All guys probably have at least one pair the gray shorts in their wardrobe, or you can be planning to obtain one. Adding gray shorts will certainly make your wardrobe multifunctional together it’s a flexible piece. But, space you ready to make stylish outfits the end of it?


There are basic guidelines once it concerns mixing the shade gray with various other colors, however, friend can constantly go beyond these guidelines. Do not hesitation to shot some other fun colors, too, to complement your gray shorts.

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Gray Shorts Outfit ideas for Men

We’re excited come share part outfit concepts that we’re certain you’re walking to traction off. Ready?

Off-duty looks

The mix of a crew-neck white t-shirt and gray shorts will offer you a dapper look without lot effort. Because that a more laid-back vibe, wear her gray rubber shoes, too.For a casual look through a standard twist, take into consideration pairing a mint crew-neck t-shirt through grey shorts. The most effective way to beat up this watch is v white canvas slip-on sneakers.Another off-duty outfit the you can try is the combination of a gray sweater and also gray shorts. This provides a modern manly look and also is really easy to traction off. For her shoes, shot throwing on her white and also navy animal leather low height sneakers.Those dressers who favor laid-back styles, gray shorts partnered v a marine blue t-shirt, space a perfect match. And also low-top sneakers in white and also blue canvas will complete this getup really well.When you have no preventive time, a marine crew-neck sweater and also gray shorts do the type of to win off-duty combination that constantly works. With a pair the low peak sneakers in white leather, her favorite sunglasses, and some black leather bracelet, you’ll have a complete glance-stealer.

Casual outfits

To attain a serious dapper and contemporary casual outfit, you can rock a marine crew-neck t-shirt paired with gray shorts. For an otherwise tranquil look, brown athletic pair of shoes will add a little much more edginess.The casual combination of a mustard crew-neck t-shirt and gray shorts uses a stylish look. Pairing the outfit v low top sneakers v black print canvas is a great idea.Pairing a white and also black horizontal strip crew-neck t-shirt v gray shorts is a no-brainer because that a casual look. Come inject a sheep of trendy effortlessness right into this look, why not complete with gray athletic shoes.For a knockout laid-back menswear look, play with combining a charcoal-colored hoodie and gray shorts. Then, mix the up through a pair that white low-top sneakers and also voila… this outfit is complete.If you desire to pull off a comfortable yet trendy look, match an olive crew-neck t-shirt with grey shorts because that a modern twist. A fail-safe option to add to her getup is a pair that white strong shoes.

Semi-formal attires

A white dress shirt and also a gray blazer paired with gray shorts room the kind of no-brainer outfit come wear as soon as you don’t have time yet want to look a little formal. Finishing that off with low-top navy canvas sneakers and a tan straw hat is a surefire way to offer your ensemble an waiting of trendiness.You will definitely make a great choice through a charcoal blazer, white dress shirt, and also a gray necktie, partnered v gray shorts. This outfit will certainly make girlfriend look refined however not also formal. To make your outfit a little more polished, stay a pair the brown animal leather loafers, and also you’re great to go.If you desire to achieve a sleek and classy ensemble, pair a gray blazer and pink undershirt through gray shorts. To conveniently turn increase the wow aspect of this look, add a pair the white animal leather low-top sneakers to the equation.Another take it on a not-so-formal outfit is a blue long-sleeve shirt partnered with gray shorts. This is a casual outfit with a trendy twist. This getup ties together with a an excellent pair the white animal leather low-top sneakers. Also, for a much more edgy look, placed on your favorite eyeglasses.

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The Bottom Line

If you want a multi-functional wardrobe, you require a pair of gray shorts. V their versatility, you’ll never ever run the end of an excellent outfit ideas. And if you already have your own pair that gray shorts, then it’s time to try the outfit ideas we’ve listed above simply for you.