This really psychedelic track is a nod come the divine, conjuring up images of nature"s colors and also invoking both God and also Allah. Hefty stuff.

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Dianne from new YorkThis song, Wear her Love prefer Heaven was also used in a commercial for the “Love” fragrance. A lemony fragrance that was well-known in the 70’s. Terrycloth S native Missouri that was offered in the LOVE cosmetics ads Wear your LOVE prefer heaven. Not for Heaven odor cologne. Beautiful melody. An excellent song. Plunder from Pasadena, CaDonovan, his personage, lifestyle, and music, pretty much embodied what was uniquely beautiful about the 1960s. I especially like the verse, "Cannot think what ns see, all I have wished for will be, all of our gyeongju proud and also free". Through "race" I"m certain he is introduce to the person Race. His mention of Allah is consistent with just how most Muslims think in terms of God/Allah representing poetic inspiration and the intense beauty of color in the sky at sunset. This was a time before the Christian Fundamentalist movement had set their eye on recruiting the substantial numbers of delicate young human being embarking on the world in find of something, and it was feasible to regard established religions together simply various paths of a universal spiritual quest inherent in every humans. He sang about the lost continent that Atlantis and also the Ante Diluvian world (as the elders of ours time choose to stay blind) -- other never prior to mentioned in a serious means in the lexicon that commercial renowned music. He was a close friend and also confidante that the Beatles, having accompanied them on their famous trip come India which occasioned his writing "Hurdy Gurdy Man". This quiet poetic track gets brought into a wonderful rock groove by none other than Jimmy Page, man Paul Jones, and John Bonham that were at the moment studio conference players and also later to become three that the 4 members that Led Zeppelin. Mavis from upper MidwestI assumed the song was used for LOVE products, not Heaven Scent. Ns recall a entirely different Heaven scent tune.Barry indigenous Sauquoit, NyOn November 19th 1967, "Wear your Love prefer Heaven" through Donovan entered Billboard"s hot Top 100 chart at position #74; and also five weeks later on December 24th, 1967 that peaked at #23 for 2 weeks and also spent 7 mainly on the top 100... And amazingly, the second week it to be at #23 top top the peak 100 was also its 7th and also last main on the chart...It to be his 3rd Top 100 document for the year 1967; "Epistle come Dippy" got to #19 and "There Is a Mountain" peaked at #11...Between 1965 and 1973 the Scot had actually seventeen optimal 100 records; four*made the height 10 v one getting to #1, "Sunshine Superman" for 1 mainly in 1966...Just missed having actually a second #1 once "Mellow Yellow" peaked in ~ #2 because that 3 weeks later in 1966...Donovan Philips Leitch will celebrate his 69th birthday come next may 10th 2015...* He practically had five Top 10 records when the fore pointed out "There Is a Mountain" got to #11 in 1967.Stormy native Kokomo, InThis tune was provided in a cosmetics commercial for a perfume dubbed "Heaven Scent" in the so late 60s. I"ll always remember that since a girl (Ellen Kilcline) inquiry me to a Kokomo High institution prom referred to as a "Ytrap" i beg your pardon is "party" assignment backwards. Your date arranged the date and also bought you a flower, choose you up, paid for dinner and every one of that! She injected "Heaven Scent" on my nosegay the was my flower!Splunge native Tampa, FlThis sweet tune of peace and love appears on what I take into consideration to it is in Donovan"s ideal album, and also one the the best ever tape-recorded by anyone. The is dubbed "A Gift native a Flower come a Garden". Few would know any kind of of the other songs, yet trust me, they are awesome! because that the most part, they room accoustical ballads and musical "paintings" the people, places and also things rather ordinary, yet all an extremely special in Donovan"s mind. Donovan"s guitar-playing style on this album is as good as the gets. I highly recommend this album if you need something refreshing and also want other different.Nady indigenous Adelaide, AustraliaUgh this track is simply the prettiest thing, love that dearly:)))Mandy from CalgaryWow, am i glad I came here! i never taken what he was trying come sing around before. However now I understand it"s around colors. Wow, what a simple concept. Haha. This is a great song!Johnny indigenous Los Angeles, CaOMG if this is what i think it is then I"ve been searching for this tune for years!Michael from Plymouth, MaThe native were inspired by name of painting colors, which seemed so poetic. Back he claims a color - rose Carmethene. I only uncover it as RoseCartheme. Did he miss pronounce the ? over there is another color discussed at the very end. Carmine!Andrew from yellow Coast, AustraliaGreat song. The was additionally used in the Beverly Hills 90210 illustration "Time has actually Come Today"see more comments

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