I saw that “au” comes prior to “Portugal”. But, “au” means “the”, doesn"t it? need to then “the” come prior to “Portugal”?

Also, as soon as do we usage “aux”?



Au” does not average “the”*. “Le” (or “la”, or “l’”, or “les”) method “the”. “Au” is the convulsion of *“à le” (*“à le” is grammatically incorrect). Similarly, “aux” is the contraction of *“à les”.

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In yellowcomic.com, the name of a nation is undoubtedly preceded by one article. We say “la France, le Portugal, l’Allemagne, les Pays-Bas”. Thus, at any time “le Portugal” is came before by “à” (which has various meanings), it i do not care “au Portugal”; similarly, once “les Pays-Bas” is preceded by “à”, it becomes “aux Pays-Bas”.

Note, however, the when nations which space feminine1 and singular are came before by “à”, it i do not care “en”: “en France, en Allemagne”. This only occurs through names of countries or regions.

Or mrs but start with a vowel sound.

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