“But I’m a woguy,” you say. You’re intelligent, mature, and sexy. You want to be dubbed gorgeous, stunning, and also beautiful. Not…cute.

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You’re absolutely every one of those things, and also so a lot more. And while, yes, being dubbed cute all the moment can obtain a bit old, the fact is that the word means different things to various guys. And it nearly constantly suggests somepoint really great.

When I contact a girl cute, it’s never that condescfinishing idea of being “cute” that you can tend to think it is. It’s something else entirely.

My compliment deserve to mean a vast array of things–depending on the circumstances, the factor, and also the girl who I’m calling cute.


Not necessarily. While tright here are a broad variety of things it deserve to expect (and also I’ll go via a handful of them), it is in almost eincredibly scenario a very good compliment. The male is calling you cute for an extremely one-of-a-kind reason.

Okay, so what carry out guys intend as soon as they tell you that you’re cute?

Here are 12 substantial reasons why that cute man simply referred to as you cute.

1) He’s smitten via you

“Cute” often tends to describe even more than simply external looks.

If a male calls you cute, it can bereason he’s smitten with you. Every moment he spends with you he enjoys, every little thing around you he’s enamored via.

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A few of the times I’ve referred to as a girl cute, it’s therefore. Suddenly I realized that I’d fallen a tiny in love via her, and also felt overwhelmed with the should tell her, in some method, exactly how I felt.

And it came out as calling her cute.

2) He adores all kinds of things about you

Kind of alengthy the lines of the last one, he could be calling you cute bereason he adores all kinds of points about you.

If it’s just your looks that he’s calling you cute for, it’s basic to check out exactly how that could be a little little annoying, but it almost constantly means somepoint more.

He enjoys every moment via you, the means you look, the method you relocate, the means you talk, the points that you talk about.

He likes the way you touch your hair, the means your voice transforms once you gain excited around somepoint, or the jokes that you tell.

Here are some significant signs he likes you however is hiding it.

When he calls you cute, he might be hinting at the plenty of things he adores around you.

3) He’s flirting with you

Calling a girl cute is a fairly low-essential method to gain the flirting round rolling. If you’re involved around why he referred to as you cute, or what it intended, don’t stress and anxiety also much around it. He can just be flirting through you.

If he’s someone you are interested in, also, don’t be afrhelp to flirt back a tiny little, you might be surprised to see wbelow it goes.

If you’re interested, calling him cute back or flirting via him in some various other methods could just cause some major sparks.

What’s the finest method to flirt back?

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Try making use of “obsession phrases” on him. These are tried and also tested words that spark red-hot feelings of eactivity and also attractivity within any man.

Obsession phrases really are a proven backdoor into a man’s heart.

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4) He thinks you’re really funny

There’s something undeniably attractive around a girl that is really funny. Constantly laughing and also making human being laugh. Humor, for both sexes, is an attrenergetic trait.

He might discover your subtle sense of humor really attrenergetic, also. You could not tell jokes all the moment, or try to make human being laugh; that doesn’t suppose he can’t appreciate your humor.

But he sees the bit things you say, the wry commentary you have around points, and also it drives him crazy.

He loves it as soon as you make him laugh, and also that can be a factor why he dubbed you cute.

5) You’re enjoyable to be around


There’s nothing prefer great company, of either gender.

If he calls you cute, it can be an innocent means for him to tell you that he really simply enjoys being approximately you.

Your agency is a delight for him: the conversations you have, the areas you go, the way you look at the world and also interact with it.

All of those points are enjoyable for him to be approximately, so he can’t assist yet compliment you and tell you exactly how cute you are.

In this respect, he could be saying it as a frifinish, someone who’s just admiring how incredible you are as a huguy being. It could be more, also, yet if you’re enjoyable to be approximately, there’s no denying it.

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6) He desires to say more however is too nervous

For the very same factor that it’s easy to begin flirting through someone by calling them cute, a male could speak to you cute if he wants to say even more, yet is too nervous.

Calling you cute is a reasonably low-pressure means to tell you that he likes you, is interested in you, and also finds you really attractive. It’s a great beginning area to tell someone that you choose them and could be interested in more than simply friendship

He can be too shy to say even more. He might be a little bit intimidated by how significant and exceptional you are.

If he has any type of reservations about expushing exactly how he truly feels around you, calling you cute might be the bravest thing he’s said so far.

7) He’s infatuated through you

When he calls you cute, there’s a possibility he’s coming to be infatuated via you.

Infatuation is intense passion and attraction.

Maybe you carry out whatever best — you’re type, funny, and, logically speaking, you’d make a good girlfrifinish.

But once it involves men, it just doesn’t work-related for you.

The simple reality is that men don’t select womales for “logical reasons”. You can’t tempt a man by ticking all the boxes of what a “perfect girl” looks choose.

Instead, guys develop deep and intense feelings for woguys they are infatuated via. These womales stir up red-warm feelings of eactivity and attraction

Men aren’t complicated — you simply have to say the right points to them to cause his infatuation through you.

Dating and also connection coach Clayton Max has actually arisen a distinctive set of phrases guaranteed to make any type of male infatuated via you.

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To learn what they are, watch his quick video right here.

8) He’s not just talking about your looks

When a guy is complimenting your looks, he’s most likely going to choose words prefer “beautiful”, “stunning”, “gorgeous”, or “pretty”.

If he’s calling you cute, he’s more than likely referring to more than just your looks.

He can be talking around your mannerisms, the method you relocate, walk, talk, and also exist. It’s not just a superficial method of complimenting exactly how pretty you are on the outside.

Rather, it’s a way to explain something nearly indescribable around you. A certain, “je ne sais quoi,” as they say in French. He’s a small little overwhelmed by what to compliment first, or exactly how to define the method he’s feeling.

So he calls you cute, as a method to encapsulate all the ways he’s feeling about you.

Does it seem like he’s fighting his feelings for you? Here are some big indications he is, and what to perform around it.

9) He loves your smile and your laugh

I’m a big sucker for a girl’s laugh. Something about it always cuts through my toughest armor and renders my heart melt.

That and also a good smile. Eexceptionally smile is an excellent smile, of course. There’s something added unique once that special someone is the one smiling, and it inspires many type of guys to speak to a girl cute.

If you’re wondering what on earth it could mean once he called you cute, it could incredibly well be that he’s fallen a small little in love through your smile or your laugh.

10) He’s daydreaming about making you his girlfriend

While the two of you are hanging out, he could let it slip that he thinks you’re cute. Maybe it was out of the blue. Was it somepoint you were doing that inspired him to say it? Was it somepoint you said?

In the moment, he can have been a little bit overwhelmed and let it slip out.

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Or it’s possible that he could’ve been really intentional about telling you that you’re cute.

Either way, his head can have been in other places entirely, daydreaming about what it would be like to be your boyfrifinish.

Words cute might slip out while he’s busy thinking about just how much he likes you. He let it slip while he realized just how infatuated he is through you.

Or just just how much he desires to make you his girlfrifinish.

He dubbed you cute because he was daydreaming around all of the cute points you can be doing together, all those dates you can be going on.

Those things can be filling his head while you’re spending time together, and he allows slip that he thinks you’re cute.

Here are 26 even more signs he wants you to be his girlfriend.

11) He doesn’t desire to lay things on also thick

He might be calling you cute because he’s got the feels for you hardcore.

It’s possible he’s already fallen head over heels for you and also is hopelessly in love via every little thing around you.

But, he doesn’t want to streatment you off.

So he calls you cute, in an effort to play it cool and hide how smitten he is via you.

Instead of informing you the hundreds of reasons he’s hopelessly in love via you, he calls you cute rather.

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What’s that expression around overwatering your plants, again?

If he has any type of hope of furthering a relationship through you, he has to play his cards right. If you’re scared off also quickly, who’s he going to tell is cute all the time?

12) He desires to gain cuddly

It might seem insulting that he’s calling you cute, yet remember that tright here are plenty of cutesy things that we all enjoy in a partnership, regardmuch less of our gender or age.

He can be thinking about every one of the means he wants to obtain cutesy via you as soon as he calls you cute.

Maybe he wants to make you breakfast in bed, cuddle through you in a blanket fort, throw paper airplanes off a tall building, or chase each various other through the roads in the rain and kiss under a streetlight.

Who doesn’t want that?

I recognize I execute. And if a guy calls you cute, he can just be planning out all the cute things he desires to do with you.

But what if he’s acting favor your boyfrifinish and doesn’t desire a relationship? Here’s a few essential factors.

So what have to I say once he calls me cute?


How you respond to a guy that calls you cute depends completely upon you, the way you feel about him, and also what you want.

If the way he calls you cute makes you unstraightforward or offends you, don’t be afrhelp to snub his advancements.

If you think he’s pretty cute, too, that’s a various story. Do you want to flirt ago and also watch where it goes?

Here’s a couple of good responses if you perform desire to reciprocate.

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That provides two of us. So he dubbed you cute, and also you’re not sure exactly how to respond. Saying this is a quick, flippant method to tell him that you think he’s cute, too. It’s funny and also witty, and also he’s bound to find you all that a lot even more irresistible as soon as he hears you say this.

Means a lot, coming from you. Anvarious other great way to accept the compliment while also redirecting it back at him, saying this is both witty and clever before. And cute. It’s a great means to put the pressure best ago on him, giving him an also better compliment while accepting his.

You should be rubbing off on me. This one can be the cheesiest of the three, yet it’s definitely–well–cute. If a guy hears you say this after he calls you cute, he’ll be flattered and also maybe even a little little bit flustered. At the exceptionally leastern he’ll think you’re also cuter than he assumed possible.

But what if the guy who just referred to as you cute is a man that you’re simply not interested in?

Or what if the method he called you cute just rubbed you the wrong way?

More most likely than not, he’s just trying to be nice. So unmuch less he’s being additional creepy or condescfinishing, it’s okay to be nice back.

That’s not to say you need to be tacit, or accept his advances just for the sake of being “nice”.

People tend to confuse being nice with aspecific kind of weakness, and that’s just not incredibly healthy and balanced.

If a man’s advancements make you uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to shut him down.

Here are some ways to respond if he calls you cute and you just aren’t interested.

Thanks, I obtain that a lot. A good means to display your toughness and also confidence, while still being thankful for the compliment. It’s a little bit flippant, however that can work-related well in your favor.

I know. This one is a small little bit much less polite but works well if you must shut dvery own a specifically forward or upsetting male. Acknowledging the compliment and relocating on without playing in addition to his attempt to flirt is a surefire way to give him the message that you’re just not interested. Besides, you are cute, and also you perform understand it.

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Thanks, I actually showered today. This is an excellent alternative if direct confrontation is a little more hard for you. The humor and also unexpected nature of this one is a great way to accept the compliment and also deflect his breakthroughs. It’s not somepoint you’d mean to hear, which is why it functions so well.


Understanding why a guy referred to as you cute have the right to be a bit of a complicated task. Make note of when he sassist it, what you were doing, and what was happening.

Context ideas deserve to provide you a really great picture as to why he felt the must contact you cute.

The likelihood is that he supposed something incredibly flattering by it, even if your initial reactivity to the word is negative.

Being called cute by a guy points to some level of attractivity deeper than just the surconfront. Something intangible around your very nature compels a male to call you cute.

It’s your looks, however it’s additionally more than that.

And if you’re uncertain how to respond to a male that simply called you cute, remember that being nice is a great place to begin, however not always the best option. Make sure to stick to your boundaries, and also if he’s making you uncomfortable, don’t be afrassist to shut him dvery own and also walk away.

While being called cute could not always be what you desire to hear, at the finish of the day it’s a flattering compliment.

Understanding why he called you cute can ultimately lead to an interesting new relationship if that’s what you’re looking for.

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