What does “jeg er glad i deg” mean–and other questions fromGooglers

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I think a lot of my readers are in bilingual relationships. At least the people who recently found me via Google.

Many of you have found this blog by googling “teach yourself Norwegian” or “learn Norwegian online” or something similar. You’ve probably already read my blog post about that, but if not, here it is: How to teach yourself Norwegian.

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But some people have more specific, perhaps urgent, questions: how to express love in Norwegian, and how to decipher Norwegian declarations of love. So I’ll try to answer some questions that confused members of English/Norwegian relationships have typed into Google lately:

what does jeg er glad i deg mean

Well, to quote myself:

We say Jeg er glad i deg to close friends and family. This sentence means more to me than the English I love you normally does, but it’s still not that one specific you’re-the-one kind of I love you that people make a big deal about saying or not saying.

I wrote a whole blog post on the difference between “jeg er glad i deg” and “I love you” a few years ago.

should a woman say jeg gla i deg to a man

If she feels that way, she should probably say “Jeg er glad i deg.” Although that does mean “I love you”, it’s not the romantic, dramatic “I love you” that is the subject of so many awkward tv show episodes. Do you think you might want to say “Jeg elsker deg”? That’s ok; you can still say “Jeg er glad i deg.” But you can also say “Jeg er glad i deg” to a friend, even a male friend.

så flink! elsker deg også meaning

“Så flink!” = “So good!” in the sense of “You are so good at that!” We might say “Good job!” or “Well done!” in English. “Elsker deg også” = “I love you too.” In the real, romantic maybe-just-once-in-a-lifetime sense.

jeg er ogsa din for evig min perle:*:*:)translate in english

“I am also yours forever, my pearl.” That is the English translation.

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I doubt these people are actually reading my blog (if you are, say hello!), but I am fascinated by their existence. I couldn’t be in a relationship with someone I didn’t have at least one common language with.* I think in a mix of English and Norwegian (hence the bilingual blog), and I have found that it is easier to get close to people who speak both languages. That being said, I can definitely relate to this:

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*I have dated guys who didn’t speak Norwegian. Once I told a guy “Jeg er glad i deg”, and he Google-translated it, got “I love you” and freaked out a little.