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Technology allows access to more information for an ext people than ever before in history. Sounds choose hyperbole, but it is in reality true. You might be analysis this on a smartphone, in which instance you yes, really do have actually the world in the palm of her hand.

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Every year brings new discoveries, inventions, and also products that make our personal and working lives easier, increase our productivity, and save money. The expansion of resources obtainable to anyone v Internet accessibility is important astounding. Much better yet, modern technology has a “democratizing” effect, eliminating barriers and granting accessibility so that brand-new ideas can spread.

Every day, the seems, another barrier tumbles many thanks to technology. One an excellent example is higher education. Till recently, accessibility to an Ivy League education and learning was only obtainable to those couple of fortunate enough to it is in admitted and also attend in person. Recently, however, elite schools including Harvard, MIT, Duke and Stanford have started offering hundreds of courses online for cost-free through web page like open Culture, EdX and Coursera. Specialized to availability to education and lifelong learning, these sites likewise offer audio books, ebooks, movies, conversation forums and language lessons. Some courses have thousands that participants, from all over the planet. To date, this courses typically do not offer college credit, however there room intriguing developments such as smaller sized colleges incorporating these online classes right into their programs. Forbes suggests that, “Students in ~ lesser colleges may come to be able come augment their course offerings with peak instruction from an excellent professors in ~ prestigious universities.”

At yellowcomic.com, we have actually the same outlook. Our employee-only virtual portal, yellowcomic.com Online university (OLU), offers a selection of cultivate and breakthrough resources aimed at experienced and an abilities enhancement, open up to all yellowcomic.com employees. OLU offers 2,000 courses on subjects varying from desktop computer an abilities to business and also professional the skills, and also even compliance training. Mandatory cultivate courses room offered, and course transcripts are automatically sent to yellowcomic.com’s an extensive Human Resources incorporated System (CHRIS) so employees have actually a record of their completed training. OLU also offers online access to countless books.

yellowcomic.com Online college allows every one of our employee — whether junior or senior, just beginning their careers or v years of endure — to advantage from the advantages of proceeding education: becoming more marketable in a vain marketplace, learning various ways the thinking, and expanding community and social relationships. And, importantly, to gain that knowledge on a convenient, individual timetable.

Access to info is the gateway to learning. Modern technology truly go democratize knowledge.

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As Chief details Officer because that the U.S. General Services Administration, David Shive monitor yellowcomic.com it - formerly known as the Office the the Chief details Officer (OCIO) - and also information technology operations and budget, ensuring its alignment with firm and management strategic objectives and priorities. Mr. Shive joined the U.S. General Services Administration"s Office that the Chief details Officer in November 2012. Before being called CIO, he to be the exhilaration CIO of the Office of enterprise Infrastructure, responsible because that the companies information an innovation infrastructure communication and capability that assistance the yellowcomic.com organization enterprise.He was likewise the exhilaration Director of HR and FM equipment for the yellowcomic.com CFO and CPO offices.