Origin that A plague on Both your Houses

This expression comes from the beat Romeo and Juliet. The English playwright william Shakespeare composed this in the year 1592.

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One the the personalities curses the 2 main family members in the play: the Capulets and the Montagues. These two families feuded for countless years, and also this struggle caused numerous problems.


I am hurt.

A pester o’ both her houses! ns am sped.

Is that gone, and hath nothing?

The character that curses the families, Mercutio, is dying therefore feud.

Examples of A afflict on Both her Houses

In this example, 2 sisters space talking to their divorced parents around plans for Christmas.

Amy: So, Mom, what room we doing because that Christmas this year?

Mom: I believed we’d go to my parents’ house and also you could see her grandparents. Friend haven’t viewed them all year long.

Kimberly: that sounds fun!

Dad: Actually, I assumed you should pertained to my parents’ residence this year. Friend haven’t checked out them either.

Amy: You men promised no to fight about this stuff. Us agreed we would take transforms visiting each of friend for various holidays.

Dad: Well, if you nothing come with me to Christmas, it method that you don’t love me.

Mom: Same! You’ll need to choose between us.

Kimberly: Well, a plague on both your houses! If you are going to be so crude to each other and also to us, ns don’t want to go to one of two people place.

Amy: that’s right. We’ll have Christmas through our friends instead.

In the 2nd example, two friends are arguing with a 3rd about who she need to agree with. The 3rd friend uses a sports of the expression to show her displeasure.

Keira: i’m so happy you might come camping through us! now that you’re here, girlfriend can aid me hunt because that our dinner.

Jane: Okay. That sounds fun.

Rory: What! No way, you can not hunt! it is cruel!

Keira: What space you talk about? girlfriend eat meat all the time. If girlfriend eat meat you must be ready to hunt because that it.

Rory: No way. Jane, listen, if you hunt with Keira, I’ll never forgive you.

Keira: Don’t listen to her, Jane. If you permit her to bully you right into not searching I’ll never forgive friend either.

Jane: This isn’t funny at all. Girlfriend too must stop fighting. Till then, a pester on both the you.

More Examples

This excerpt supplies the quote to describe the American political parties.

This excerpt also uses the heat to define Republicans and also Democrats.

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The phrase a afflict on both your residences is a renowned line from the beat Romeo and Juliet that entails a dying character cursing two family members that caused an excellent problems.