You’ve most likely seen a tiny icon choose the one come the right that says Player Points: (some number) if you viewed any type of user file recently. That’s due to the fact that ROBLOX is implementing a brand-new feature dubbed “Player Points”!

Player Points space a currently beta attribute in which individuals earn Player point out in ROBLOX games that offer them, and show them off on their profiles. Player Points room NOT a kind of currency, definition you cannot buy items in the ROBLOX brochure with Player Points; castle are simply a ranking device for games.

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However, a ranking device for games is pretty neat. Numerous users case to be the finest at a details game, and also with Player Points, we will recognize for sure if it is true or not. The players/groups v the highest possible Player point out get displayed on a brand-new “Leaderboards” tab on individual games, and the players/groups that typically have the many Player Points gain an entire new category top top the ROBLOX website, dubbed “Leaderboards”.

You can find your spot in ~ a click the a button for one of two people an individual game, or in general contrasted to the remainder of the Player suggest – hunters.

Also, due to the fact that game developer decide how countless Player point out to provide out, there has to be some limit, right? Otherwise, players might just make games that offer you 1 billion Player Points, and also it wouldn’t even be a competition. ROBLOX worked approximately this by arising a mechanism that allows games to acquire points to give to players with sales indigenous Developer Products, game Passes, and Paid Access.

Here’s how it works: there is a “tax” put on the Developer Products, video game Passes, and Paid Access. Currently, this taxes is 90% for ex-BC, and 30% because that BC, definition that if you sell a game Pass for 10 ROBUX, you get 7 out of those 10 ROBUX, and also the other 3 go to ROBLOX, in various other words, vanish. However, with Player Points, those ROBUX acquire turned into 3 Player Points that the game creator can use to offer to players in-game.

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The Player Points the a game has to provide to its football player are initially hidden; it’s approximately the video game developer whether to display the points available or not.

Player Points are a good feature, and also I usage them in my game “Sword Fighting Battles”. You deserve to transfer 1000 knife Points, which room the currency details to knife Fighting Battles, because that 1 Player Point! So, if you want to begin earning some Player Points, knife Fighting war is a great game to get started!