The most popular use the GTS on Snapchat is “Good Times”. However, it deserve to mean in different ways as every the conversation which all are defined in this article. 

Snapchat has gained vast popularity since it has actually the alternative of messages the disappear top top their own after being regarded or together per the choice chosen through the sender. This extra control and also privacy has actually won the hearts of millions of teenagers and continues to carry out so. 

Be it a new Snapchat user or old, nobody ever can insurance claim to understand everything around it. It is in it the technology, the algorithm, or the language you room bound to obtain stuck somewhere. 

If you desire to save up through the pace that the people is relocating in, you will certainly surely feel the must install and be provided to the app. And then come the most vital part. Learning Snapchat slang. Without this, you’re simply obsolete. 


Now, are you brand-new and somebody has sent girlfriend a word through a bunch of words the you don’t understand. If among them is GTS, then you need to be wondering what go GTS median on Snapchat and also we are here to aid you understand all around it. What it means, where to usage it and also what not to.

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2 What walk GTS was standing for in Snapchat?5 usage of GTS in pop Culture

GTS Meaning

So an initial let’s look in ~ the GTS definition. That is not specifically easy come make civilization who space not provided to the language the Snapchat make them understand all the brief forms the Snapchat. And it is more an overwhelming to answer these texts. This shortcuts space not even easy come guess. 

Now GTS in plenty of apps is occasionally meant as Go to Sleep. This sound perfectly normal and also thus the user deserve to be quickly misled. Also when you find for the full type in google some search results will indeed present ‘Go-To Sleep’. To complicated this even further you will watch that also some Snapchat customers will use GTS to convey going come sleep or ask someone to walk to sleep. 

There is yet another definition of the ax in Snapchat. It can also stand because that ‘Google the shit’. 

Did someone have a stormy week and sent friend a snap with GTS composed on there? the can also mean “Going through Shit”. 

But don’t pay any heed to what you know around the acronym. GTS in Snapchat actually represents “Good Times”. 

What walk GTS was standing for in Snapchat?

Good Times

GTS when provided as an acronym for “Good Times”, is usually used as a conversation ender. The is provided to signify that girlfriend are having actually a an excellent time or that just life is good in general. It can also mean that a previous encounter was an excellent while talking around some great memories friend shared. So let us have a look at what walk GTS was standing for.

Google that Shit

When GTS is provided in ar of Google the Shit, this is used in an answer to a question on what something means or if someone is being annoying v asking the details that something, and also this is just how you express her exasperation. 

Go come Sleep

As an acronym for “Go to Sleep”, that can likewise be used in place of great Night. The is provided to ask someone to go offline and sleep. Or just as a answer to someone being annoying, you deserve to sarcastically say to who “Go to Sleep”. It represents the reality that you space tired and also have to remainder now, generally. This has remained in use because we did no have accessibility to touch screens. 

Going with Shit

Going through Shit is used when who has had actually a really rough day or life. Once someone has actually a lot of problems, they will probably say something prefer this. You may be well acquainted through a rapper named an equipment Gun Kelly. He has actually a song dubbed GTS in this exact context. 

Use the GTS

In Snapchat, there is a lens called good Times. This have the right to be used to your photos to do them much cooler and also impress the civilization you send snaps to. There are many good Times snaps available on Snapchat. These filters can all be used. Therefore this acronym can also be provided to signify these filters.

You can also send this to various other users in text form on Snapchat. Specifically when you typical to go to sleep this deserve to be sent out in a straightforward text or end a snap and then sent out to the other human as a form of a an excellent night greeting. 

Use of GTS in pop Culture

GTS has been broadly used in countless iconic points in pop society and for this reason it does no really median that, when supplied in a snap, this has to mean any kind of one that the traditional full creates for the acronym. Sometimes your friends that are always up to day with every little thing happens and you never understand what they refer to, they may be using it to describe something that has actually nothing to perform with the acronym itself. In these situations, it deserve to stand for any kind of of the following. 

GTS cars

This has been a sensation on Instagram so you may very well understand what this means. This is about GT sporting activities cars. Civilization with GT sporting activities cars do it a point to brag around them so there are thousands of write-ups alone top top GT sports cars and however inactive you are bound come come across any write-up at the very least once. Therefore in this situation it could mean sports cars so don’t mix it up with any other acronym. 

Machine total Kelly’s GTS

This acronym would certainly stand because that the renowned song Going v Shit which is additionally one that the acronyms that we debated earlier. For this reason if you see an equipment Gun Kelly stated somewhere and in addition to it there is the acronym GTS do remember that this is based upon the song and not any type of other acronym. 

Guess the Song

If this is something in recommendation to a reality present then be certain that it method Guess the Song. This is a lot acronym and if you view a question mark, hear music and there is GTS on the screen you now understand what come think about it.

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GTS in Pokemon

Global Trading device used to it is in a famous platform for trading Pokemons and thus if this is provided by among your gamer buddies castle mak=y it is in reminiscing their old days. Unless you belong come the Pokemon fandom there isn’t really any chance that you will stumble upon this acronym.

Grims Toy Show

Do friend know about silly SUPER pop from YouTube? over there is a wrestling display on it dubbed the Grims Toy Show and GTS is also used as an acronym for it. This is yes, really not very popular but if you follow something related to the present or have actually a friend who is a fan of the display then you might come across it. 


Now we have actually covered every customs there is top top the subject of GTS. While over there will constantly be some other short kind in Snapchat the you have no idea about, you sure won’t uncover trouble around GTS. Currently you can even confidently send this come a other Snapchat user with suitable reference. If you by opportunity forget exactly how it goes, friend can always come back to this article and also refresh her memory. 

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