Title: The Vampire DiariesGenre: Drama |Fantasy |Keywords: vampire |based on book |virginia |teenager |high school |Released:2009Duration: 43 minCreators:Julie Plec, |Kevin Williamson |Alloy to chat |Bonanza Productions |Warner Bros. Tv |Cast:Paul Wesley |Ian Somerhalder |Kat Graham |Candice King |Zach Roerig |Michael Trevino |Nina Dobrev |Steven R. McQueen |Matthew Davis |Michael Malarkey |Quality: HD

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The vampire brothers Damon & Stefan Salvatore, eternal adolescents, having actually been leading constant lives, hiding your bloodthirsty condition, because that centuries, moving on before their non-aging is noticed. They are ago in the Virginia town where they ended up being vampires. Stefan is noble, denying himself blood to stop killing, & tries to regulate his evil brother Damon, that promised come Stefan an eternity of misery. Stefan drops in love with schoolgirl Elena, who has actually an uncanny resemblance to the Salvatore brother old love, Katherine; & whose finest friend Bonnie

Season 8Episode 100 one-of-a-kind Forever YoursEpisode 16 ns Was feeling EpicEpisode 15 We’re to plan a June WeddingEpisode 14 It’s been a Hell of a RideEpisode 13 The Lies Will record Up to YouEpisode 12 What space You?Episode 11 girlfriend Made a choice to it is in GoodEpisode 10 Nostalgia"s a BitchEpisode 9 The basic Intimacy that the near TouchEpisode 8 us Have background TogetherEpisode 7 The following Time ns Hurt somebody It can Be YouEpisode 6 Detoured on part Random Backwoods route to HellEpisode 5 Coming house Was a MistakeEpisode 4 An forever of MiseryEpisode 3 You chose That i Was precious SavingEpisode 2 this day Will be DifferentEpisode 1 Hello BrotherSeason 7Episode 100 Comic Con PanelEpisode 22 gods & MonstersEpisode 21 Requiem for a DreamEpisode 20 death "Em AllEpisode 19 someone That I used to KnowEpisode 18 One way or AnotherEpisode 17 I visited the WoodsEpisode 16 days of Future PastEpisode 15 I would for YouEpisode 14 Moonlight ~ above the BayouEpisode 13 This Woman"s WorkEpisode 12 Postcards native the EdgeEpisode 11 things We shed in the FireEpisode 10 Hell Is various other PeopleEpisode 9 Cold together IceEpisode 8 host Me Thrill Me Kiss Me kill MeEpisode 7 Mommie DearestEpisode 6 best Served ColdEpisode 5 Live through ThisEpisode 4 I bring Your Heart with MeEpisode 3 age of InnocenceEpisode 2 never ever Let Me GoEpisode 1 Day one of TwentyTwo Thousand give or TakeSeason 6Episode 22 I"m reasoning of You every the WhileEpisode 21 I"ll Wed you In The gold SummertimeEpisode 20 I"d leave My Happy house For YouEpisode 19 BecauseEpisode 18 ns Never might Love favor ThatEpisode 17 A Bird in a Gilded CageEpisode 16 The downward SpiralEpisode 15 Let she GoEpisode 14 StayEpisode 13 The Day i Tried to LiveEpisode 12 Prayer because that the DyingEpisode 11 woke Up through a MonsterEpisode 10 Christmas with Your EyesEpisode 9 i AloneEpisode 8 Fade into YouEpisode 7 do You mental the very first Time?Episode 6 The much more You ignore Me The Closer i GetEpisode 5 The human being Has Turned and Left Me HereEpisode 4 black color Hole SunEpisode 3 Welcome come ParadiseEpisode 2 Yellow LedbetterEpisode 1 I"ll RememberSeason 5Episode 22 HomeEpisode 21 Promised LandEpisode 20 What Lies BeneathEpisode 19 guy on FireEpisode 18 residents EvilEpisode 17 Rescue MeEpisode 16 when You to be SleepingEpisode 15 unable to do GirlEpisode 14 No ExitEpisode 13 complete Eclipse the the HeartEpisode 12 The adversary InsideEpisode 11 00 years of SolitudeEpisode 10 Fifty Shades of GraysonEpisode 9 The CellEpisode 8 Dead guy on CampusEpisode 7 Death and the MaidenEpisode 6 handle with CareEpisode 5 Monster"s BallEpisode 4 for Whom the Bell TollsEpisode 3 original SinEpisode 2 True LiesEpisode 1 I recognize What girlfriend Did critical SummerSeason 4Episode 23 GraduationEpisode 22 The walking DeadEpisode 21 She"s Come UndoneEpisode 20 The OriginalsEpisode 19 pictures of YouEpisode 18 American GothicEpisode 17 due to the fact that the NightEpisode 16 bring It OnEpisode 15 was standing by MeEpisode 14 down the hare HoleEpisode 13 right into the WildEpisode 12 A check out To A KillEpisode 11 record Me If girlfriend CanEpisode 10 After school SpecialEpisode 9 O Come all Ye FaithfulEpisode 8 We’ll always Have Bourbon StreetEpisode 7 my Brother’s KeeperEpisode 6 us All walk A tiny Mad SometimesEpisode 5 The KillerEpisode 4 The FiveEpisode 3 The RagerEpisode 2 MemorialEpisode 1 growing PainsSeason 3Episode 22 The DepartedEpisode 21 prior to SunsetEpisode 20 carry out Not walk GentleEpisode 19 heart of DarknessEpisode 18 The murder of OneEpisode 17 break On ThroughEpisode 16 1912Episode 15 every My ChildrenEpisode 14 dangerous LiaisonsEpisode 13 Bringing the end the DeadEpisode 12 The Ties that BindEpisode 11 ours TownEpisode 10 The brand-new DealEpisode 9 HomecomingEpisode 8 plain PeopleEpisode 7 Ghost WorldEpisode 6 Smells prefer Teen SpiritEpisode 5 The ReckoningEpisode 4 disturbing BehaviorEpisode 3 The finish of the AffairEpisode 2 The HybridEpisode 1 The BirthdaySeason 2Episode 22 as I put DyingEpisode 21 The Sun likewise RisesEpisode 20 The last DayEpisode 19 KlausEpisode 18 The critical DanceEpisode 17 understand Thy EnemyEpisode 16 The home GuestEpisode 15 The Dinner PartyEpisode 14 Crying WolfEpisode 13 daddy IssuesEpisode 12 The DescentEpisode 11 by the light of the MoonEpisode 10 The SacrificeEpisode 9 KaterinaEpisode 8 RoseEpisode 7 MasqueradeEpisode 6 setup BEpisode 5 death Or it is in KilledEpisode 4 storage LaneEpisode 3 poor Moon RisingEpisode 2 Brave brand-new WorldEpisode 1 The ReturnSeason 1Episode 22 Founder"s DayEpisode 21 IsobelEpisode 20 Blood BrothersEpisode 19 miss out on Mystic FallsEpisode 18 Under ControlEpisode 17 let the best One InEpisode 16 over there Goes the NeighborhoodEpisode 15 A couple of Good MenEpisode 14 fool Me OnceEpisode 13 children of the DamnedEpisode 12 UnpleasantvilleEpisode 11 BloodlinesEpisode 10 The turning PointEpisode 9 background RepeatingEpisode 8 62 CandlesEpisode 7 HauntedEpisode 6 shed GirlsEpisode 5 You"re Undead to MeEpisode 4 household TiesEpisode 3 Friday Night BitesEpisode 2 The Night that the CometEpisode 1 Pilot
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