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STAMFORD, Conn. – The Premier Lacrosse League and also NBC Sports group jointly announced Thursday the television and also live streaming schedule because that the PLL’s inaugural 39-game season, which starts June 1.

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The PLL is a six-team, tour-based organization featuring 160 that the ideal lacrosse football player in the world. The teams that will certainly take the ar for the league’s very first season space Archers LC, Atlas LC, Chaos LC, Chrome LC, Redwoods LC and Whipsnakes LC. NBC Sports group is the to exclude, media companion of the newly-founded PLL, and will current games throughout NBC, NBCSN, NBCSports.com, the NBC sporting activities app, and NBC sporting activities Gold.

Fans will be able to watch three gamings on NBC and 16 games on NBCSN, every one of which will be live streamed via authentication top top NBCSports.com and the NBC sporting activities app. NBC sporting activities Gold – NBC Sports’ direct-to-consumer live streaming product powered by Playmaker Media – will certainly live stream 20 games exclusively for subscribers. Much more details about NBC sports Gold’s lacrosse product will certainly be announced soon.

The an initial two games in PLL history will it is in live streamed specifically to subscribers ofNBC sporting activities Gold when Justin Guterding and Chrome take on Tom Schreiber and Archers top top Sat., June 1, in ~ 1 p.m. ET, adhered to by Mike Ehrhardt and Whipsnakes vs. Tyson Bell and Chaos at 4 p.m. ET. NBC Sports’ opened weekend coverage concludes through the an initial game on NBCSN when Greg Gurenlian and Redwoods challenge Rabil and also Atlas top top Sun., June 2, at 1:30 p.m. ET.

NBC’s coverage begins in week 2 when Paul Rabil and Atlas face Myles Jones and Chaos at the new York-area Red Bull Arena on Sun., June 9, at 2 p.m. ET. The game is storage of the 2018 human being Lacrosse Championship yellow medal game, as ten players from Team USA and also team Canada play crucial roles top top the Atlas and Chaos rosters.

PLL coverage on NBC proceeds the adhering to week top top Sun., June 16, once Atlas LC theatre Chrome LC in ~ 2:30 p.m. ET, and concludes v the league’s championship weekend in ~ the Philadelphia-area Talen power Stadium top top Sat., Sept. 21, at 2:30 p.m. ET.

The inaugural 2019 Premier Lacrosse organization season spans 14 weeks, with stops in 13 major-market urban nationwide. The PLL season will incorporate 10 regular-season weekends, an all-star weekend and also three playoff weekends, finishing with the championship weekend games on Sept. 21.

June 1-2Gillette StadiumFoxborough, Mass.

June 11 p.m.Chrome in ~ ArchersNBCSG
June 14 p.m.Whipsnakes at ChaosNBCSG
June 21:30 p.m.Redwoods at AtlasNBCSN

June 8-9Red Bull ArenaHarrison, N.J.

June 81 p.m.Whipsnakes in ~ ChromeNBCSG
June 84 p.m.Redwoods at ArchersNBCSN
June 92 p.m.Chaos at AtlasNBC

June 15-16SeatGeek StadiumBridgeview, Ill.

June 152 p.m.Chaos at RedwoodsNBCSG
June 155 p.m.Archers at WhipsnakesNBCSN
June 162:30 p.m.Atlas in ~ ChromeNBC

June 22-23Homewood FieldBaltimore

June 221 p.m.Chrome in ~ RedwoodsNBCSN
June 227:30 p.m.Whipsnakes at AtlasNBCSG
June 233:30 p.m.Archers at ChaosNBCSG

June 28-29Georgia State StadiumAtlanta

June 288 p.m.Atlas at ArchersNBCSN
June 291 p.m.Chaos at ChromeNBCSG
June 294 p.m.Redwoods in ~ WhipsnakesNBCSB

July 6-7Audi FieldWashington, D.C.

July 65 p.m.Archers at RedwoodsNBCSG
July 68 p.m.Whipsnakes in ~ AtlasNBCSN
July 73 p.m.Chrome in ~ ChaosNBCSN

July 21Ban that California StadiumLos Angeles

July 215 p.m.Skills CompetitionNBCSG
July 218 p.m.All-Star GameNBCSN

July 27-28Dick"s Sporting items ParkCommerce City, Colo.

July 275 p.m.Atlas at RedwoodsNBCSG
July 278 p.m.Chaos in ~ WhipsnakesNBCSN
July 284 p.m.Archers in ~ ChromeNBCSG

Aug 10-11Avaya StadiumSan Jose, Calif.

Aug. 104 p.m.Redwoods at ChaosNBCSG
Aug. 107 p.m.Chrome at WhipsnakesNBCSG
Aug. 117:30 p.m.Archers at AtlasNBCSN

Aug. 17-18Tim Hortons FieldHamilton, Ontario

Aug. 1712:30 p.m.Chaos at ArchersNBCSN
Aug. 173:30 p.m.Chrome at AtlasNBCSG
Aug. 186 p.m.Whipsnakes in ~ RedwoodsNBCSN

Aug. 24-25Casey StadiumAlbany, N.Y.

Aug. 248 p.m.Redwoods in ~ ChromeNBCSG
Aug. 251:30 p.m.Whipsnakes in ~ ArchersNBCSG
Aug. 254:30 p.m.Atlas at ChaosNBCSN

Sept. 6-7MAPFRE StadiumColumbus, Ohio

Sept. 67:30 p.m.Playoffs round 1NBCSN
Sept. 75 p.m.Playoffs round 1NBCSG
Sept. 78 p.m.Playoffs ring 1NBCSN

Sept. 14Red Bull ArenaHarrison, N.J.

Sept. 145 p.m.Playoffs round 2NBCSN
Sept. 148 p.m.Playoffs ring 2NBCSG

Sept. 21Talen energy StadiumChester, Pa.

Sept. 2111:30 a.m.

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Consolation GameNBCSG
Sept. 212:30 p.m.Championship GameNBC