Factors that 9 are the perform of integers that us can break-up evenly right into 9. It has actually a complete of 3 determinants of which 9 is the biggest factor and also the positive components of 9 room 1, 3 and 9. The amount of all determinants of 9 is 13 and its components in Pairs room (1, 9) and (3, 3).

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Factors of 9: 1, 3 and 9Negative determinants of 9: -1, -3 and also -9Prime components of 9: 3Prime factorization of 9: 3 × 3 = 32Sum of determinants of 9: 13
1.What are factors of 9?
2.How to calculation the determinants of 9?
3.Factors the 9 by element Factorization
4.Factors the 9 in Pairs
5.Important Notes
6.FAQs on determinants of 9

What are determinants of 9?

When we divide 9 by 3, it is specifically divisible and also leaves no remainder which way that 3 is a aspect of 9. Keep in mind that 1 and the number itself are always factors that the number. Thus, the determinants of 9 room 1, 3, and 9.

How to calculate the components of 9?

Factors the 9 deserve to be calculated by the division method. In the department method, we discover the number which division 9 precisely without leaving a remainder.

Factors that 9 by division Method

For recognize the prime factors of 9 by department method, we have to divide 9 by herbal numbers and also see i m sorry numbers precisely divide 9 and also give 0 as the remainder.

Step 2: At the same time, when we divide 9 through numbers like 2 or 4, it leaves a remainder.Step 3: Try to division 9 through the over numbers and see the results.

Therefore, the factors of 9 space 1, 3, and also 9. Explore factors using illustrations and also interactive examples:

Factors the 9 by element Factorization

In the prime factorization method, we division 9 by element numbers and see if the does not leave any type of remainder. We then continue department with the quotient. In this way, 9 is expressed as a product that its element factors. We can discover the prime factors by the division method or aspect tree method.

Prime factorization of 9 by division Method

The number 9 is divided by the the smallest prime number i m sorry divides 9 exactly. The quotient thus derived is then divided by the the smallest or 2nd smallest element number and also the procedure continues it spins the quotient is equal to 1.

Let united state divide 9 through the element number 3, 9 ÷ 3 = 3Since 3 is the smallest odd element number, it can not be more divided.Thus, the components of 9 are 3 and 9.

Prime administrate of 9 is 9 = 3 × 3.

Prime factorization of 9 by variable Tree Method

We have to uncover the prime components of 9, therefore, the source of our aspect tree is 9. We have to write a pair of components as a branch that 9.

Let us see how a variable tree of 9 look at like:


Here, 3 is a prime factor. Thus, the variable tree end here. Therefore, the prime factorization of 9 is 3 × 3.

Prime factorization of 9 by Upside Down department Method

This an approach is referred to as the upside-down department method because the department symbol is flipped upside down. Here, we division 9 by the the smallest prime number, that is, 3. If the offered number is even, we division by 2.


We recognize that 3 is the the smallest odd element number, hence, it cannot be further divided. Therefore, 9 can be expressed together 3 × 3.

Factors of 9 in Pairs

Pair components refer to the set of 2 numbers which when multiplied give the number as the product. Pair factors of 9 are:

1 × 9 = 93 × 3 = 9


There deserve to be an unfavorable pair components for 9 as well. They are (-1, -9) and (-3, -3).

Important Notes:

Factors the 9 space 1, 3, and also 9.1 is a universal factor.Factors of a number space the numbers us multiply to gain that specific number.

Factors that 9 solved Examples

Example 1: Three students have actually 9 minute to speak about a specific topic during a competition. The time given to each one of them come speak is split amongst them equally. Exactly how much time will certainly each one of them get?


There space 3 students and also 9 minutes. Come divide the time equally among them, we need to recognize the aspect of 9 which will divide the time equally among the 3 students.

Hence, we divide 9 by 3. 9 ÷ 3 = 3.

Since 3 is a element of 9, once 3 is multiply by 3, it offers 9.

Therefore, each student will obtain 3 minute to speak about the topic.

Example 2: Nick was play a math game with his friends. In the game, he to be asked to discover the factors of 9. What will be his answer?


9 is a composite number. Therefore the factors of 9 space 1, 3, and 9.

Example 3: Ross is calculating the amount of every the components of 9. Can you help him find the sum?


We know, the components of 9 = 1, 3, 9. Thus, the amount of every the components = 1 + 3 + 9 = 13

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FAQs on components of 9

What are the factors of 9?

The components of 9 are 1, 3, 9 and also its an unfavorable factors room -1, -3, -9.

What is the Greatest typical Factor of 9 and also 7?

The factors of 9 space 1, 3, 9 and the factors of 7 room 1, 7. 9 and also 7 have actually only one usual factor i m sorry is 1. This means that 9 and also 7 are co-prime.Hence, the Greatest typical Factor (GCF) of 9 and also 7 is 1.

What is the amount of the determinants of 9?

All the factors of 9 space 1, 3, 9 and therefore the amount of every these factors is 1 + 3 + 9 = 13

What are the Prime components of 9?

The prime aspect of 9 is 3.

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How plenty of Factors the 9 are additionally common come the factors of 3?

Since, the factors of 9 space 1, 3, 9 and also the components of 3 space 1, 3.Hence, <1, 3> space the usual factors the 9 and also 3.