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will be going to the pull a component around here and also was wondering if there was or is a perform of cars that i deserve to pull the wheels off of that will fit mine 96 legacy outback...15 or 16"...close offset too of course thanx!
Do an ebay search on 5x100 and also you"ll find plenty of lists.Most commonAudi TT VW Jetta 99+ VW Golf All new BeetlesVW CorradoWRX dodge Neon (execpt SRT-4)Scion TCToyota CelicaHonda AccordYou additionally want to make sure you examine the wheel offset to make certain it matches.
From autoblog.comThey"re (Subaru) largely pushing the benefits of the boxer architecture to reduced the facility of gravity, mitigate vibrations and also produce sounds similar to Beelzebub gargling a Harley

yeah, have done the ebay thing however was hoping someone had already done the homework top top the counter too

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