harry Potter: 21 points That make No Sense about Snape and also Lily’s connection Severus Snape and Lily Potter"s partnership was never precisely normal. Over there were countless things around it the didn"t include up.

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Alan Rickman as Severus Snape stop Lily Evans in harry Potter
Harry Potter fans love to argue around the relationship between Severus Snape and also Lily Potter. Snape"s self-proclaimed love because that Harry"s mother ended up being the guiding force of his actions transparent the series, and also there was a part of the book specialized to seeing Snape"s background with Lily and understanding the moral relativity that exists in even the world we think are plainly good or evil. J.K. Rowling has apologized for cutting out Snape, but what she have to apologize because that is developing a love story so mired in a man"s i can not qualify to see a woman as a person person the none of her readers can agree on even if it is Snape is a friend, foe, or what in-between.

The love story between Snape and also Lily starts out favor a Taylor Swift song: a young boy and also his neighbor meet in her backyard and fall right into a people their family members can"t understand. Snape falls in love with his ideal friend, and she doesn"t notice. Then, things start to get a little Anakin Skywalker-y. Snape transforms to the dark side, and his blind belief in the wrong reason leads to him bring about her demise. It really is favor Star Wars, i beg your pardon is an ironic to compare considering Revenge that the Sith is the worst prequel in recorded human history, and also The Deathly Hallows is one intricately thought-out conclusion to a beloved series. Not every little thing makes feeling in Potterworld, though.

Here are the 21 things That make No Sense about Snape and Lily’s Relationship.

Snape to be a half-blood, make his allegiance to Voldemort also stranger. Teenage boys are pretty dumb and prideful. Lily standing approximately Snape"s bully once he couldn"t and also Snape"s insecurities about an attractive, famous boy gift attracted come Lily made that lash the end at she in a weak moment.

That was a very believable, yet even if this result in the revelation that Snape was also far entered the fatality Eaters, calling Lily a "Mudblood" makes no sense in their relationship. That is half-blood, but also, his insecurities towards her have nothing to carry out with she heritage. Together her ideal friend, that must have actually known points closer to house that he could have supplied to wrongfully attack her, and also as an angry, rubbish young man, he must have thought things that were an ext relevant to his concern to mention.

Harry Potter fatality Eaters Severus Snape
Snape has actually done some horrible things to Lily and to himself, yet his worst memory was as soon as he referred to as her a slur. The wasn"t once he made decision to join the fatality Eaters and actually lost her ,because Snape might still not recognize why Lily never ever returned his affections, nor to be it when he betrayed she to Voldemort and also caused she demise.

This mirrors that he fundamentally misunderstood what he needed to atone for, and he cared an ext about how Lily felt about him than around Lily herself. His regret isn"t the he fail Lily yet that the failed to success her, and that is why your love story isn"t yes, really a love story in ~ all.

Harry Potter Ron Snape and also Harry
If Snape love Lily so deeply for so long, why go he hate Harry for this reason much? Sure, bother looked and also acted prefer his childhood tormentor (who, for the record, to be a teenage boy targeting a bigoted student), however he also looked like Lily and also was Lily"s son.

If his love was as true as Snape appeared to think the was, having even the smallest item of Lily should"ve lugged comfort. Instead, Snape appeared to really dislike Harry despite secretly help him and seeing him as his possibility for redemption. Why would certainly Snape danger blowing his shot at making things best just since he still didn"t understand teenage boys? harry would have been more than a reminder that Lily"s an option in James if Snape"s love was more than a desire because that proprietary property of she soul.

18 Snape join the Dark Arts against Lily’s Wishes

Lily and also Snape
everyone knew what the fatality Eaters were. They to be scary, vitriolic demons and also Lily knew that. If Snape was trying so tough to continue to be in she life, choosing a route that proactively alienated she was clearly not the exactly one.

He also gaslighted her when she tried to show worry for him, turning it into a conversation around James. J.K. Rowling even said that Snape "never really interpreted Lily’s aversion; he to be so blinded by his attraction come the dark next he believed she would find him exceptional if he came to be a real fatality Eater.” the didn"t even really treatment to recognize Lily, he simply liked the idea that her.

Snape only decided to leaving the death Eaters the end of guilt. This doesn"t do him less of a classist or a racist, however. That didn"t learn the error of his ways. Instead, he just hurt self by hurting Lily and went ago to focusing on the only thing he"s ever cared about: himself.

Snape had at least three years during which he could have realized it to be the Dark Arts maintaining Lily much from his life, and he go nothing to adjust it. He might have left a long time before she passed away if that cared as much as he thinks he does, and also he can have tried to mend things, however he again just wanted an idea that Lily, not Lily herself.

16 Lily’s Husband was Snape’s Bully

Snape and also Lily thrived apart naturally. Lily chose the path of light, while Snape determined to take on the darkness. That has its own challenges, however regardless that what happened in between the former finest friends, it"s tough to believe that Lily would select to marry the guy who tormented her childhood finest friend.

Lily had such a solid moral code and had viewed James, that did mature together he aged, at his very worst. Return Lily and James didn"t start dating until two years after ~ she ended her friendship with Snape, together their friendship was stood for in the books, the seems likely the Lily would have actually trouble separating James from his past indiscretions and background of bullying.

when Petunia vitriolically refers to "that terrible boy" who hung out with Lily after she discovered her magic, Petunia was probably speaking about Snape and also not James, who most fans assumed to be the target of her scorn. This is since Snape was consistently at the Evans" household home.

It"s possible that James actually just met Petunia once, when the newlyweds had dinner with Petunia and her brand-new beau Vernon, as James didn"t become a large part the Lily"s life till she was sixteen and currently estranged from Petunia. It"s weird that Lily would maintain a friendship with Snape after ~ he to be awful enough to her sister that it created a wedge in their once-solid relationship, specifically if many of his insults to be rooted in hatred for Muggles.

14 Snape was Obsessed with Lily

Lily continued to be friends through a young man who was obsessed with her for a lengthy time, which is a strange phenomenon in and also of itself. Usually, when someone stalks an additional person at their home and also seems to see them as property, it is off-putting and quickly creates distance in the relationship.

Lily"s complete ignorance of the instance only renders it much more unusual and also could realistically be a willful ignorance in which she made decision to neglect the clear indicators of one unhealthy attachment out of obligation to your friendship. Lily to be the only human who was ever before nice come Snape, in his mind in ~ least, and also it"s sad the her kind demeanor eventually caused the partnership that would cause her passing.

Snape to be a half-blood, like countless wizards that live in the Wizarding World. Snape, however, lived in the Muggle people in a toxic family members on the wrong side of the tracks and also continued come return over there whenever the wasn"t in ~ school, lot like take care of in the books.

Snape was able to watch Lily native afar and later discover of she magical abilities due to the fact that he lived in the Muggle world. His hatred towards Muggles originates from this time in the Muggle world, however the Muggle-born Lily was such a formative person in his life and one the the just positive elements of his childhood, therefore his decision to emphasis on the an adverse aspects that his Muggle upbringing rather than Lily, his obsession, is confusing.

12 Snape said Voldemort around The Prophecy

Severus Snape is no a dumb person. The Potions professor had actually his weaknesses, though, including misplaced allegiances, poor social skills, and an i can not qualify to effectively wash his hair, to name a few. Short intelligence, however, to be not among them.

Regardless of how much the hated James, Snape, gift the smart man he is, should have actually realized that informing Voldemort around the prophecy would certainly endanger Lily, even simply by happen the bespeak of the Phoenix member right into the forefront of the Dark Lord"s mind. If the Order and also Dumbledore could figure out that the prophecy might describe either bother or Neville Longbottom, Snape should have actually known as well. This is the activity that birthed the plot the runs through all seven publications in the series, and also it comes from a decision that runs contrary to Snape"s characterization.

many of the confusion neighboring Snape and Lily"s relationship really originates from the fact that Snape"s expertise of it to be so it was crooked from the truth of the situation. His absence of self-awareness led the to believe he love Lily, yet his "love" didn"t come from your compatibility or common interests, or also from chemistry.

Instead, his claimed love came around because Lily to be the only human being who would certainly be nice come the strange boy. He continued loving her also after she stopped being nice come him merely out of habit, and his life-long continuous on their connection is disastrous only because it method that no one else in his life was nice to him ever before again.

10 Snape’s Obsession wasn’t Love

human being talk around the relationship between Lily and Snape every one of the time due to the fact that Snape "loved" her. The only reason this short article exists is since Snape "loved" Lily. All of his action in the publication were described away together his "love" because that her. His an ideas never come from all over else, as he had actually no internal desire to carry Voldemort come justice or understand the errors the his ways. Instead, he was only focused on the memories of his love for and betrayal that Lily.

However, he never truly love her. It"s to be alluded come before, however obsession isn"t love. It"s unfortunate and slightly irresponsible that this was never addressed even slightly in the books, and also concerning that so countless fans don"t check out that Snape"s love wasn"t healthy and also wasn"t, at its core, really love.

The purveying belief that Snape passed away because that Lily in an attempt to atone for his guilty is logically incorrect and also makes no sense. Snape passed far to lessen his guilt because that a choice that he made that caused her demise.

One Bustle write-up rightfully characterizes Snape"s love together "self-serving, unwanted, and unrequited," and also Snape"s sacrifice wasn"t because that Lily. Like his very own selfish "love" because that Lily, his sacrifice was a selfish act done for himself. His passing only overshadowed Lily"s hope and strength by do her demise all around him, one of many "racist men who abuse their power" and receive the world"s pity and apologies while their victims acquire nothing. Even Snape never ever truly construed what the was losing his life for.

8 take care of Is Alive since of Snape’s Love because that Lily

everyone knows by now that Snape"s an inspiration in the publications is his remorse because that being the instigator behind the chain of events led to Lily"s demise, and also the way he tries to redeem himself is by helping Harry survive. Snape"s desire to conserve Harry is actually redundant, however.

By suggesting for Lily"s protection, Snape produced the case in which Lily had the ability to sacrifice herself for Harry, saving the infant"s life. Lily"s selfless action of love come from refusing to action aside because that Voldemort, saving herself, and also sacrificing her song. She stepped in the method of Voldemort"s curse, and that decision defended Harry from his unpreventable demise. Voldemort would never have provided Lily a possibility to save herself without Snape"s interference, for this reason Snape had currently saved take care of in his infancy indirectly.

7 Snape Didn’t want Anyone to Know about His Love for Lily... Yet He Alluded come It When he First Met Harry

The first question Snape inquiry Harry in potions course seemed prefer a random quiz intended to embarrass him: "What would I obtain if I included powdered source of asphodel to an infusion the wormwood?" A Tumblr user who somehow to know Victorian Flower Language uncovered that asphodel is a lily the symbolizes demise and also regret, and also wormwood means absence and bitter sorrow.

If who adds asphodel to wormwood, it would median "I bitterly remorse Lily"s passing." This meaning was shed on the room that oblivious very first years who more than likely didn"t even know what fennel was, permit alone the intricacies of victor Flower Language. However, the characters that was yes, really hiding the truth from, such together the fatality Eaters (one the whom had a kid in that an extremely class) and other professors, easily might have the exact same niche language skills.

6 They had actually The very same Patronus

A patronus shows the user"s innermost soul. Lily"s was a doe, while her husband"s was a stag, a perfect companion come the doe. Harry"s was also a stag, reflecting his love for both the his parents and his enduring connection to them. Snape"s patronus was likewise a doe. This demonstrates the difference between James" love because that Lily and also Snape"s.

James loved Lily and grew with her to become her perfect companion. If Snape love Lily, the would have done the same. Instead, he to be obsessed with her and his patronus became a monument to her loss. What gets even more confusing is the reality that Snape never had actually to usage his patronus in former of death Eaters who knew Lily and also could have determined his loyalty. Secondly, other characters in the Potterverse didn"t have actually patronuses the echoed their shed loved ones.

Lily passed awya when she was 21, which meant that she became pregnant when she was about the age of 19. Snape to be the same age as Lily, making him 31 at the start of the collection and 38 once he happen away. This reframes every one of the prompt mental shortcuts the fans take as soon as thinking about the relationship timeline for Lily and Snape.

For example, Snape and also Lily must have actually only been friends till they were sixteen years old in ~ the latest, because they had actually been estranged because that at least five years at the moment of she demise. It"s bizarre the Snape didn"t try to carry out anything come repair the relationship during the time and was still obsessed v her to the degree that he would certainly pick a fight through the look at all-powerful Voldemort.

4 Snape to be At The Potter residence In Godric’s Hollow

The an initial issue v this movie-only canonical addition is the timeline and an ideas behind Snape"s appearance at the Potter residence on the night of Lily"s passing. He might have been checking in, or he can have known she was gone and had to see for himself together a morose stage 5 clinger. He might even have intended to discover Voldemort there, but at that point, it was all moot. Naught he can have excellent there could erase his mistake.

Meanwhile, he left take care of crying in the crib alone. There was no shock top top his challenge at detect the alive child, and also Harry"s uncanny ocular same to Lily apparently didn"t spur the to aid the poor kid before everyone else obtained there. Also, speaking of the bespeak of the Pheonix, did that just happen to conveniently leave before they arrived? The timeline makes tiny sense, and Snape"s motivation makes small sense.

This one really needs an explanation. The publications say the after the town hall Lily for part time, Snape realized that she had magical powers. The collection even stated that he would hide in she bushes to watch her, i beg your pardon begs the question: why on planet was this son skulking approximately in her backyard? This is not typical behavior, even for a lonely child with no society skills.

There room no details about why he began watching her in the first place, exactly how she reacted as soon as she realized that he to be watching her, or exactly how long that was simply lurking and watching what appeared to it is in a random Muggle girl whom he had no idea would eventually build powers. Why was nobody concerned around this?

2 Snape Didn"t establish The Prophecy might Refer come Harry

over there were only two children who might have been the subject of the prophecy that brought about Lily"s demise. It"s been created that it"s very strange that Snape would be thoughtless and foolish sufficient to think the Voldemort wouldn"t possibly harm Lily in this situation. Snape was surprised as soon as no one else was, and also the reality that Voldemort even entertained the idea the sparing Lily is out of character for the Dark Lord.

Every aspect of the chain that events, native Snape informing Voldemort in the very first place to this instance of every character affiliated having weird impulses to act external of their clearly outlined personality, makes no sense. Snape"s huge oversight below is simply yet an additional thing that doesn"t add up.

Snape was obsessed with becoming the Defense versus The Dark arts professor since he didn"t recognize that the position had been cursed. At an initial glance, of course, Snape would want to help students protect themselves indigenous the thing that drew him right into the darkness and also ruined his life.

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Considering his obsession with Lily, however, he should have actually wanted to end up being the Potions professor. Potions and the Slug society were 2 of the things that preserved him and also Lily together and thing they truly shared. His desire for the DADA task doesn"t add up. If he to be so obsessed through Lily, it renders sense that he would instead want to spend every one of his time thinking of this hobby the they shared and reminiscing about the great times.


Are there any kind of other things about Snape and Lily"s partnership in Harry Potter that don"t add up? permit us recognize in the comments!