I"m acquisition a Catalan food preparation class and also this week we made pig"s feet i really really want to favor them yet I didn"t... Does anyone do these in ~ home and also if so, how do friend prepare them? Also, is it easy to uncover them in the US?


I have actually not make them in ~ home but there"s a mexican restaurant in Kansas City KS (El Taco Nazzo) that sells pigs feet tacos. Really, really good. Gelatinous and also porky. They offer them on two soft corn tortillas with onion and cilantro, with lime and a firey warm sauce ~ above the side.

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I flourished up eating pickled trotters (pigs" feet) and loved them yet I have actually never had actually them any type of other way.

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Love "em! I"ve only ever cooked castle Chinese-style - simmered v soy, sugar, star anise, ginger, shao xing wine. Cook gently till sticky and soft. With plenty of steamed buns to sop increase the sauce. I believe this form of method & sauce is called "red cooked".

I"ve also eaten them at a Portguese restaurant in a dish i think referred to as "gozidal" (sp?). Simmered through potatoes and also other pork parts.


I as well would prefer to prefer them, yet I find them too glutinous and fatty. Mine go into stocks or brawn to add gelatin.


We gain them pickled or life here.

Pickled are eaten as-is because that a drinkin" snack, life ones ns put into stock or soups (such together bean soup) to add gelatin. Ns haven"t do the efforts pickling lock myself.

EDIT: yes I choose them.


I"d shot to discover them at "ethnic" markets in USA.

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Any Supermercado will have them and many Chinese groceries. Ns pickle although I choose pickled hocks better-more meat), I also slow braise in stock, debone because that either a French stuffed "trotter" or a Chinese recipe. They room excellent, but it all counts on your source and your taste, castle are somewhat of an obtained taste for some.-Dick

Many years ago, there to be pickled feet and pickled egg in different jars a the checkout in 7-11. Reach in, drop a quarter, and also be on her way. Never had the offal to shot one. Never was *that* hungry.

For stock, castle are more than likely fine, yet I do not keep pork share in stock.

Just two days ago, at Safeway or possibly Giant, feet to be in the meat display. Not too hard to find in Virginia. If you look, they room pretty obvious. You watch ears too. Just in those continuous foam trays sheathe in plastic wrap favor all the other meat. Much more common than beef heart.


It relies on how the pig"s feet room prepared. They have the right to be obnoxious if they are all bland fat and pork skin. Also, pork skin is no something that is to everyone"s taste. Hard to tell from her pic, but I"ve been told the the (smaller) former pig"s feet are better eating than the (bigger) earlier pig"s feet.

In Thailand us ate braised/roasted pig"s feet that had actually been deboned and stuffed v sausage and also salted preserved duck egg. The was offered in a ginger, garlic, soy, star anise, and also cinnamon sauce. Those pig"s feet were not layered in fat. Mainly the pork skin, which to be nicely browned, offered as a wrapping because that the filling. The whole dish tasted really good.

Where ns live, pig"s feet are readily obtainable in Hispanic and Asian markets.

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ETA: I simply remembered that we ate those pig"s feet in a Yunnan Chinese community living in Thailand. For this reason really, the dish was of Chinese origin, no Thai.