1) Russia"s rigid society structure. Landowning noble dominated society and rubbish any change that would certainly threaten your privileges. The middle course was too little to have actually much influence. The bulk of Russians were serfs, or job bound come the land and to masters who managed their fates. 2) because that centuries, tsars had ruled through absolute power, imposing their will on your subjects.The liberal and also nationalist alters brought around by the Enlightenment and also the French change had virtually no result on Russian autocracy.

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Russian Tsars they reacted to adjust by sending out in the an enig police and also army, relying on whether the change was happening inside or external of Russia. The tsar presented legal reforms based on ideas favor trial by jury, and also he eased censorship.
World battle I added to the begin of the march revolution. WWI minimal Russia"s resources, which caused factories to not turn out enough supplies. As soon as tsar Nicholas II take it action, that left affairs to the tsarina, that listened to Gregory Rasputin. Government confidence weakened, and Rasputin to be killed. Climate the tsar stepped down.

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In November 1917, squads that Red Guards join mutinous sailors from the Russian fleet in attacking the provisional federal government without a struggle. The Bolsheviks quickly seized strength in various other cities. Moscow became the Bolsheviks" capital, and the Kremlin their headquarters.The Bolsheviks finished private ownership of soil distributed and also to peasants.
Lenin want a working class that would ultimately take over the government. However, the working class was not solid enough in Russia because that this plan to work at the time. Therefore instead, he want a team of Socialists that would command the working course so they can get to this point. However, with his increasing power Lenin"s conditions went from having actually a working course that had to give everything to the Soviet Union under your communist regulate until the new Economic arrangement came around
First, the federal government after the Tsar stepped under was lot disorganized. The socialists wanted to spread their ideas and also control Russia. They turned come the working class and peasants for support. This make it straightforward for the Red army to victory the civil war and take end Russia which caused a solid Communist party under Lenin
In what methods was the Bolshevik transformation in Russia similar to the French revolution of 1789? In what ways was that a new form of revolution?
Both the French and also Russian changes attempted to ruin existing social and political structures. Both revolutions conducted versus absolute monarchy. Both revolutions include inequality between the working class and also the social class peoples


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