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Jonathan is a Hebrew name an interpretation “God has actually given.” it is a shortened variation of the name Jehonathan or yehōnātān (Yahweh has given). Yahweh is the god the the Israelites, whose name was revealed to Moses in the type of four Hebrew consonants.

The surname is acquired from 2 Hebrew elements; yeho introduce to the Hebrew God and natan an interpretation “to give.”

The name Jonathan additionally appears in the Old Testament, wherein Jonathan was the earliest son the King Saul, and also portrayed as a guy of good strength.

Origin: Jonathan is a Hebrew name an interpretation “God has given.”Gender: Jonathan is frequently used together a boy’s namePronunciation: jo-na-than

Although many baby names space separated through gender, Verywell household believes the sex go not need to play a function in your name selection process. It’s crucial to choose a name the you feeling suits your brand-new baby the best.

How well-known Is the name Jonathan?

Jonathan is among the most famous names with a solid biblical connection. It likewise features in various other languages transparent the world.

The name Jonathan has actually been ~ above the U.S. Popular charts since 1880 as soon as it showed up in the top 500 names. Around the 1940s, the popular of the name started steadily increasing roughly the world, if it continued to feature in the height 500 in the U.S.

By the 1950s the name began picking up heavy steam and through the early on 1960s, it was one of the height 100 names because that boys. The 1970s saw the name in the height 50 names and the 1980s was when Jonathan was many popular. In fact, the name reached peak popularity in 1988, follow to the society Security management 2020 data.

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Jonathan has actually been named annually in the optimal 50 name in the U.S. Native 1970 come 2015. Due to the fact that then, its popularity has actually dropped a bit, and also it ranked at No. 70 in 2020.

Gionata (Italian) Honatana (Maori)Ionakana (Hawaiian)Ionathan (Biblical Latin) Janathan (Hebrew)Jhonathan (Hebrew)Johnathan (English)Johnathon (English)Jonacani (Fijian)Jonasan (Japanese)Jonatan (Spanish, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian)Jônatas (Portuguese)Jonatha (Hebrew)Jonathas (French)Jonathon (English)Jonatyn (Hebrew))Yehonatan (Biblical Hebrew) Yonatan (Biblical Hebrew)Yonoson (Biblical Hebrew)