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Musings on take a trip, langueras, and expatriate life. At this particular moment, I"m attempting not to act choose a tourist in Rome, Italy.

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Caro (and also Cara, Cari, Care)

adj. beloved, dear, dearest, darling, sweetheart, valuable excellent, kind, expensive, pricey n. a loved one, loved ones (fig. family)from Word ReferenceWelinvolved this week"s installment ofIWOW.

Since this is just my second IWoW post, I"ll start by very briefly and also superficially going over 2 grammar points.


Adjectives that end in "o" (ex. caro), adjust endings relying on the noun it modifies. As such, caro (masculine singular)transforms into caraif the subject/object is feminine singular, cariif it"s masculine plural, andcare if it"s feminine plural.Nouns that finish in "o" also readjust as soon as they come to be plural. Instead of adding an "s," as in the instance of English, Italians adjust the "o" to an "i". In various other words, caro (n. loved one) becomescari (n. loved ones).

Basta(that"s enough) via grammar. So why do I thinkcaro is cool?

First off, the majority of romance readers have come throughout the expression "Cara mia" (my dear) at some point. For one,Lisa Marie Ricecomposed quite a variety of romances collection in Italy and/or with Italian male leads. Of course, the "mia" (my, feminine singular) is simply for emphasis--cara can be offered on it"s very own to express "dear, darling, sweetheart" too. Oddly enough, what comes first to my mind when I hearcara mia is Gollum"s ravings over "my precious" from theLord of the Ringstrilogy. After all, "priceless, mine" would be the a lot of literal translation of cara mia.

I stumbled upon the use of caro/carias a noun during my Disney Study Sessions, during which I watch youtube clips of Italian-dubbed soundtracks (that counts as occupational right?). InMulan"s Riflesso(aka. Reflections...yes, it"s a Christina Aguilera song), there"s this line that took me forever to figure out:

se io facessi ciò che vorrei, imiei cari perderei

which approximately converts to "If I carry out as I"d choose, I"d shed my loved ones (fig. family)." The line forced me to look the word up--until I did, I had actually no ideacaro/cari might be offered as a noun.

Of course, the intake ofcaro/caraa new Italian student would certainly a lot of most likely learn is in reference to an "expensive" object. Sincecaro literally suggests "precious", it"s very commonly used to explain the financial value of items.Just to store non-indigenous speakers on their toes, yet,poco (adv. few) caro= affordable.

By the means, a valuable tourist-Italian expression to know would be "No, grazie. ètroppo caro,"which implies "No, say thanks to you. (it"s) also expensive." And for this reason concludesthis write-up. If you have actually any cool Italian words you"d favor me to look up, simply leave a comment pointing me in the best direction.

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Disclaimer: I am creating this as a student of Italian. If tright here is anyone out tright here that would certainly favor to include to or correct my short article, please leave a comment. This is a finding out process for me too.