Despite their small size, docile and also quiet nature, and calm personality, a guinea pig is still capable of weird behavior. From distinctive sounds and vocalizations to strange actions like jumping up and down and sleeping with their eyes open, these room all distinctive traits the make guineas such an excellent and popular pets.

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Another weird habit that numerous guinea pig owners notice is licking. Guineas are known to groom themselves or various other guineas by licking, and also they even lick their cages or playthings sometimes, and this is every perfectly normal. Yet what around when they start licking you? Is this normal? The price is yes, this is perfectly regular behavior, and also there space several reasons behind it.

In this article, fine look at six common reasons the your guinea pig may be licking you. Let’s obtain started!


1. Affection and also bonding

The very first and most common reason the your guinea licks your hand or fingers is a sign of affection and also bonding. Licking is the same method that guineas use to show affection come one another, and also they are simply passing that on come you, their caretaker! v licking and also grooming, guineas present bonding and also affection toward one another, and them licking her hand is regularly their effort to screen affection or their way of questioning for attention and also petting.

2. Grooming

Guinea pigs lick themselves and other guineas as a natural an approach of self-grooming — have actually you ever noticed just how rarely you need to bathe your guinea? they are certain about cleanliness, similar to cats, and also will lick themselves and also each various other via grooming several times a day. Her guinea will regularly see you together a valued member of your family, and also licking your hand may simply be your attempt at giving you a great clean!

3. Salt

A human’s skin is naturally salty, and your guinea may be giving you a lick simply since you taste good! Guineas room attracted to the braided taste of her skin and also just desire to lap that up!

Image Credit: Lipatova Maryna, Shutterstock

4. Food smell

Similar to salty skin, her hand and fingers might still have actually the smell and also taste that food the you’ve prepared, and your guinea simply wants to discover the flavor. They have fairly an effective noses and may simply be choose up a tasty odor on your hands. While this is perfectly fine many of the time, it’s better to wash your hands thoroughly before handling your guinea, simply in case.

5. Discomfort

Although this is much rarer, the reason that her guinea might be licking girlfriend is from are afraid or discomfort. The licking is typically accompanied by nibbling and vocalization, though, for this reason it’s usually straightforward to tell that there is something wrong. It might be as straightforward as the method that you space holding them, they’re not in the mood because that being picked up, or they may even be in physics pain. In any kind of case, if the licking is add by nibbling, scratching, or biting, this is a sure warning the they want to be put down immediately.

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Image Credit: Evgeniy pavlovski, Shutterstock

6. Hierarchy

While guineas are normally friendly animals both with their owners and other guineas, lock do have actually a social order and hierarchy that they adhere to when living in groups. Displays of supremacy or subservience room perfectly normal amongst groups the guinea pigs, and also licking is just one of the means that they interact this. Her guinea might see you together the head of your social hierarchy and are licking your hand to display screen respect and subservience.


Final thoughts

While there are number of different feasible reasons the your guinea pig may be licking you, it is usually out that affection and an effort at bonding. As soon as raised in a healthy and balanced environment, guineas are normally happy and friendly little animals, and they may simply be displaying their affection and gratitude towards you, their caregiver!