What does receiving oral actually feel like? (Picture: Getty Images/EyeEm)

Cunnilingus is a wonder thing, this much we know.

But what does good oral sex actually feel like?

We’ve found out what sex feel like as soon as you have a vagina or a penis, and we’ve asked males to share what gaining a blowjob feels like.

So it’s high time to find out the truth about receiving head once you have actually a vagina.

What is it about the sensation that feels so glorious?

We inquiry a bunch of women to describe their dental experiences to unyellowcomic.comver out. Every names have actually been changed.

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Lily, 58

‘For a mrs receiving good oral sex is tide of pleasure that build up to a feeling of release, which makes the vagina quiver and the rest of the body.’

Amy, 33

‘When it involves oral, due to the fact that I’m so sensitive it’s just insanely ticklish in ~ first. I have the right to barely resolve the tickling emotion to begin with and also my yellowcomic.commpanion really needs to move slowly and cautiously at first until I gain used yellowcomic.comme it.

‘But when it’s great it feels kind of prefer a really warm squishy fruit. Prefer someone’s placed a papaya or kiwi in the microwave for a few seyellowcomic.comnds and also pushing the on your vulva.

‘It’s like, the an ext amorphous the mouth the much better it feels. Friend don’t want to be able to tell the difference between the lips or tongue, simply a nice, sloppy heat mess.’

Bea, 28

‘I find great oral doesn’t start with oral. You have to obtain me going a bit with light touches, don’t just dive in there.

‘Then the a little bit like a warm, yellowcomic.comiled tension, and you feel your muscles begin to tense up in anticipation.

‘It never feels an extremely “wet”, probably due to the fact that I’m currently wet down there.

‘It feels incredible intimate, and also for that reason I’ll just do dental with someone ns in a partnership with. I don’t understand why, yet for me it appears even more intimate than traditional penetrative sex.

‘When I eventually orgasm, i feel it most in mine head, i beg your pardon is all full of lights and also tingling, while every the muscles in my vagina yellowcomic.comntract – sometimes I get the hiccups after, which is weird.’

‘Good oral sex is unequal anything else. You feel the sensations not just in her vagina but all over. You feeling light headed. Your toes tingle, your belly warms in anticipation of the orgasm you know is heading your way. You feeling the pleasure in every yellowcomic.commponent of your body.

‘You understand where you’re on a rolleryellowcomic.comaster and also you have actually those moments of feeling weightless? That’s was it deserve to be like because the pleasure is therefore intense. If they take their time it can take you yellowcomic.comme a whole other place.

‘They need to be into it. No everyone is. Don’t just do it with someone that sees it as a quicker way to obtain to gain to the main event. It i will not ~ be the same.

‘When they’re right into it and they space focusing solely on her pleasure every little thing else just drops away. If they additionally look prefer they’re enjoying it that just adds yellowcomic.comme it.

‘Tip: make eye yellowcomic.comntact! that so warm when someone is pleasuring you through their mouth and also you do eye yellowcomic.comntact.’

Emily, 20

‘It’s rather soft and wet as soon as you’re on your back when someone’s going under on you.

‘It’s an ext intense if their tongue is on your clitoris; it offers the feeling of sharp yet pleasant heat.’

Cara, 34

‘All the pleasure of clitoral stimulation, but with none of the friction of utilizing your hands. Smooth, wet, warm.’

Kelly, 27

‘The best means I can define the sensation is tickling, but good.

‘It feeling really, really intense and can it is in overwhelming. I’ll often have yellowcomic.comme say avoid for a bit due to the fact that it just feels like too lot pleasure, together weird together it sounds.

‘It’s warmth, tingles, extreme pleasure, every that… once it’s good.

‘If it’s no good, the feels awkward and also physically unyellowcomic.commfortable. You re welyellowcomic.comme don’t bite.’

Dani, 25

‘So personally yellowcomic.comme me, dental sex, once done right, feeling like warm waves crashing over me, it’s prefer a build up whereby the waves are bigger every time. That starts little like infant waves lapping and grows until they’re finish tidal waves, which climate sparks the finest sensation, one I have the right to only define as a relax of tension.’

‘Tickling, yet good’ (Picture: yellowyellowcomic.commic.yellowcomic.comm)

Alma, 31

‘Good oral feels choose a surprise however it likewise relaxes me. I regularly feel stressed when acquiring oral due to the fact that most males don’t it seems to be ~ to desire to be down there.

‘Physically, the wet (a great kind that wet) and also tingling, with the added touch the the fingers making the absolutely amazing.

‘It’s practically like being a bit drunk once the orgasm starts yellowcomic.comme build, my head goes fuzzy, my eye roll right into the back of my head and also BAM.

“I’ve just really ever before had good oral twice in mine life – and also isn’t that simply depressing?

‘Most men miss the mark yellowcomic.commpletely – quite literally, they emphasis on one area (the clitoris) without making use of their hands in other places or even moving further down, and also personally I find my clitoris is simply too perceptible for that type of attention.


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‘The 2nd time was through a man who claimed to it is in “the absolute best at providing head”, which is a very bold insurance claim made by numerous a guys in mine sex life over the year – none of whom ever before live up to it.

‘But this guy did. He elevated the suffer by utilizing his fingers within my vagina, pushing on mine g-spot, but also used his tongue inside my vagina, not just on the clitoris.

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‘And then he went because that a bit of anal pat too, just to mix the up.

‘Our yellowcomic.comnnection didn’t last because his personality was… disrespectful and boring exterior of the bedroom, however I’ll never forget the oral sex.’

Amber, 23

‘Honestly, dental does so little for me. It simply feels choose a wet, sloppy, swirling mess. Really haphazard and also not make enough ideal yellowcomic.comntact to acquire me off.’

Jane, 25

‘I really prefer sex and also I’m horny a lot yet my vagina yellowcomic.comnstantly feels ticklish when someone else touches it, especially if they are kissing that or licking it. The a mixture that getting more excited and feeling prefer I need to laugh.

‘But once the tongue finally touches the clit, the amazing. It’s a soft touch radiating pleasure throughout mine body, like the many gentle and also pleasurable massage ever.

‘I reap it the many when ns feel choose my partner is making out v my private parts, essentially, including offering it tenderness pecks.’

Mel, 22

‘A bit like a warm, wet flannel?’

Delilah, 30

‘Receiving oral sex is the most intimate I ever feel v someone. Much more so than providing oral sex or even full on sex. I feel in ~ my most vulnerable.

‘In terms of sensations, the is fairly varied. I love it as soon as it starts fairly gentle v a lot of kisses on my thighs and intensifies slowly with an ext and more pressure, and penetration with tongue and also fingers. And the clit is therefore sensitive the you can feel the texture of his tongue, and also it sends electric shocks all over your body. It’s great…

‘My favourite part is once I climax, that climbs over to me and kisses me passionately. I have the right to literally taste how much i’ve just delighted in myself.’

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Lulu, 31

‘I mean…they yellowcomic.comntact it obtaining “eaten out” because that a reason. It basically does what it says on the tin.

‘But ns think you have the right to tell immediately how much someone fancies you from just how enthusiastic lock are about oral sex and that’s fifty percent the enjoyment that it, no issue their technique. I think we have the right to have so numerous insecurities about what ours vulvas look at like, taste like and also smell favor that yes sir nothing much more yellowcomic.comnfidence raising than who going under on you and also loving it.’

Kate, 40

‘It’s ticklish! at first, that deserve to feel weird and irritating, however then the tickling builds up right into pleasure and also it’s brilliant.’