I to be trying to recognize the adverb "ASI "..does it typical ..that"s..that is..like that..?..I watch that it can used come make countless different sayings..asi asi...asi que...asi como asi..and therefore on....I just need come grasp exactly how it would certainly relate in English if feasible or if a word in English is used similar to this Spanish word..thanks

The the next one-word translation of así is "so." however that being said, the beauty, beauty of language is the there is usually not just one play answer or straight translation for every word friend encounter. Favor you said, the most typical usage is "like this/that." that can likewise be offered to mean "in this way" and merged with other words that can type commonly used phrases.

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Here room a couple of them:

Así que: so (that)

No recibí ninguna invitación, así que no fui a la fiesta.

I didn"t receive any kind of invitation, so i didn"t walk to the party.

Aun así: even so

Aun así, todavía lo pasé bien con mis amigos.

Even so, i still had actually a good time through my friends.

Así es: that"s right

Yo: Fuiste a la fiesta anoche, ¿verdad?

Susana: ¡Así es!

Me: You saw the party critical night, right?

Susan: That"s right!

Take a look below for more information: http://www.yellowcomic.com/translate/así

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Así means ¨like that¨. Así es la vida method That´s life, or life is choose that.

Así que means so. Perdí mis llaves así que no pude abrir la puerta. I lost my secrets so i couldn´t open the door.

Así como mean just like, just as, or as well as. Traiga con usted su libro así como su lápiz. Lug your book and also your pencil through you.

Así así method so so. ¿Cómo car sientes? Así así. Exactly how do girlfriend feel? for this reason so.

There room probably countless other provides too, maybe you can do a find of the question and also answer save on this site, or search the referral articles.

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Read this blog write-up for a great summary of different ways to use asi. It includes a couple of things not mentioned above.

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If you desire to gain really old college you could translate that (Sometimes) together "thus" or "thusly". Because that example, "Haz lo así" = "Do that thusly"!


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thanks to every the replies..i think i have actually a much better understanding now...

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