B.U.M. Equipment, a garments brand under the property of BUM devices LLC, is a street fashion clothing agency that was established in 1986 in a Seattle garage. The brand is known for its start as a Los Angeles casual sportswear brand because that men, women, and children. The brand had actually financial problem in the mid-1990s under the management of the original owner, Chauvin International, Ltd. That went bankrupt in 1996 and was gained by the creditor of B.U.M. Global Inc. And also managed through SOS administration in 1997. SOS Management, and also its successor B.U.M. Equipment LLC, consequently relaunched B.U.M. Equipment. The brand"s fashion lines encompass men"s, women"s, junior"s, and also children"s sportswear apparel, and hosiery, footwear, backpacks, handbags, luggage, and also eyewear. Follow to the LA Times, B.U.M. Tools is "one that the most successful young men"s sportswear brand in California fashion history."

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Origins (1986-1996)

Chauvin International, Ltd., a manufacturing company that to be led by Morty Forshpan, acquired B.U.M. In 1986. The clothing line make its industry debut in 1987 and also featured simple clothing items through the brand"s logo displayed across their T-shirts, tanks, and sweatshirts. Within its an initial year, B.U.M. Devices grossed $2 million and also it lugged in about $240 million in annual revenues through 1992. In 1992, the B.U.M. Parent company, Chauvin International, partnered through the Canadian casual wear company Chip and also Pepper. Chauvin worldwide purchased the assets of the Chip and also Pepper Wetwear Inc., and distributed its assets in the United claims while the twin co-founders, Chip and Pepper Foster, to be still in charge of overseeing the design together with the marketing and also promotion. In 1994 Chauvin International, Ltd. Combined with Cami"z, Inc., the B.U.M. Brand"s retailer.

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In April 1996, B.U.M. International filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to what the firm said was negative sales. The judge enabled reorganization plan by SOS administration in favor of the B.U.M. Worldwide Inc. Creditors in 1997. The reorganization, controlled by SOS Management and also its successor BUM tools LLC, caused a plan that remained in which the B.U.M. International creditors would certainly be payment in full in 5 years. After the five year payback period, the B.U.M. Worldwide Inc. Operation unit was dissolved. The trademarks were purchased by BUM tools LLC and also has continued to run under that corporate structure.

Relaunch and also B.U.M. Devices LLC, (1997-present)

SOS management was developed in 1996 by Chairman and chief executive officer Stephen Wayne and Vice Chairman Steve Marra. Wayne to be the chairman of Yves Saint Laurent Sportswear (1974-77), chairman of the menswear department of Calvin Klein (1977-81), and the president of Sasson industries for five years prior to launching his very own licensing firm, Stephen Wayne & Associates, in 1986. Wayne was the exclusive license agent because that Sasson, Bugle Boy, Andrew Fezza and also Bum Equipment and owns and operates the Stephen Wayne & Associates company. Prior to co-founding SOS Management, Steve Marra operated for Macy"s for 16 years, most recently together vice chairman of merchandising, and also later operated as chairman of B.U.M. Equipment"s retail department and executive vice chairman of sales and merchandising because that the company.

B.U.M. Equipment arised from bankruptcy in 1997 under the management of SOS management headed by Wayne and also Marra. In 2002, SOS administration purchased the B.U.M. Devices trademark, developing the new trademark and licensing agency called BUM devices LLC. By 2005, B.U.M was operating more than 20 licenses around the world and also gathering approximately $600 million annually.

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Brand development

B.U.M. Equipment"s logo and also athletic style were developed by Seattle indigenous Derek Federman around a year prior to Morty Forshpan ending up being the chief executive, management officer (CEO) of Chauvin International, Ltd. Soon after ending up being the CEO the Chauvin International, Forshpan discovered the B.U.M. Brand and acquired it. Forshpan driven the brand right into the industry in 1987. Brand founder Federman left B.U.M. In 1988 as Forshpan moved the brand"s style in a an ext trendy direction, and also following its success and popularity in the late 1980s, Forshpan to be nominated twice for the California Mart"s West coastline Designer of the Year award. Chauvin International and also B.U.M. Brand developers insist the acronym "B.U.M." does not stand for anything, however, plenty of people thought there to be an unsaid an interpretation like "Basic city Merchandise."

Under SOS Management and also Bum tools LLC, Wayne signed over 35 patent in 1997 and 1998, which prospered the business around $2 billion in sales end the next six years. This was completed by mainly selling product to Target Stores and also many regional retailers like Ames, Caldor, Venture, Meijers, Shopko.

SOS Management started restructuring B.U.M. Sportswear in the United claims with a license v the Buffalo team in 2005. The firm also signed licensees in Malaysia, Taiwan, England, Korea, Germany, Mexico, Argentina and also Brazil. The B.U.M. Brand was prolonged to non-apparel licenses in footwear, socks, sunglasses, and licenses in watches, luggage and also eyewear to be renewed. B.U.M. Equipment signed licenses with brand-new York-based Channel innovations in 2007 for your men"s and also women"s sportswear. In 2009, the agency relaunched your young men"s and juniors brand in department stores with a license v Sierra Fashions.

In 2004, Women"s wear Daily listed B.U.M. Equipment as Number 5 on your "Top 10 Young contemporary Hip list in 2004."


Popular culture

Billy beam Cyrus wore B.U.M. Devices workout tanks during his concert on his 1992 tour and also was pictured in the 1991 October concern of Cosmopolitan attract a tank native the brand.

Jane Fonda wore a B.U.M. Tools shirt in her 1992 workout video.

Christian Slater have the right to be seen sporting a B.U.M. Equipment shirt in the movie Pump increase The Volume.



As a sportswear and casual strong fashion brand, B.U.M. Has sponsored miscellaneous athletes including Laila Ali and also Oscar De La Hoya. The was likewise the main off-the-rink casual wear of the LA monarchs hockey team. B.U.M. Equipment likewise outfitted caddies for PGA tourism events beginning in 1998.

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In 2012 B.U.M. Tools participated through the Dancing with the Stars gifting suite for its 14th Season. Contestants indigenous the display were maybe to choose items the the B.U.M. Tools brand to wear during show rehearsals.