In this article, we will answer the question “What have the right to I use rather of Epsom salt?”, and what are the health benefits of using Epsom salt?

What deserve to I use rather of Epsom salt?

There room plenty of alternatives like the regular or sea salt,essential oils, clay, oatmeal and so on to usage as a instead of to epsom salt for your bathtubs and also feet soaking. These substitutes can be an unified to provide different benefits. Review on if you want to know just how to instead of epsom salt.

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What is Epsom salt?

Epsom salt is additionally known together magnesium sulfate. It is often called bathsalt. The looks like salt yet tastes an extremely bitter. This salt is not provided for food purposes, instead, is well known for its terrific medicinal properties.

It has been used to treat insomnia, fibromyalgia and also constipation since a lengthy time. Enriched through magnesium, this salt offers immense benefits for her skin.

When added to water, epsom salt release magnesium and sulfate ions that assist detoxify skin and also its exfoliating action helps cleanse the skin that the dead cells and also impurities.

Alternatives come Epsom salt

Sea salt or table salt

Sea salt and table salt have the right to be supplied as a foot soak and also bath salt rather of Epsom salt. The fine grains of sea salt or table salt exfoliate, cleanse and hydrate the skin. Sea salt is additionally effective to get rid of patchy and also scaly skin that occurs because of psoriasis. It help rejuvenate skin.

You have the right to either use dead sea salt or the colored ranges that come from India, France, and Hawaii. Table salt have the right to be merged with borax, baking soda, and essential oils because that the bath.

Essential oils

Essential oils like lavender, thuja, tangerine, peppermint, and also white pines deserve to be offered as an different to epsom salt in foot soak. They help release stress and relax exhausted feet muscles.

Use with a salt to eliminate flaky feet skin.

Apple cider vinegar

Adding apologize cider vinegar come a hot bath tub of water help relax the aching muscles. The has great cleansing properties. You deserve to dilute it with some water and also rinse her hair v this equipment at the end of the bath. This cleans the hair scalp and also makes hair shiny and also soft.


Oatmeal is a soft exfoliator. It deserve to be used instead of epsom salt in her bathtubs for a tenderness cleansing and also exfoliation. Mix part oatmeal v water to make a paste and also gently scrub on her skin.

Baking soda

Add borax and also baking soda to her bathtub. Borax help cleanse skin and also baking soda is an excellent exfoliator. It is well-known for the therapeutic nature to eliminate sunburnt and also itchy skin. A mixture that these 2 when added to tub makes the water much more sily and helps relax aching muscles.


Clay is packed v minerals and has excellent clay and also white kaolin clay can be added to bathtub or a confront mask to eliminate skin impurities.

Mustard powder

Mustard powder has actually rich i decide properties. It have the right to used instead of epsom salt in bathtubs and for soaking feet to get rid of impuritries and help relax her muscles.

Rock salt

Use pool rock salt instead of epsomsalt for bathtubs or feet soaking. It is an extremely economical.

Prune juice

Epsom salt diluted v water is supplied to relieve constipation. If you perform not have epsom salt, use organic prune juice instead.

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Health services of making use of Epsom salt

Rich resource of magnesium

Though there room not enough evidence, but bathing in epsom salt liquified water helps the magnesium to absorb in skin through pores.

Good because that sleep

The magnesium in epsom salt promotes the publication of a hormone, melatonin, i m sorry is responsible for inducing sleep. It also reduces stress.

Helps with constipation

Magnesium citrate or magnesium hydroxide, taken orally have discovered to possess terrific laxative properties. It helps relive constipation by illustration water into colon. For this reason regulating the bowel movements. However, long term usage of epsom salt as a laxative has resulted in bloating and liquid stools in some people.

Drink a lot of water as soon as taking epsom salt together a laxative.

Enhances exercise performance

Taking a warm water bath liquified with epsom salt help soothe the exhausted muscles. That does therefore by help the body to se lactic acid and also glucose.

Reduces pain

Patients that fibromyalgia and also arthritis suffer from magnesium deficiency. Taking warm water baths liquified in epsom salt has been discovered to relive the symptoms of fibromyalgia and arthritis.

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In this article, us answered the question “What deserve to I use rather of Epsom salt?”, and also what room the health benefits of utilizing Epsom salt?



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