What go the phrase “and one” mean? i hear that a lot throughout basketball games however I don’t understand what the means.

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“And one” is a expression that’s supplied when who is fouled while taking a shoot in basketball – either a jump-shot (farther away from the basket) or a layup or dunk (right at the basket). If the player provides the basket and also the ref phone call a foul ~ above the defender who’s guarding them together the shoot is gift taken, the basket counts and also the player it s okay to take a single cost-free throw. Hence the and also one.Frequently you hear players yell the end “and one” when they make a shot and feel that they go so in spite of being fouled, even if the ref didn’t contact the foul – this is the player’s not-so-subtle method of chastising the ref for absent the call. Occasionally a the shooter will even shout “and one” prior to they recognize that your shot has actually gone in. Regardless of even if it is the foul is called, over there won’t it is in an “and one” foul shoot if lock don’t make the basket. So shouting “and one” prior to a shot go in is a facility emotional feat — gift cocky and also aggrieved in ~ the exact same time!Everyone should have the ability to understand that aggrieved “and one” feeling – just think about being at work and being given a complicated task, and then accomplishing the task also in the confront of who or something unfairly inhibiting you. Say, for example, you’ve been teamed through the office dud – a genuine nothing burger of a co-worker – and tasked v pitching a prospective client. And say you gain the account in spite of your colleague’s general uselessness – and your boss comes in and congratulates you both on a project well done without stating that girlfriend succeeded regardless of your dead load colleague, not due to the fact that of castle – well, then, you too know what it is to scream “AND ONE” plaintively and futilely at the gods.

Word to the way though — execute not in reality shout “and one” in a board meeting. The won’t go over well.

Thanks because that reading,Dean Russell Bell

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