Nearly a decade after the signed turn off for good, iCarly is prepping for its modern-day return on Paramount+.

The struggle Nickelodeon TV collection ended in 2012 and also thanks come the upcoming reboot and old episodes on Netflix, that conjuring increase laughs and also fond memories. In addition to Carly, Sam, and Freddie, pan rocked through Spencer, Gibby, Lewbert, T-Bo, Ms. Benson, and also a organize of various other quirky characters.

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With so plenty of hilarious illustration in the vault and also excitement for what’s come come, viewers are reminded of some lingering questions about iCarly the left many scratching their heads. Wouldn’t it be fun and also mind-blowing if some of these were resolved?


Cast of ‘iCarly’: Nathan Kress, Jerry Trainor, Miranda Cosgrove, young name Munck, Jennette McCurdy | Courtesy of Nickelodeon

What occurred to Carly and also Spencer’s mom?

It is just one of iCarly’s biggest mysteries because that fans and one that might not ever get display time. Those the backstory top top the Shay siblings’ mom?

It’s no mystery that Carly and also Spencer live on their very own in the Seattle penthouse, but the only household members they communicated with were their dad and grandfather.

When Grandpa make the efforts to do Carly move to Yakima v him, it seemed choose the decision was greatly left up to him and also their father, Colonel Shay. And also although Spencer and also Carly occasionally spoke about their father, castle never mentioned their mother.

Everyone knows Carly adores she dad, however fans would certainly love come learn an ext about her mom.

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What go the goat do to Carly on her birthday?

One of the running gags top top the display had to execute with a goat debacle and Carly’s birthday. Inquiring minds desire to understand what exactly happened that offered her the shivers.

“Don’t talk about what the goat did,” was the code. Whatever developed at that petting zoo must have actually been a serious violation, however maybe twenty-something Carly will certainly be ready to talk about it.

Will anyone ever before get to accomplish Socko?

Spencer’s buddy had actually no shortage favors and gifts he was willing come dole out for his friend. It’s impossible to counting how countless times Socko’s name came up throughout iCarly’s run. But the invisible bestie was responsible for the motorcycle Spencer offered to Sam, an countless of selection of socks, and also even art gives for Spencer’s flaming projects.

All fans have seen of Socko is a partial view of his arm during one episode. Part are arguing a themed “iMeet Socko” special have to drop as soon as the reboot airs. Persons really desire to meet Spencer’s generous girlfriend — and also the remainder of his industrious family members too.

Is Nevel locked up?

Nevel Papperman never quite reformed his habits on iCarly, and he last popped up in an illustration of Sam & Cat. There, he to be caged in a hospital favor Hannibal Lecter and later broke free.

But was he ever caught? If not, Nevelocity and also “rue the day” schemes might not be over and have the potential to with adult-levels that brazenness.

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The unnamed iCarly reboot is apparently in manufacturing with actors Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor, and Nathan Kress ~ above deck come reprise your roles. Fans have to look the end for the premiere later on this year ~ above Paramount+.