What Is The Bonus In Basketball?

When a basketball team is in the bonus they knife extra totally free throws every time a player on their team is fouled.

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Teams go into the bonus once the other team commits a details threshold that fouls in a period, half, or game. The rules because that the bonus are various for high institution basketball, university basketball, the NBA, and FIBA.

If a team is in the bonus, the bonus resets at the end of each 4 minutes 1 or fifty percent and at the begin of overtime.

NBA Bonus Rules


In the NBA, a team will go into a bonus penalty instance if castle exceed the team foul limit in a 4 minutes 1 of five or an ext fouls in a quarter or 2 fouls in the last 2:00 that a quarter. Every time a player is fouled when their team is in the bonus, the player that was fouled it s okay two totally free throws. Technical fouls and also offensive fouls do not count towards the team foul limit.

FIBA Bonus Rules

In FIBA, the bonus rules are similar to the NBA and give football player two free throws every time a player is fouled. Technical fouls perform not count in the direction of the team foul limit. FIBA does no count offensive fouls towards the team foul limit.

College Basketball Bonus (One and One)


In college basketball, a team will get in a bonus penalty case if they with seven, eight, or nine team fouls in a half.

Every time a player is fouled in the bonus, the totally free throw shooter gets one cost-free throw, adhered to by another complimentary throw if they do the first shot. The college basketball bonus is dubbed one and one. After ~ the tenth foul that a half, a team will get in the dual bonus, where they instantly get 2 shots instead of a one and also one. The dual bonus is different from the continuous bonus.

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High institution Basketball Bonus Rules

In high college basketball, teams enter the bonus, one and also one, if castle exceed 7 fouls in a half. If the complimentary throw shooter provides the first free throw, they gain a second totally free throw. Team fouls and the bonus penalty case resets ~ the very first half and at the start of overtime.

The bonus preeminence mainly exist to stop teams native committing too countless fouls. Though part teams continue to foul, they are punished for it by giving their opponents complimentary throws.