Meaning that Idiom ‘Drop a Dime’

To drop a dime (on someone) way to educate on castle or betray them, commonly to the police. 1Ammer, Christine. American Heritage dictionary of Boston: house Mifflin Harcourt, 2013.,2Ayto, John. Oxford thesaurus of English Oxford: Oxford U, 2010.

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The expression fall a dime usually refers to informing the police or other investigators about someone’s illegal activity, yet it is occasionally used for much more general, and less significant circumstances, at any time someone educates on an additional person’s infractions.

Examples of Use

“Mary is together a teacher’s pet. She to reduce a dime ~ above me for sneaking out while the teacher to be away.”

“The only means he have the right to avoid a prison sentence is to drop the dime ~ above his former employer.”

“I never dropped a dime top top Ricardo. We’ve been finest friends because we to be kids.”


Used due to the fact that the 1960’s, this idiom originates from underworld crime slang. The originated together an allusion to using a dime (ten-cent coin) in a salary phone to speak to the police and also inform on someone’s illegal activity. 1 Dimes, and also later higher-denomination coins, when put into the coin slot on pay phones, would drop with the coin slot into the coin deposit crate inside the phone.

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