Scaling is a drawing technique used to enlarge or alleviate a drawing in dimension while maintaining the proportions the the illustration the same. Scales are usually expressed together ratios and also the most typical scales supplied in furniture drawing are 1:1, 1:2, 1:5, and also 1:10 because that reducing and also possibly 2:1 because that enlarging.

Scaling is supplied to either:

reduce the illustration in size so that it will fit onto the page, or enlarge the illustration in dimension so that all compelled details are clearly visible.

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illustrations can it is in scaled up or down using either a calculator or a range rule.

To scale a illustration using a calculator:

divide the measure up by the range if you want to reduce the drawing in size, or multiply the measure up by the range if you desire to increase the in size.

instance 1: Scaling under

A 50mm heat is come be drawn at a range of 1:5 (ie 5 times less than its initial size). The measurement 50mm is divided through 5 to provide 10mm. A 10mm heat is drawn. A 50mm line is to be drawn at a range of 1:2. The measure 50mm is divided by 2 to give 25mm. A 25mm heat is drawn.

instance 2: Scaling up

A 50mm heat is come be attracted at a range of 5:1 (ie 5 times an ext than its initial size). The measure up 50mm is multiplied through 5 to give 250mm. A 250mm line is drawn. A 50mm heat is to be attracted at a range of 2:1. The measurement 50mm is multiplied through 2 to give 100mm. A 100mm heat is drawn.

To scale a drawing using a range rule:

range rules peyellowcomic.com us come directly collection out dimensions onto a illustration without having actually to transform them to your scaled size by making use of a calculator first.

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The whole procedure is do easier since these conversions are already made for us. Top top a scale ascendancy which has divisions of 1:5, each division represents 5mm and the dimensions on the ascendancy indicate this.


top top a scale dominion which has departments of 1:10 each department represents 10mm and also the measurements on the preeminence indicate this.


Even despite the drawing itself might be decreased in dimension or attracted at an enlarged dimension on the page, every dimensioning top top the illustration should reflect the correct size of the item gift drawn.

This is an instance of a scaled drawing. Notification that the key is attracted at a range of 1:10.

had in the illustration is information A, and this is drawn furthermore at a range of 1:1, or complete size.