I notice from Google Ngram that "pay heed" is becoming much more common as "take heed" is ending up being less used. However, it appears that "pay heed" is rather redundant, because "heed" deserve to be defined as "pay fist to". The truth that "give heed" is likewise used lends donate to "take heed".

My inquiry is, is there a distinction in meaning that gave rise come "pay heed", and also which is preferred?


To take/pay heed are simply a formal way to say pay attention. Over there is no difference in meaning between the 2 expressions:.

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(formal) If you take it heed the what someone claims or if you salary heed to them, girlfriend pay attention to them and consider very closely what lock say. ■ EG: ⇒ however what if the government takes no heed?

Collins Dictionary


is one old word, an interpretation to listen to and follow. It can also be supplied as a noun: "Take heed of mine instructions, little boy," claimed the old moustache man. "My potion will only work for the one who wears the ring."The most typical use that heed is v warnings. The word derives from Old yellowcomic.com hēdan and is related to the netherlands hoeden and German hüten––from Germanic societies where fairy tales through mysterious warnings and also magical results abound.



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