I know at the very least a couple of people below remember this game, and also I have to ask if ANYONE regulated to win it. I've to be trying on and also off for approximately a decade and also can't. (By on-and-off, I mean I mental it when every 6 month and shot 2 or 3 games). If anyone has tips on how to win, they'd be significantly appreciated.

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Also: me and also a friend discovered YEARS back that if girlfriend putYour first Name: b mvName of your Hometown: .kkoasi

You obtain my favorite warrior name i have ever before generated in the game. I will certainly die through Tangleundefined.

Edit: v the aid in the comments i beat the game very first try after ~ making this post. Tangleundefined's warrior surname is Tangleundefined!

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I’ve managed to beat that a couple of times...

The ideal clan come go with (if storage serves) is Riverclan (I wouldn’t bother with Shadow or Windclan, the motion bonuses don’t assist enough to do it worthwhile, in mine opinion. Thunderclan is great if you have poor luck through rolls, but I’ve had far better luck through RC.) RC has actually no penalty because that walking top top water, and TC it s okay +2 come rolls- including attacks and hunting.

Sleep often, if you have a bad roll simply sleep till your health is full- assuming girlfriend have full hunger (with RC thirst doesn’t come at a expense to wellness if you understand where rivers/marshes are) hunger doesn’t go down every turn. Herbs likewise increase health, however can be hard to gain if her rolls are bad.

The very first thing you execute in a screen is examine Scent, it’ll present a bunch that red tiles on the screen, climate go approximately them and Explore the tiles. (if you didn’t know already, ns didn’t the first few times ns played and it’s crucial to survival)

You require to uncover water/shelter/food for your clan, which room in star tiles. You need to fight for them, therefore be all set with high health and also hunger!

Avoid unnecessary fights at every costs! girlfriend don’t acquire anything indigenous them, so save your health and wellness up. And if you perform run right into a struggle (sometimes they don’t appear with check scent) be certain to rest if your health and wellness gets low, and also be cautious when fleeing- it have the right to hurt you. Though most fights i will not ~ be a huge issue if you have luck and good health, especially for Thunderclan.

If decide to no play with RC, protect against WATER, drink native dew drops (and i think the swamp water is safe? however take caution.) Water can drain your health and wellness a many if you aren’t careful.

With Prey/Battles/Herbs most of the comes down to the lucky of the roll, so ns can’t help much there. Just shot to regulate your stats in a method that losing one computer mouse or herb won’t be a death sentence! TC can rise your odds over there a little.

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If girlfriend have any questions feel totally free to ask! ns love this game, and even if you shot your finest you’re still likely to dice :< that a wonder Squirrelpaw and the corridor made it to the lake/ocean in ~ all, if this game is anything to go off of.