireheart carried three mice and a squirrel. She to reduce her record on the fresh-kill heap while keeping one of her mice because that herself. She climate turrned and also walked over to the nettle patch, she lying down and ate her mouse quickly. After she perfect she beagn to groom herself, she was just licking her shoulder when she spotted Fireheart eat a thrush near a little tree stump. She looked in ~ him a minute longer before she turned her head and began to rasp she tongue over her shoulder. She then began to lick her forelegs, she gave her paw a good washing prior to drawing the over her ear, just then she feel a tongue rasp over her other ear. She turned around to see Dustpaw, "Hi Sandpaw!" that mewed happily, "Hi Dustpaw," she responded in a level tone. Dustpaw"s smile faded, "You okay?" he asked, "Fine," she answered, "You sure? You choose kind of..." he broke off shed for words. "What?" request Sandpaw, "Uh... Er, w-well. You favor kind of, uh," that stuttered trying come reply, Sandpaw angrily flicked her tail end his ears, "What is it? Spit it out!" she said angrily. "Y-you look sort of um... M-moony," he said uneasily, "What? You"re being ridiculous," muttered Sandpaw, with that she stand up and walked away. She to be walking towards the camp entrance as soon as she bumped into someone, "Oh, sorry. I was j-" the cat turned in the direction of her and also it to be none various other then Fireheart. "Oh sorry, Fireheart," she claimed taking a action back, "Nah, it"s it s okay don"t worry about it," he claimed looking under at her. Sandpaw feel a small shiver run through her body as she feel his emerald environment-friendly eyes gazing at her. She opened up her mouth o reply but was cut off, "Fireheart! If you aren"t to liven talking, acquire your tail end here!" came Tigerclaw"s upset call. Sandpaw feel her ears twitch as Fireheart muttered miscellaneous under his breath, he turned and walked over to the brown tiger tabby. "Yes Tigerclaw?" Sandpaw might hear the compelled patience in his voice, "If you aren"t to busy, i m sorry you"re not, I desire you to go on patrol with....." the tiger tabby stopped and looked around camp. Sandpaw quickly turned she head away, making it look choose she was watching, "Sandpaw!" the pale ginger she-cat turned she head together Tigerclaw called her name. "Yes Tigerclaw?" she asked walking approximately him, "I desire you come go v Fireheart to patrol close to Shadowclan border. Longtail tells me the they"ve to be stealing food again," he growled. Sandpaw nodded, "Yes Tigerclaw. We"ll go best now," responded Fireheart turning away. Sandpaw easily turned and ran ~ him together he disappeared through the fern tunnel.---------------------------------- Sandpaw walked v the woodland with Fireheart together they headed in the direction of the Shadowclan border. She turned she head in the direction of Fireheart, who was staring in ~ the ground together he walked, his eyes blazing. "What happened back there?" request Sandpaw, "What?" that asked Fireheart, "What happened earlier there with Tigerclaw?" inquiry Sandpaw. "Nothing," answer Fireheart, Sandpaw looked in ~ him together they ongoing to walk, she opened up her mouth come reply yet gasped as her foot caught onto something. She looked down to watch her appropriate forepaw snagged in a clump the brambles, she grunted together she began to try and pull her paw out. "Sandpaw?" the young ginger she-cat turn to check out a blur of glowing ginger fur, before she knew the Fireheart to be standing infront of she panting. "You okay?" he asked, "Fine. Mine paw"s just stuck!" responded Sandpaw as she do the efforts to try and pull she paw out again. Fireheart leaned down and gently grasped she paw in his mouth climate pulled, Sandpaw winced as she feeling thorns snag in her fur. Then looking under she experienced that Fireheart had actually pulled she paw out of the brambles, "H-how go you execute that?" she request looking up in ~ him. "When friend don"t have a mommy or dad to look after girlfriend in Twoleg place, you learn these kind of things," that replied. Sandpaw nodded, she climate stiffened as he bend down and began come nose through her fur, she then stifled a yowl together he traction a thorn off her paw. She let the end a little gasp the pain, "You okay?" Sandpaw looked up just to feel her nose collide with Fireheart"s, "S-s-sorry!" she claimed backing away, the young ginger tom rubbed his paw over his nose, "It"s okay, no injury done," he claimed casually. Sandpaw felt surprised, she opened her mouth to say something however was quickly cut off, "Come top top let"s get ago to patroling," he said turning away. Silently she followed, she felt she mind reeling, why was Fireheart being so nice come her? She shook her head to clear she thoughts and also as she walk she passed through a bush and scratched she ear on a thorny branch sticking out.She let out a tiny yowl that pain and began come paw at her ear, she heard pawsteps together Fireheart easily ran ago towards her. She then stiffened together she feeling his tongue start to rasp over her bleeding ear, she wanted to thrash and also swipe and tell him that she might take care of herself but something inside her told her to stay and sit still. She sat totally still together she feeling Fireheart"s heat tongue rasp over ear, she then stiffened together she feeling his muzzle brush against her ear, "You okay?" that asked quietly. "F-fine," she claimed looking down, climate without warning the pressed his muzzle to hers. Sandpaw wanted to move away, hiss and scratch in ~ him but for part strange reason, she couldn"t, "Good," she heard Fireheart"s soft voice in she ears, "Why?" she asked, tho not moving away from him. "Cause if girlfriend weren"t okay, I"d have actually no one come tease me in camp," relplied the ginger tom. Sandpaw satellite still because that a minute, she then opened her mouth come reply however was interupted as Fireheart pressed his muzzle to hair again. She tensed as she felt her heart start to win faster, she feel his fur gently brushing versus hers together he pressed self to she side. Then without thinking, Sandpaw gently leaned right into him, she climate felt it s her blushing together he tenderness licked her ear before pressing his muzzle against hers again. Sandpaw then lowered her head and buried her muzzle in his neck fur, she sensed his surprise, she then tensed again together she feel his paw lie on her ago before that pressed his muzzle against the ago of she neck. Sandpaw heard a faint yet soft purr in his throat, she felt it s her purring earlier at him together she gently hidden her muzzle deeper into his neck fur. Her tail brushed up over the ground bring about it come be extended in thorns, but she didn"t care all she felt to be Fireheart"s soft fur pressing against hers as she leaned against him. She let among her paws rest against his shoulder, she then let the end a little purr together she feeling his muzzle bury deeper right into the back of she neck fur, she felt his heat tongue rasp over her ear before pressing his muzzle aginst the ago of she neck again. Sandpaw felt it s her relaxing together Fireheart gently licked the earlier of her neck, she then slightly gasped as she feel something soft brush versus her tail. She glanced down to check out Fireheart"s tail gently relaxing on top of hers, she purred softly and also pressed she muzzle deeper into his neck fur. Fireheart purred ago at she then licked the earlier of she ear, Sandpaw then started to purr together she feel his tongue lick tenderness at she ears. He then lifted his head up from she neck and also began to lick she imbetween the ears. Sandpaw blushed and dug her muzzle deeper into his hair as he softly licked imbetween her ears, she climate felt that nuzzle she head, leading to her come look up at him. Castle looked in ~ each various other for moment before Fireheart leaned forward and gently pressed his muzzle close come hers, Sandpaw purred at his soft touch, she propelled her muzzle closer come his together his odor wreathed approximately her, the feeling of his sweet breath and soft touch do her feel weak v affection; she relaxed and also leaned right into his heat fur, emotion happy just to it is in in his strong hold. Every she want to carry out was lean against Fireheart forever while his muzzle pressed against hers, she pressed closer to him and wiggled right into his fur. "Sandpaw?" the asked softly, Sandpaw looked up in ~ him, "What is it?" she asked, "U-um, c-can ns tell you something?" that asked nervously. "Sure. W-what is it?" she asked, "I want to tell you the I..." he damaged off as the bushes rustled softly. They climate sprang apart as the bushes rustled wildly and also out stepped Dustpaw. "There girlfriend are!" that expalined walking end to them, "Why were you trying to find us?" asked Fireheart. Sandpaw watched together Dustpaw offered him a pure look of hate, "Tigerclaw called me to come and also find you due to the fact that you didn"t return indigenous patrol," the explained. Sandpaw recorded a gleam the love in his amber eyes as he looked at her. She easily glanced away and shuffled her paws; the gleam faded far from Dustpaw"s eyes and also he turned to Fireheart. "Did you get lost, kittypet?" the sneered; Sandpaw watched together the fur on Fireheart"s shoulders bristled, rather of answering, the young ginger tom turned and walked away. Sandpaw conveniently turned and ran after him through Dustpaw tough on her tail. Together the 3 of them walked Sandpaw replayed what had happened with her and also Fireheart prior to Dustpaw proved up. She smiled together she feeling a tiny but pass out purr rumbling in her throat. The moon to be high in the sky once the 3 cats gotten in camp. Sandpaw stumbled end to th apprentices den and curled up right into her nest, in seconds she was asleep.--------------------------------------------------------Sandpaw wake up up in center of the night, she lifted she head up turn off the floor and looked around, what had actually woken her up? A bright speed of ginger captured her eye, she turned she head come the den enntrance gate to view Fireheart walking through the fern and also bramble tunnel. She conveniently jumped up and raced ~ him. She passed v the gorse tunnel and also followed him, "Fireheart!" she called once they to be far enough from camp. The ginger tom turned come look in ~ her, "Oh, it"s simply you, Sandpaw," that mewed spring relieved. Sandpaw nodded, "Where space you going?" she asked, "Nowhere," he replied. "Just top top a walk," he stated looking up at the trees, "Do want come v me?" he asked transforming his emerald eco-friendly gaze in the direction of her. Sandpaw felt her eyes cloud with affection, her mind grew hazy in ~ the assumed of being alone with Fireheart, again. "S-sure," she said, not even realizing that she had actually spoken, Fireheart smiled at her and also continued to walk forward throught the forest. Sandpaw walked next to him, lock walked roughly the forest, they gazed up at the stars and also moon together they walked with the moonlit forest. After ~ awhile they thrived tired, "Let"s rest here for a moment," mewed Fireheart as they neared training hollow, Sandpaw flopped under on the ground, under a job of trees, too worn down to reply. Fireheart laid alongside her; Sandpaw felt herself blush as the fur on your sides brushed. She nervously shuffled her paws, she then stiffened as she feel a warm tongue rasp over her ear, Fireheart"s scent washed over her and also she purred. Unexpectedly Fireheart moved away from her side, she looked up in ~ him, he was looking at her, surprised. "Did you just purr?" he asked, tho looking surprised, Sandpaw felt herself blushing, she opened up her mouth to reply however didn"t acquire the possibility as Fireheart tenderness licked she ear again. Her blush deepened yet she couldn"t withstand a purr, a purr rumbled in her ear as Fireheart purred earlier at her. She then let the end a loud purr as Fireheart offered her cheek a lick. She purred together he began to lovingly lick she face, she felt his tail tenderness entwining around hers together he tenderness licked she cheek. She tenderness leaned into him and relaxed, his warm hair making her feel weak and also helpless. Sandpaw climate felt the warmth in she fade together Fireheart quit licking her face. She looked up in ~ him only to feeling his tongue rasp over her ears, she purred and also gently rubbed her muzzle versus his, feeling a heat sensation burn in her belly. She smiled as Fireheart gently licked her ears; she leaned she head top top his shoulder and smiled as he tenderness nuzzled she head. Fireheart pressed himself closer to Sandpaw, and licked she head, a soft purr rumbled in his throat. Sandpaw pushed her muzzle versus Fireheart"s, a purr rumbled in her throat; the pressed his pelt against hers and began to wind his tail roughly hers. Sandpaw breathed in his scent, she softened against him together his scent wreathed about her, making her shiver through happiness. She smiled as he pressed self close to she side; she purred and pressed back versus him. Fireheart gently laid his chin on height of her head; smiling together her scent washed end him. Sandpaw purred; she burrowed right into his warmth fur, feeling a heat burning sensation in she belly. She remained pressed versus him for a minute longer prior to moving far from him, she rolled end onto her back and extended her forelegs in air as she loosened her stiff muscles. Fireheart let out a quiet laugh, he gently laid a paw on she belly; Sandpaw purred and also wiggled under his touch. Fireheart smiled in ~ her, he then leaned down and also began come rasp his tongue over her belly, a little purr rumbled in his throat. Sandpaw purred louder together she feeling Fireheart tenderness licking her soft belly fur; she got to up and also paw and batted at his ear. Fireheart lifted his head up and smiled at her, the leaned down and gave her cheek a soft lick. Sandpaw smiled and also gently licked his ear; she rolled back onto she belly and pressed herself versus him. Fireheart smiled in ~ her, he climate turned his head and also began come groom her fur. Sandpaw stiffened together Fireheart started to groom her, she nervously shuffled away from him, a warm, fuzzy sensation prickling in her belly. Fireheart gave her a puzzled look, the scooted closer come her and also began to shot and groom her again. Sandpaw never ever liked the idea of an additional cat to organize her, yet she forced herself to lay still as Fireheart gently licked she head. Her forelegs tensed together his tongue rasped over her fur; after he finished she head he began to lap at she ears. Sandpaw felt herself relaxing as his tongue easy rasped over she ears, she offered a quiet purr and pressed closer to him. Fireheart purred back at her and also gently cutting his tail over she slender body; that pressed himself closer come her. Sandpaw pressed versus him; she feeling his tongue rasp over she forehead and she couldn"t aid but giggle at his soft touch. Fireheart smiled as he heard Sandpaw giggle, he laid his head on top of hers and purred. Sandpaw pressed closer to Fireheart, she muzzle gently resting under his; Fireheart purred and also licked she head again prior to standing up. Sandpaw stand up alongside him and also pressed right into his warm fur, Fireheart purred in ~ her; he tenderness wound his tail around her slender body and also licked she ear. Sandpaw leaned into him, emotion her body relax versus his together he pressed his muscular body close come hers. He provided her head a soft lick before he turned and dashed off, "Catch me if you can!" he referred to as as that sprinted away. "Hey! No fair!" cry Sandpaw, her voice oozing with joy as she dashed ~ him. They ran v the woodland in a blur the color, Sandpaw was no more then a fox-length behind the young ginger tom till he jumped over a fallen log and also disappeared. Sandpaw jumped over the log and also found it s her infront of the Owl Tree, she satellite down and also tried to catch her breath. A little glitter made she head turn towards the sky, her eyes twinkled together she watched the glittering stars in the dark blue sky. She loved it as soon as the stars shined on a clear night choose tonight. A soft touch on her neck made her head swivel around; she calm as Fireheart stand behind her. She then noticed that her head miscellaneous in his mouth, prior to she can ask what the was, the bent down and dropped it on the ground. Sandpaw looked under in amazement, a tiny red rose laid prior to her with little dewdrops top top its scarlet red petals. "Is the for me?" she asked, Fireheart nodded and nudged it in the direction of her through his muzzle. Sandpaw smiled, she bend down and gently grabbed it between her teeth. She then looked earlier at up at Fireheart and also smiled at him, the young ginger tom smiled earlier at her and also gently licked her cheek. Sandpaw smiled in ~ him, she gently laid her flower ~ above the ground and pressed she muzzle to his chin. Fireheart let the end a little purr, Sandpaw smiled earlier at him and began come wind she body roughly his, purring softly. Fireheart let out a purr together her slender human body wound about his; that purred deeper as her tail brushed under his chin and flicked his cheek. He gazed into her pale eco-friendly eyes and also licked her cheek; Sandpaw purred and also brushed her tail over his forelegs. Fireheart leaned forward and also gently nuzzled his head versus hers. Sandpaw leaned against him as his head tenderness nuzzled against her own, his cheek gently brushing versus hers. She feel his tail gently winding about her slender body as he lovingly licked she face, she relaxed against him, happy to be in his solid hold. The feel of his tongue rasping over her hair made her relax; she leaned into him, his soft touch make her feeling weak v affection. She head tenderness rested against his chest together she leaned versus him, she looked down and also smiled together she watched she tail entwining v Fireheart"s. She thrust her muzzle right into his fur and also purred, feeling weak together he lovingly licked she ears. A sudden believed struck her, is this why Fireheart to be being so nice come her? Did...did that love her? She shook her head, Fireheart wouldn"t love her, she had actually treated him an extremely harshly as soon as he came to be a brand-new appentice for Thunderclan. Probably he"s forgiven me, she thought, she climate blushed as Fireheart gently licked she head. I"m going to go through yes, she assumed letting out a small purr, a purr rumbled in her ears as Fireheart"s muzzle pressed to her head. Sandpaw smiled together Fireheart began to rasp his tongue over she ears, she purred together she feeling his tongue tenderness licking the soft fur roughly her ears. They lay down next to each other and also drowsily common tongues; Fireheart gently licked the peak of Sandpaw"s head while she lapped at his chest fur. Fireheart leaned down and also gave she forehead a tender lick, a soft purr rumbled in his throat. Sandpaw couldn"t assist but giggle softly as Fireheart gave her forehead a lick; she purred as Fireheart pressed his muzzle against hers. She tenderness licked his nose and he purred; she laid her head on the ground and yawned. She hidden her cheek in his soft chest fur and also purred, she smiled as Fireheart to adjust his chin on optimal of her head. His tail gently entwined around hers make Sandpaw purr; Fireheart purred ago at her and also licked the optimal of she head. Fireheart hidden his nose in her soft, pale ginger fur and drifted right into sleep; Sandpaw heard his breathing steady, instinctivly she knew the Fireheart had actually fallen asleep, his muzzle gently resting on her shoulders. She lifted she head up, she pale environment-friendly eyes softening together she gazed in ~ him, his breathing slow and steady together he slept, she leaned forward and also gave his cheek a soft lick. The young ginger tom murmured something and buried his sleep deeper in she fur; Sandpaw purred, she laid her head under on the grass and yawned. She looked to the side and saw the tiny rose Fireheart had offered her, she stretched out her paw and gently traction it in the direction of her, being cautious not to traction it. She laid that infront the her and smiled, she gently laid she head on optimal of it. She thrust her muzzle right into the soft, ginger fur on Fireheart"s chest and smiled; Fireheart drowsily murmured something and wrapped self tighter roughly Sandpaw. Sandpaw smiled, she closed she eyes and also in seconds she was fast asleep, lulled by the soft of Fireheart"s ginger fur. Sandpaw woke feeling a tongue rasp over she fur, she opened up her eyes and yawned. She looked up and also smiled as Fireheart"s kind came right into view, she lifted her head up and let out one more yawn. She then stiffened together a heat tongue rasped over her ear, drawing a purr from she throat. She looked up in ~ Fireheart, the ginger tom looked earlier at her, his environment-friendly gaze glowing through affection. She leaned forward and gently licked his muzzle, the ginger tom purred. That leaned forward and also covered she ears through licks, his tail tenderness intwined through hers and also she smiled. Sandpaw smiled as Fireheart lovingly licked her ears, she pressed herself against him and relaxed. She then blushed together the the leaned down and also nuzzled she cheek, she purred and licked his nose; the ginger tom purred and also covered her face with soft, tender licks. Sandpaw felt herself weakening against his soft touch, she leaned right into his warm fur, she felt his paws tenderness twining roughly hers and she purred. Fireheart ongoing to cover confront with loving, soft licks, his purr rumbling deep in his chest as he loosely curled his tail about Sandpaw"s neck. Sandpaw purred and also pressed it s her closer to Fireheart"s muscular body, her slender body gently pressing versus his sturdy, wide body. Fireheart ceased licking she face and nuzzled she head, "Sandpaw, you"re the many beautiful she-cat I"ve ever before met," that murmured nuzzling her ear. Sandpaw felt her heart to win faster, she looked up at the handsome ginger tom, "R-really?" she asked. Fireheart nodded and tenderly licked her face, a heat purr rumbling in his throat, Sandpaw couldn"t stand up to as a long, love purr rumbled in she throat. She feeling Fireheart"s muzzle gently pressing versus hers as she leaned versus him, still purring. She hidden herself in his soft fur, she gently leaned her head versus his chest. She smiled together Fireheart leaned down and gently nuzzled her ears, his gentle breath tickled her ear fur and also she giggled. Fireheart spanned her ears and also head v loving, soft licks, a soft purr rumbling deep in his throat. She felt his tail gently wrapping about her slender body and also she let out a purr as his tail reminder gently brushed under her chin. She pressed against him, the smoothness in his soft ginger hair making her feel weak together he ongoing to lovingly lick she ears. "Come on, Sandpaw let"s get back to camp," the murmured, Sandpaw feel a jolt in she head. She looked up in ~ him, "Do we have actually to?" she asked, all of sudden feeling choose a small kit, Fireheart gently licked her head, "Afraid so, ns don"t want cats wondering where we to be if we"re not ago in time," that said. Sandpaw looked down at her paws, which were twined v Fireheart"s, she didn"t desire to return to camp, she wanted to continue to be where she was with Fireheart. She pressed into him, his warm hair slightly be sure her. Fireheart tenderness nuzzled her cheek, "It"ll it is in okay," the mumured, licking the back of she neck; Sandpaw pressed right into him, "Okay, fine," she murmured, her ears drooping. Fireheart looked at her, that curled his tail over her body and began to tenderness lick she pale ginger fur, Sandpaw started to purr again; Fireheart didn"t want to return to camp either, he just wanted come stay right here with Sandpaw. He tenderness wrapped himself roughly the beautiful pale ginger she-cat and licked her ears, "Come on, let"s get back to camp," that murmured.--------------------------------------------Fireheart and also Sandpaw trekked back to camp, their pelts brushing and also tails loosely twined, the time they had actually spent together was over. They quit walking as they neared the tunnel; they quit just external the gorse tunnel. Sandpaw pressed it s her closer come Fireheart then turning her head, she gently drew her tongue end the ginger tom"s cheek. Fireheart leaned versus her, he slowly unwrapped his tail from Sandpaw"s and curled it approximately her slender body. Sandpaw leaned against him and gently brushed her cheek versus his, Fireheart nuzzled her and gently licked she cheek. The then covered her ears through vigorous, however tender licks, " ns don"t want to leaving you," that murmured in between licks. Sandpaw pressed closer come him, "I don"t desire you to leave either," she mumured pressing versus his warmth fur. Fireheart pressed against her prior to slowly uncurling his tail from she slender body, he climate turned and walked through the gorse tunnel if gently to brush his tail versus Sandpaw"s cheek in the process. Sandpaw waited a moment before walking ~ him. She felt cold and hollow inside, she currently missed Fireheart"s warm fur pressing versus her. She walked right into the apprentice"s den and also curled up in she mossy nest, soon she to be asleep.2 moons later on Sandpaw was simply walking right into camp when Bluestar called a clan meeting, "Let all cats old enough to catch thier own prey gather below beneath the highrock," she walked over to the clearing and looked because that a location to sit, she spotted Fireheart and he beckoned she over through his tail. She turned and also walked over to him, she sat alongside him, feeling shivers run through her body as their hair slightly brushed. "What"s walking on?" she asked, Fireheart"s eyes sparkled, "Just wait," that murmured; Sandpaw let the end a snort. She climate watched together Bluestar began to speak, "I have gathered you below today to give two apprentices thier warrior names," mewed the blue-gray she-cat. She flicked she tail come the side, "Sandpaw and also Dustpaw, come approximately the Highrock,"Sandpaw felt it s her stiffen, M-my warrior name? she thought, she was standing up and slowly walked as much as the Highrock. Prior to she knew the she to be standing beside Dustpaw together Blustar speak the cermonial words. "Sandpaw carry out you promise come uphold the warrior code also at the price of her life?" she asked; Sandpaw nodded, "I do," she stated calmly. "Then by Starclan I give you her warrior name, from now on you will certainly be well-known as Sandstorm," mewed Bluestar. The blue-gray she-cat laid she head ~ above Sanpaw"s head and also the pale ginger she-cat repectfully licked her leader"s shoulder. "Sandstorm! Sandstorm!" the clan started to cheer because that her, the newly named Sandstorm looked earlier at her clan mates and smiled, she mother, Brindleface, and also Fireheart to be cheering the loudest. Sandstorm smiled, Finally, she thought, I"m a warrior at last.Later that night....Sandstorm shivered as the wind blew through her fur, chilling her to the bone. She sat three tail-lengths infront that the warrior"s den together she preserved her warrior"s vigil. She looked over to the camp entrance and spotted the newly named Dustpelt. Her eyes narrowed as she heard the brown tabby snoring away, Stupid hairball, she thought. A sudden soft touch on she neck made her stiffen; she turned around only to feeling her nose collide right into something. She looked as much as see Fireheart, "How room you doing out here?" he asked quietly, Sandstorm opened up her mouth come speak but remembered her vigil and just shrugged. Fireheart smiled at her, "You cold?" that asked, Sandstorm nodded, she body shivering. She then blushed as Fireheart tenderness pressed up against her, his fur gently brushing against hers. Sandstorm felt a purr beginning to rumble in her throat, she gently pressed versus him together his strong, muscular body gently pressed against her long, slender body. Fireheart purred back at her and began to lick at she ears, make Sandstorm purr louder. The pale ginger she-cat leaned right into him, his warm hair making she weak, she then blushed together his muzzle gently nuzzled she cheek. She turned she head and also slowly drew her tongue over his cheek, a soft purr rumbling in her throat. Fireheart purred, he brushed up his tail out from behind him and gently curled approximately Sandstorm"s body, the then drew her closer come him and also gently licked her ears. Sandstorm tried to stifle a purr but failed together a long, soft purr erupted deep from within her. Fireheart gently laid his paw on peak of hers and gently licked her ears again. Sandstorm purred, she relocated her paw and gently twined it around Fireheart"s. After a lengthy moment she stood up and gently twined she body with his, his warm fur gently brushing against hers. Fireheart purred and also loosely cut his tail approximately her neck, his tail tip gently brushing over cheek. Sandstorm smiled, his side to be gently pressing versus hers and also she purred. Fireheart climate leaned forward and also gently pressed his forehead to Sandstorm"s, the pale ginger she-cat purred and also pressed closer come him, her tail beginning to wind around his. Fireheart purred and also gently rubbed his forhead versus Sandstorm"s, smiling. Sandstorm fell versus him, she head start to feel dizzy and also fuzzy as Fireheart gently rubbed his forehead versus hers. She feel his tail gently curling roughly her neck together she leaned into him, she let out a soft sigh and also pressed herself against him, his strong, muscular body making her feeling weak. Fireheart gently curled his body about Sandstorm"s and also gave she forehead a soft lick, Sandstorm giggled and also kneaded her paws against the ground. Fireheart pressed closer to she while twine his paws about hers; Sandstorm gently licked his cheek and also purred. Fireheart purred ago at her, "Sandstorm?" he asked, "Hmm?" she asked. "Can i tell friend something?" inquiry Fireheart, Sandstorm opened her mouth to speak but stopped, remembering she vigil, she turned and nodded come him instead. , "U-um, I-I don"t how to say this yet I-I"ve to be liking you alot because that these past few moons," mewed the ginger tom. Sandstorm looked up at him, wanting to answer him but couldn"t, she climate turned and wrote other in the sand beneath her, "Really?" Fireheart looked down and nodded, "Really," the answered, "And even though you"re a warrior now, you"ll still always be my Sandpaw," that murmured nuzzling she ears. Sandstorm felt she heart skip a beat, forgetting around her vigil, she looked up in ~ him, "And also though you supplied to be a kittypet, you"ll always be mine kittypet," she murmured licking his cheek. Fireheart smiled at her, he leaned forward and gently rest his chin on top of her head; Sandstorm purred, she leaned forward and gently pressed her forehead to his neck. Fireheart gently wrapped his tail about her and twined his paws approximately hers. Sandstorm purred deeper and buried her confront in his neck, "My kittypet," she whispered, Fireheart purred and also gently licked her head, "My warrior," that murmured nuzzling her ears. Sandstorm leaned versus him and also buried her challenge in his thick neck fur, "My warrior and also my kittypet," she murmured lovingly nuzzling his neck. Fireheart purred, the lifted his head native hers and gave she a soft nuzzle with his nose. He gently wrapped himself roughly Sandstorm and covered her face with soft tender licks. The two ginger cat then laid beside each various other in the sandy clearing and also began come drowsily re-superstructure tongues, Sandstorm gently licked Fireheart"s special neck fur while he tenderness licked she ears. Sandstorm purred and also pressed her muzzle into the fur on his chest, Fireheart purred ago at her and also gently moved his muzzle deep right into the hair on she head. Sandstorm let out a sigh and leaned top top him, she then purred together Fireheart"s paws wrapped around hers. She purr then flourished deeper as Fireheart started to gently lick the hair on the earlier of her neck, she gently thrust her nose right into his chest and also smiled. Fireheart smiled at her and also gave her ears a tender lick, Sandstorm purred and also pressed closer to him. She pressed she head to his chest and also smiled, his warm hair made her want to autumn asleep and never wake up. She pressed versus him and also relaxed, smiling together he began to easy lick the fur approximately her ears; quickly her eye closed and also she dropped asleep, lull by the rythemitic licking that Fireheart"s tongue.Sandstorm feel a warmth tongue rasp over she ear, she lifted her head up and yawned; she turned her head and also smiled together Fireheart"s kind came into view. "You much better get back on watch, it"s practically dawn and also Dustpelt"s still sleeping so you"re good," mewed the ginger tom. Sandstorm nodded, still half asleep, she then jolted awake together Fireheart pulled away from her. She looked up in ~ him only to feeling his tongue lap between her ears, she purred softly and also pressed her muzzle right into his chest. Fireheart tenderness licked her ears again, "I"ll view you later," that murmured nuzzling she head, Sandstorm nodded and also pressed she nose right into his hair for a moment longer before moving away from him. She stood clock again while Fireheart snuck back into the Warrior"s den and drifted right into sleep.---------------------------------------Sandstorm walked through the forest, thinking around her vigil through Fireheart. She was as well busy day-dreaming that she didn"t notice a cat walking in the direction of her. She grunted together a load bashed into her, knocking she on flat on she back. "Oh, sorry Sandstorm!" the pale ginger she-cat looked up to see Fireheart, his eyes glowing with a mix of happiness and surprise. She didn"t answer, she just jumped to her paws and also pressed she muzzle into his fur; Fireheart purred and licked she ears. Sandstorm gently leaned against him and pressed her sleep deeper into his fur, Fireheart tenderness wrapped his tail roughly her and also began to lick her ears. Sandstorm stayed pressed against him, not relocating or flinching as he moved down and also began to groom her neck, she moved her tail the end from behind her and gently wrapped it around him. Fireheart purred and also nuzzled she ears, Sandstorm moved her head and pressed it versus his neck, purring. Fireheart stayed pressed versus her because that a moment longer before unwrapping his tail native her and also moving far from her a bit. Sandstorm looked up at him, "Come on, let"s discover somewhere much more comfortable to sit," that mewed licking her ears. Sandstorm purred and also walked beside him as he began to walk under a dirt path. Castle walked in addition to their pelts brushing; castle soon reached a small hidden job of shaded trees v moss growing from the roots. "Let"s rest right here for a while," mewed Fireheart, Sandstorm nodded, "Why don"t we make a nest?" she asked and Fireheart nodded in agreement. They walked up to the trees and began to collect moss, castle then lugged it to a huge oak tree and also began to form a colony undernearh it; after they finshed, they place down beside each other and Fireheart began to lick softly in ~ the hair on Sandstorn"s neck. The pale ginger she-cat purred and also leaned versus him, she gently brushed her tail across his ago and smiled. Fireheart purred, he swept his tail out from behind him and also gently entwined it roughly Sandstorm"s, do the pale ginger she-cat purr. Sandstorm moved her nose right into the hair on his chest and also smiled together his odor wreathed roughly her, Fireheart purred and gently nuzzled the ago of she neck. Sandstorm climate lifted her head up and gently licked his cheek; the ginger tom purred, he leaned down and gently nuzzled her head. "Sandstorm, deserve to I tell you something?" he asked, "Sure, what is it?" she asked; instead of answering, Fireheart turned and also looked away, embarressed. Sandstorm smiled at him and also nuzzled his neck, "Come on, tell me," she mewed, Fireheart simply looked away. Sandstorm couldn"t resist smiling at him, she tenderness untwined she tail indigenous his and swept it in former of her. She climate tucked it under his chin and also gently turned his head until he to be staring at her again.

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She leaned forward and also gently touch her sleep to his, "Come on, tell what you to be going to say," she mewed.