What perform they average that power is "quantized"?I am SICK the hearing the "energy comes in packets". I understand what they are saying, however I don"t recognize it, or recognize the intuition behind it. Someone please clear this up because that me. Obviously, i speak English, and also I understand the words, however I don"t recognize the deep meaning or even the paper definition to i m sorry this explain it applies to.Do they typical "energy come in packets" once light is soaked up by the electrons, or once the electrons give off power after being hit by light? and WHY does energy come in packets? WTF, it doesn"t make any sense. You can tell me you milked a dinosaur, but it provides absolutely no sense. SOMEONE clean THIS UP!! say thanks to YOU IN ADVANCE!!

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When electromagnetic waves connect with matter, nevertheless of whether it is during emission or absorption, they transfer their energy in "packets". The amount of power in every packet is determined by the wavelength that the light, with smaller wavelengths having more energy every packet than much longer wavelengths. When you acquire into the UV variety and above, the amount of energy per packet is therefore high that it deserve to knock electrons the end of your orbitals as soon as the energy is absorbed. The is what they mean when they say power is quantized.
More generally one would certainly say that (electromagnetic) energy comes in the type of particles (known as photons). Each photon tote a particular amount the energy.Once you check out radiation together particle-like, much of the challenge is eliminated as this quantization is the intended behaviour of sub-atomic corpuscle (for example, simply as one atom always has one integral variety of electrons, for this reason it always absorbs an integral number the photons).
Do they median "energy come in packets" when light is absorbed by the electrons, or as soon as the electrons give off power after being hit through light? and also WHY does energy come in packets?

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Are you acquainted with the photoelectric effect? This is what Einstein winner the Nobel prize for. Basically, in a metal, electrons are bound come the metal with a relatively weak bond. If the bond didn"t exist then they would just fly turn off without any type of "push", yet they do need some energetic push to obtain them to leave the metal. One such possible technique for advertise electrons off steel is by using light, the photoelectric effect.Einstein looked right into the photoelectric impact in detail and found some strange things. First, if he provided light the was too red (low frequency) climate it didn"t matter how bright the irradiate was, that wouldn"t produce any type of photoelectric effect. Second, the greater frequency light supplied the faster the photoelectric electrons were (more energetic individual electrons) and for monochromatic irradiate the electron were every the same speed (uniform energy for uniform frequency). Third, enhancing the brightness of the high frequency irradiate did not adjust the energy of the electrons, simply the number of ejected electrons.These strange observations suggested that the energy in light come in discrete packets (quantized) whose energy is proportional to the frequency of the light, and also the ejection of one electron indigenous the surface is due to the interaction of one packet with one electron. Boosting the brightness increases the variety of the packets.