Dont forget 3. Domestic system and Factory system compare/contrast, couldn"t add to Visit because that the complete study guide
The Industrial transformation was a motion away indigenous the domestic System of creating to a mechanism of factories and machines replacing hand tools with big scale manufacturing, instead of farming as the main kind of work.

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Railroads, vapor powered ships, Telegraph, Wireless, Textile mills utilizing water power, The cotton Gin, The Water Frame, The electrical light bulb, Telephone, The airplane, Sewing machine
Where did the Industrial transformation begin? explain the six factors that brought about it to take place there first. (10)
The industrial revolution began in an excellent Britain because it had; a) the capital, the commercial change made businessmen an extremely wealthy; b) the workforce, the Enclosure Acts required many human being of ranches into urban seeking jobs in factories; c & d) the swarms as markets and also sources of raw materials, britain had more colonies than anyone and also they were the many diverse and it was well-off in coal and also iron ore; e) the largest seller fleet in the world, f) Britain was an island and always had come import/export so was equipped to perform so.
The invention of the rotate Jenny produced a have to speed increase weaving towel fostering the development of the power impend which increased demand for raw cotton which cultivated the development of the cotton gin which produced a need for stronger iron to make bigger more powerful machines, improvements in smelting metal brought about the creation of steel.
The textile sector was the first to it is in mechanized; a series of inventions of machines to make textiles faser every used person power first, climate water power, then heavy steam with coal, fostered many inventions by need including, the rotate Jenny, strength loom, cotton gin, and the sewing machine. Every caused an innovation to development in other locations as well.
Three advances in the area of transport are, the Locomotive because that train take trip which was steam powered which fostered heavy steam powered ships instead of wind sales, and also then, making use of the internal burning engine, the wright Brothers invention of the airplane.
Three breakthroughs in the area of communication are, the Telegraph invented by Samuel Morse utilizing his code, then the Telephone created my Bell whichtransfer voice conversation live in two means conversation then the wireless (aka Radio) designed by Marconi which sent sound v the air without wires.
Three features of farming before the Agriculture transformation are usage of hand tools, the three ar system in which farmer left one 3rd of their fields empty to gain back the soil, open areas no fences, and also no surplus, just grew sufficient food to feed the populace (no way to preserve a surplus).
Agricultural machinery changed farming through needing much less farm workers, countless went to urban to uncover work (rural to urban migration), increased population in cities produced demand for an ext food, chop yield increased. Agriculture became a science with chop rotation, use of fertilizers, stock breeding to build healthiest animals.
Jethro Tull created the seed drill, plants seed in directly rows for much more efficient usage of land. Mr Townsend invented chop rotation, ending the three field system. Justus Von Liebig developed fertilizers come chemically enhance soil for greater crop yields.
The business cycle consists of durations of expansion known together booms, and also contractions known as busts in which organization increases or expands and then to reduce or busts.
Patents are government detailed protection of an development to the inventor in exchange because that sharing the invention with society. That lasts because that a period of 17 years, that is essential to price inventors and benefit society with advancements.
The Transcontinental Railroad changed America in four vital ways; 1) linked the economies of the east and west, 2) helped world settle the west, 3) weakened the aboriginal Americans organize on the west, 4) gave people more control of the environment.
In the so late 19th Century union won shorter working hrs per day much better pay and much better working conditions.

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16. Laissez-Faire is an economic theory or political plan in i m sorry the forces of supply and also demand are permitted to ascendancy the market without any kind of interference indigenous government.


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